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Reading Reviews for True Love Waits
11 Reviews Found

Review #1, by smiles Chapter 3

11th May 2006:
u sorta messed up the end
cant rtead it properley
just thought id tell ya
but gud story

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Review #2, by hp& hpff fan Chapter 3

28th January 2006:
i reallie liked it buh there were sume spelling mistakes...otherwise it was awesome! keep it up!!

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Review #3, by Jenn Chapter 3

18th December 2005:
It's a good stoy so far, but why the hell is there a load of jibberish in it? I can't read it properly 'cause it takes ages to figure out what you're talking about.

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Review #4, by Elana Chapter 3

18th November 2005:
good story but wats with all the weird letters? i could barely read the last paragraph it look like ur typing greek!

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Review #5, by emerald_prongs Chapter 3

28th September 2005:
what was with the ending? why were the letters like that? other than that, it was a good story.

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Review #6, by Mistletoe Girl Chapter 2

12th December 2004:

Author's Response: thx

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Review #7, by Mistletoe Girl Chapter 1

12th December 2004:
Wow, I loved it! Great job! Keep writing!

Author's Response: thx

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Review #8, by cten283 Chapter 1

18th May 2004:
Really nice story!

Author's Response: thankz

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Review #9, by Miss_Sumpter Chapter 1

8th May 2004:
After reading about your desperation to receive reviews, I at once searched for your story in the Titles section. Over all, you've rcreated a very good plot; I don't usually read James/Lily stories but I enjoyed this story very much. I hope you will continue with this fan fiction and I hope you know that you are a great writer. But I agree with Siren that you may need to improve your layout a bit; sometimes it can get frustrating when all the writing is all in huge chunks, especially if the chapter is long. Try spacing out your sentences and you should get better results. A great story once again and a good author to go with it. BTW, would you PLEASE R/R my story "Harry Potter and the Fatal Shadow"? Thanx.

Author's Response: thanks yeah I was having some troble with word the day I wrote this! shure will R/R you fic

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Review #10, by Siren Chapter 1

8th May 2004:
Hi. Having read your request on the message board I thought I'd pop over and take a look for you. Whilst your writing itself is pretty good...a little stunted in areas, but on the whole well written, it is kind of ruined by the whole layout. I found that the huge great big chunk of text make it very difficult to read. You need to separate your paragraphs with a line, and you should start a new paragraph everytime you switch between whose talking eg. Lily's first sentence should be at the start of the paragraph. However, when the next person say's something another paragraph should begin etc etc. It would really help the structure of your fic, and make it much easier for others to read. Anyway, I hope you continue. Keep it up.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #11, by maverick Chapter 1

7th May 2004:
this story is pretty good!!! i like it! its refreashing and different from the others ive read. since you gave me the pleasure of reading a good story ill recommend one to you. its called Harry Potter and the Castle of Adril. check it out! you might enjoy it!!! in the meantime write on!

Author's Response: thanks!

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