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Review #1, by pens82 The End

19th June 2006:
cute story

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Review #2, by Jolly ho~* The Meeting

14th April 2006:

not bad! ^o^

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Review #3, by Rain The End

15th January 2006:
Pretty brief... Too many spaces in between, that the story could have been done within like two pages or so. But good job regardless. You should continue it, since it's really sweet.

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Review #4, by secret sight The End

2nd January 2006:
great! Please, please PLEASe continue! My honest opinion. ;D

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Review #5, by tinted fairy_ The End

17th September 2005:

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Review #6, by jess The End

25th June 2005:
You soo need to continue this story! sod the spaces! spaces don't make a good story and this is a great story ! So don't stop writing because of people who seem to have the attention span of a nat! Continue! Plz!

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Review #7, by kati The End

28th May 2005:
u hav 2 continue writing it's amazing, i dont care about the spaces!!!!!

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Review #8, by ROSY Into The Starlit Night

16th April 2005:

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Review #9, by tahlia The End

28th December 2004:
hey, i think u should continue this fic, the spaces dont bother me and its startin 2 get interesting.

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Review #10, by Punkie_Munkie The End

28th November 2004:
Keep going! it needs a bit more detail, but it's good! the spaces....i could fix those for you! me! ....UPDATE I WANT MORE!

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Review #11, by ladysparrow90 The End

22nd November 2004:
Honestly, you should continue the fic. I mean, the spaces are kind of distracting, but I know it's not your fault. Just computer problems (I can sympathize, mine goes screwy on me all the time). I really hope you keep writing it. :D

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Review #12, by frenchornplaya The End

3rd November 2004:
I honestly think you should continue this wonderful story! I love fanfics involving a NICE Draco, hehe. Mostly because he's so hot in the movies, but oh well! =) Please continue!

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Review #13, by Rita The Meeting

20th October 2004:
Only read it now, but it can't end like this! Don't hurry about the spaces, hurry about the story! Good story, by the way

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Review #14, by Red The End

11th October 2004:
You Better not stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #15, by Red The Yule Ball

11th October 2004:
Why did you put soooo much space between the lines? Good story- suspenseful

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Review #16, by bubbles94703 The Meeting

19th September 2004:
Are you EVER going to write another fic? I really liked this one and I'd love it if you wrote another Draco/Ginny one. I hope you come up with an idea for another!

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Review #17, by AddieBabe5267 The End

2nd August 2004:
CONTINUE CONTINUE CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #18, by Skye The Yule Ball

12th July 2004:
This is really your first fanfic......*cocks one eyebrow* you're really good at it!!!! Keep up the great work!!

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Review #19, by LD The End

9th July 2004:
Continue. I don't mind spaces.

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Review #20, by ltnaconejita The End

4th July 2004:
i love ur story and it could continue wit hthe hardships up maintaining the relationship strong as a secret or in front of the eyes of everyone and there could unintentional cheating... but that's kinda what a lot of people do, so maybe u could think of a whole new and different plo with d/g... take some time and think it over, great story :-)

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Review #21, by pamlucky7 The End

4th July 2004:
you should seriusly keep on writting it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!it's really good

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Review #22, by Nicolie The End

29th June 2004:
hey you should not listen to other people about the spaces its a really good story who cares if other people dont like the spaces you better keep on writing it! im gonna check later if you took my advice

Author's Response: Oh, you're sweet! But, I don't know...I mean, I write for the people and if no one likes it then, is there really a use of going on?

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Review #23, by Jo The End

29th June 2004:
*Widens eyes in disbelief* What?! Argh! I wouldn't have asked! I was curious! Don't stop! Argh! *tears out haitr and weeps* (9 is my lucky number, better then a 10, dunno if I told you this...)

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Review #24, by bubbles94703 The End

28th June 2004:
god I like this very much, very romantic draco is on the sweet side but ion a good way so he isn't completely outta character which I like and neville spilling punch no her was rather funny, I really like this story so please write more soon! Do u think u could read my story too, cuz I would very much value your opinion about where I could improve which I', sure I need to do!

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Review #25, by Blinky The Yule Ball

27th June 2004:
Why do you put so much space between sentences? I'm just curious.

Author's Response: Once again, I’m sorry about the spaces. My computer’s word processing is haywire, so it spaces differently than normal programs. And there’s something I’ve been thinking about, since a lot of people seem to find it difficult to focus on the story because of the spaces (and since I can’t do anything about the spaces) I’ve decided to discontinue this story. I’m sorry if you really liked this fic. I had a great time writing it, a really great time, and the reviews you guys sent were wonderful. They made my day! Yours for one last time, AlexandraColette

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