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Review #1, by BBHP Chapter Six

10th January 2018:
Hooray! There are still some Weasleys! I wish I could send Hermione a message that they're there. I can't wait for her to find them (hoping she does find them). And the new info about Snape's lines. Very interesting. And I didn't miss (and absolutely loved) how Draco was hanging out with Ginny. Such great stuff happening.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing!! I love your reviews! ^^ We're going to get to a reunion eventually -- that I can promise! It'll be a few more chapters, though.

I love Draco/Ginny, I really do. It's hard to say, but I think that Draco and Severus are my two favorite characters from HP.

I hope that you enjoy the next chapter! =) I left a bit of a hint in ch. 6. ;)

Have a good day! And thank you so much for reading!!

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Review #2, by BBHP Chapter Four

22nd December 2017:
I find this story fascinating, especially with the sudden switch to Sam and her family. I'm dying to know how everything happened and what will happen next. And I appreciate the lack of actual swears in the story. It shows a sort of creativity and vocabulary.

Author's Response: Thank you, BBHP! And I apologize for taking so long to reply, it's been a crazy holiday. I appreciate your taking the time to read and review so much. I was about to give up on HPFF dot com, to be honest, lol. I am fixing to submit the next chapter for validation and am working on finishing writing chapter six.

Thank you too about the lack of profanity. I questioned myself a lot including the mention of rape, and am still questioning it, tbh, but aside from that and the violence that is inevitable for this plot, there won't be any profanity, really. I don't personally like it when fics have a lot of cursing, it just feels superfluous to me, so I do consciously avoid that.

I am very happy that you reacted well to Sam and her family!

Take care! And thank you again, so much, for reading!

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