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Review #1, by Vermouth Winter Brothers

28th February 2018:
“You and I both know that she’d never do that, and if she did… well, the tower would’ve never survived us,” James replied, thinking of how Lily would have dueled him to the death (or something an inch close to that).

"...well, the tower would’ve never survived us."

Oh so he didn't mean -- Bad gutter brain! Bad!

“Er… I wonder if this was a good idea, after all,” Peter squeaked.

He was the more vertically challenged of the four, and he was knee deep in snow.

*flashbacks to Fellowship of the Ring*


This was a pretty cathartic read. Maybe it was all that shouting. :P

Author's Response: Gutter brain is on the right track, though. It can be taken either way. I tried to dull it down so that it wouldn't be considered like that, but it's still there.

lol, I was going through a similar thing Sirius was going through around the time I first wrote this. The yelling was the fun part and I incorporated elements I loved reading from other Marauder Era fanfics from way back when (back in the early 2000s when Sirius was always the comic relief). I'm going to go back and add in a little bit more so that the ending meshes better.

Thanks again for commenting~

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