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Reading Reviews for After the War
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Review #1, by DougA Chapter 1: The Day After

8th December 2017:
Ok, I've read the chapter two or three times to take it all in, and because I enjoyed it.

Scene 1 at the bedside - I liked that Ginny was the one waiting for Harry, and that he tried to keep her asleep while he cleaned up. The fact that she was almost instantly awake plays in with canon references to her being like a cat. I like the fact that she makes it clear that she is hurt and wants an explanation, but is not really mad, and is not going anywhere. I like that Ron and Hermione are nowhere to be found, but would have liked some explanation as to how Ginny got rid of them, especially Ron. Overall, the reconciliation is very well done.

Scene 2 is the Weasleys. Everyone's reaction is very well played. Molly's interaction with Harry is great, as is her throwing our couple for a loop. Harry's talk with George is brilliant, as is George's reaction. Excellently done.

Scene 3 is our couple's talk. Overall, I thought you did well. Again, no Ron or Hermione is good, but unexpected. I am also surprised that Molly allowed them out of her sight, at least with out6 first insisting that obvious injuries be healed. I know Harry tried to protect Ginny by breaking up with her, but it always seemed to me that everyone at the school knew they were dating, but that only they, Ron, Hermione, and maybe Neville
and Luna knew they had broken up. Doesn't seem like a good plan to protect her with all the DeathEaters' kids going back to school.

Scene 4 was Harry's group talk. It was well done, although I thought a few more DA members would have been included; Dean Sheamus, Cho, the Patil twins, Lavender (if she survived in your world, Ernie McMillan, Hannah, and several others.

Scene 5 is the talk with Kingsley and McGonagall. Again, I thought it played well, with the promotions, Harry wanting a quiet year (with Ginny), and those returning to school. *I can imagine Hermione's heart breaking over Ron's decision, but it made sense and played well.

Scene 6 is the feast. I like the new professors, and Harry's speech. I do think Harry should do some guest lecturing in Defense against the Dark Arts, as he seemed to do so well with the DA. As I recall, Lupin told Harry how remarkable it was that he could produce a patronus charm, because of how advanced the magic was. Harry then turns around and teaches DA members all how to do it.

I like Harry and Ginny fics. Yours is both well done and presents ideas that I've not seen before. Very well done.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your input. Chapter 2 is on the way and has taken into account of some of what you said. I hope you continue to like my writing as i continue to post xx

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