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Review #1, by Yemi Hikari Never Leave Me

8th August 2011:
I happened upon your story because I clicked the 'random story' link. I may not be a fan of fanfics with slash in them, but I honestly have to say, I've read fanfics with slash pairings that were far better written.

To sum it up, Draco is horribly OoC in this fanfic. I guess one can chalk up the way that he is acting to the fact that he is 'in love', but we are not ever given the character development as to how he fell in love, right? It just comes out of the blue.

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Review #2, by evanesca Never Leave Me

1st November 2010:
Excellent job. This was adorable!
Draco + Harry = my fave

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Review #3, by wizard_100 Never Leave Me

12th May 2005:
This is a GREAT story you have a very nice plot, and I think if you play your cards right (giant cliche'- I know) I think that you could keep goinig with this story. If you want to talk or get ideas E-mail me. Seriouly.

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Review #4, by Book_Nerd05 Never Leave Me

14th January 2005:
That was really good! Very deep and emotional!

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Review #5, by crerepy Never Leave Me

2nd November 2004:
wow, thats really umm, slashy! its kinda creepy, but a good creepy!

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Review #6, by Tiffany Never Leave Me

3rd October 2004:
That wuz cool but also VERY confusing. good job... i guess

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Review #7, by AnonRommel Never Leave Me

30th June 2004:
Very well done. I need to re-read again, though and comment at length. For now (I have leave in a minute) I'll say this - I'm SO happy that slash themes are accepted on this site (because I'm writing one) and though I never thought of a Harry/Draco pairing, I like it. A LOT. Probably upsets others, like Snape and Hermione (my fave pair) but you can't keep good writing and fun pairings down. Keep it up and write more! I look forward to it...

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Review #8, by Britany Malfoy Never Leave Me

28th May 2004:
awesome SLASH as long as it continues please i love Harry/Draco they r so sexy together

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