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Review #1, by magpie quill The One and Only

28th March 2005:
quite nice. not very conclusive though. what happens inside the mirror?

Author's Response: Do you really think I should keep going? I kinda liked leaving it to the imagination...

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Review #2, by Adolescentepreciosa The One and Only

13th February 2005:
Thats pretty cool , you should continue writing , sorry for sp !

Author's Response: Spelling? I see no spelling errors. And thank you! I really liked thi sstory, and so I'm somewhat dismayed that more poeple haven't read it...

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Review #3, by The Almighty Purple Leprechaun The One and Only

9th May 2004:
Is this a one-shot like the Snape Story? *gets sad puppy eyes*

Author's Response: YES!!!!!!!no more! maybe more on snape though. (no, dont look at me like that!)

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Review #4, by Bria The One and Only

6th May 2004:
pretty good! I have a story I'm thinking of doing that's kind of like that, Don't worry I'm not copying you or anything! Mines going to be more of a portal, than the mirror, just the same kind of idea, neway, gotta go!

Author's Response: cool! definatley sounds like something i would read (i wonder why:)) write it and ill r/r!

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Review #5, by Mystic Moonstone The One and Only

6th May 2004:
HI drama Queen!! THIs is a great tory i really like it please contiue. I'll check out a snape story when i get on again. I have 2 get off now Bye Bye.

Author's Response: im sooo glad u like it. i probably wont continue it though. (out of ideas). snape story, maybe continued though. (yes purple, im considering it)

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Review #6, by amesbond The One and Only

4th May 2004:
a little weird, but good story line!

Author's Response: i know, it was a little weird, but i was bored and it was sunday...

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