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Review #1, by Mags luck of the irish

19th January 2018:
I felt as if I recognized the shell of this story, so to see that itís a repost explains it :) I like the start, you get a sense of who Willa is but thereís still some mystery coming forth in the last section, which is great!
And donít think I missed the fact that apparently James is struggling in Potions as much as Willa is struggling with Transfiguration, and that sheís now under threat of needing a tutor... I hope theyíll end up tutoring each other, Willa helping James with Potions and James helping Willa with Transfiguration, would be interesting considering their apparent shared history ;)

(also because I hope that your James isnít portrayed as ~stupid jock who is so dumb at everything, he only knows whatís up and down on a broomstick~, I hate that characterization especially when itís paired with golden child Albus who is the perfect student and son, never doing anything wrong (also James wouldnít be in NEWT classes if he didnít get at least an E on his OWLS, so he canít be all that bad). I obviously have a lot of feelings on James, lol, but you do you, Iím sure you have your own feelings on him and Iíll wait and see where you take him!)

Canít wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: wow, thank you so much! you'll see what happens with that ;) ;) ;) ;)

( no in this story he's a lot like ginny !!! so you know, he's not dumb or anything, i really hate that trope too! and the same thing with albus :) also i could never really write a dumb jock James so you don't have to worry, in fact, he's probably a lot smarter than you think he is right now *aggressively winks* )

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