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Review #1, by weasley_gang thank you tree

13th January 2008:

a tree??

r u high?

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Review #2, by anon thank you tree

3rd January 2008:
Yeah, but *how* did the tree shrug? What does that look like? And what is Harry's reaction to it - is he confused, accepting, or perhaps scared?

PS: Capitalize. It's not hard, and you seem to have other grammar/spelling down already. It's hard to take a story seriously if it's written in all lowercase.

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Review #3, by Meg thank you tree

8th March 2003:
Reading the title was too funny! Im still laughing! That was really good Rosa!

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Review #4, by DAP thank you tree

31st December 2002:
Hey! it is a really nice short story!! i did like it very much! i do believe you should write another chapter!! :)

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Review #5, by LTDan thank you tree

30th December 2002:
Cool...I've called some stories unique before, but this IS UNIQUE! I've NEVER read ANYTHING like it! Geez...

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Review #6, by Kayla thank you tree

30th December 2002:
Good story!!! Does Harry relize that the tree is alive? Does Malfoy make fun of poor Harry? What happens Next????? It's all up to you

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