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Review #1, by rlsblover954 Love that might never be.

9th January 2006:
i love it it's awsome

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Review #2, by hermione_potter_4_eva Love that might never be.

7th April 2005:
i love this its sweet

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Review #3, by hermione_potter_4_eva Love that might never be.

2nd March 2005:
who the censored r the people

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Review #4, by silvertigress Love that might never be.

7th September 2003:
this is sweet. it's about you and your crush, isn't it? well, good luck!

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Review #5, by LTDan Love that might never be.

6th September 2003:
Bravo, Ayds! Another masterpiece of yours. Great job. :) ~Alexa~ 10/10 :)

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Review #6, by SilverMirror Love that might never be.

13th June 2003:
Wow, that was great! Very heartwarming!

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Review #7, by Professor McGonagall Love that might never be.

10th June 2003:
Writing for experience? One of a writer\'s greatest assets. Please continue with your writing. You have potential!

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Review #8, by Anon Love that might never be.

5th March 2003:
WOW! That must have taken a lot of guts to post something like that on the internet. I know I wouldn\'t have been able to do it. It was somewhat helpful for me to read this. I\'ve been reading as much as I can in the romance section of this sight, and I\'ve realized how great love is without really experiencing it. And it\'s awful, because while I want to love someone so much and talk to her, kiss her, spill my heart out to her, I just don\'t love anyone like that. I\'m hoping maybe some girl will come walking in on my life, because if I just know who I\'m in love with, I might be able to do something about it and act on it. But then people say that you can\'t wait for something to happen to you, you have to work for it. I don\'t know how I can do anything about this though, at the moment. Oh, well. And good luck to you, too.

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Review #9, by lemondrop Love that might never be.

17th February 2003:
That was really good! I loved the way you described the emotion and how you felt for this girl. I really don\'t know what to say, but I hope you write more like this soon! -Nathan-

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Review #10, by Determined Love that might never be.

30th January 2003:
She sounds very kind. Does she realize how lucky is she to have a friend like you? My girlfriend sounds like her. Good luck Dude.

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Review #11, by LeeWeasley Love that might never be.

2nd January 2003:
This was sweet ... I can completely relate .... it happened to me ... I really take this fanfic to the heart .... wow ... On another note .. Thanks for reviewing my latest *obsession* .... glad to know you like it! **LeeWeasley**

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Review #12, by jeighsone Love that might never be.

30th December 2002:
It's more like your journal than a fanfic but anyway this is GREAT!I can somehow relate in this story. I wrote a letter to my biggest crush too when I was 14 years old telling him exactly how I feel.He's courting a girl a that moment.After that he send me a letter too telling that he thought that I'm inlove with someone else eventually....he became my first boyfriend and the rest is history.:)This is a great story Aydz....You touched my heart on this one making me remember that happy memory I'm trying to forget.:)

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