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Review #1, by dev_tourna1983 Chapter Nine: Come What May

27th January 2018:
Listening to the song did make it very interesting when reading the chapter. Never heard of Peter Hollens but if he always sounds that good I'll have to look at some more of his stuff.

And I called it!

Where did the Tenant Fate idea come from?

Also, we've heard Ra, Talon and Glinda sing now. What about Selena and Harley? I am really interested in seeing what kind of voice Harley would have.

Keep it up guys!

Author's Response: The Tenetur Fata, which is Latin for "bound fates" is something we crafted for the story, combining elements of the parabatai ritual and bond from the Mortal Instruments Series, and the Sire bond from The Vampire Diaries.

All four of us in the NTSD highly recommend that you look into Peter and Evynne Hollens' music. They are both so talented and do amazing work on music that is worth listening to repeatedly!

Plans are in motion for all our main characters to "sing" or something like it.

We are so glad that you are enjoying the story and look forward to your feedback as we go forward! Thanks so much!

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Review #2, by dev_tourna1983 Chapter Eight: The Fall of Falcon Company Pt. 2

27th January 2018:
Quidditch! Just when I thought this couldn't get better. I will say I'm sad to not see anything for the Floating Grizwhirl here but I guess the whole thing with the sister and the parents was more than enough.

Are we going to get more information on how Harley came to be with the Ravenclaws? So far that seems kind of divine providence that he just so happened to land with the Ravenclaws and his last name is Hufflepuff. Is he going to be a noble too?

Author's Response: We originally were going to include the Floating Grizwhirl as a story arc for Harley, but we opted to exclude it for the sake of the others connecting so well and this just not fitting with the whole climate we'd set.

This is only the first of many Quidditch matches, so watch for more fun there!

We have carefully planned when and how to give background and story to how Harley ended up with the Ravenclaws. We hope it will prove satisfactory!

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Review #3, by dev_tourna1983 Chapter Eight: The Fall of Falcon Company Pt. 1

27th January 2018:
Good to see more omages to the Potterworld. Can we expect to see more coming up?

But come on guys, stop breaking my heart!

I'm terrified of Glinda and Selena now, though.

Author's Response: We will definitely continue to make references to the Harry Potter Universe, and there are many more surprises to come!

Brace for more heartbreaks and drama, it's par for the course!

You are wise to be terrified of the ladies. Glinda especially. Haha!

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Review #4, by Rosabella Chapter Eight: The Fall of Falcon Company Pt. 2

10th January 2018:
I cannot say this is what I expected to read when I found this story. I will admit to enjoying the added depth the characters give what is already a pretty deep game.

The main question in my mind is if Ra is going to be with anyone else after that whirlwind romance with Reth. As a fellow Ravenclaw, I'm curious about the fate of Ra's heart.

Author's Response: All four of us are grateful for your interest and enjoyment in our pet project! We too are enjoying the depth that has come about due to our dear characters' adventures.

As for your question about Ra, it seemed fitting that I, the resident Ravenclaw of the group and Ra's creator, be the one to answer you. Unfortunately, I doubt you will be satisfied with my answer, if you could call it that, nor will it really address your concern. We do have plans for all our characters and their individual hearts, but what those may be, well, you'll just have to read on and find out!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this tale as we move forward, and we look forward to any future input!

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Review #5, by strexjenovah@yahoo.com Chapter Seven: Perfect Imperfections

19th November 2017:
Why's the whole song not there? If Ra's singing a dirge or something, I don't think it'd be four lines. He seems a little too peacocky for that.

Wanted to try this out since it's the first mashup I've seen of Harry Potter and Guild Wars and can't say that you disappointed...too badly.

It was definitely worth the read but of course I'm wondering a few things. How far are you all going to take this? HoT? PoF? Is Harry himself going to appear at any point or the NTSD's parents? Are they the kids of the actual Founders? If so, how the hell did they come to be in Tyria?

Are we going to get a scene to have this story earn it's Mature rating at any point? Kinda felt cheated with a lack of explicit sexy times between Reth, Ra, Harley and Amon.

Aw well, anyway. Solid 7 out of 10 guys. Can we see a bit more Wizarding World stuff though? I mean seriously?

Author's Response: The site limits the lyrics we can post to four lines from a song. The full version is available on the other sites that host this story.

We will do ALL in-game content, including the Living World Seasons.

One thought that came to mind when it came to how the Founders got there is to treat Tyria as another name for Medieval/Renaissance Europe and in doing so Kryta would be England.

The most simplistic answer would be one from Dr. Who: People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff. Essentially they're in a different timeline that has zero to do with or any ability to effect the Harry Potter Universe(TM). They did what they wanted, packed up and went somewhere else.

Mature content is planned to be forthcoming but as the story was so new we didn't want to scare anyone off with explicit scenes so quickly in the story unless it serves a very specific purpose.

Hope we answered most of your questions and to your satisfaction and we do so sincerely ask you to tell us what you think as we continue writing.

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Review #6, by dev_tourna1983 Chapter Seven: Perfect Imperfections

19th November 2017:
What are you guys trying to do to me killing off my favorite "boy-toys" huh? Can't say too much bout song choice I'm from the wrong generation to talk about Evanescance.

Stop breaking my heart, guys. Just shove Harley and Ra in a closet and get it over with. Ra'll give in eventually damn smug prettyboy that he is.

Note for you: In an earlier chapter you said Glinda's mom died of an illness then in another you said she was killed by the Knight of Embers. Just thought ya should know.

Author's Response: Unfortunately, our answer to most of your questions about the boys or any romantic interest is this: You shall just have to wait and see. Also remember that Ra is a highly stubborn individual.

Thank you for bringing that note to our attention, we will go back through and see what needs to be done to update that.

Thank you again for reading!

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Review #7, by dev_tourna1983 Chapter Six: Voices from the Past

5th November 2017:
Damn. More to read, please.


Why did you have to make this so addictive? Loving the processes and setup for the NTSD. Wasn't expecting you to turn Hogwarts into a mixture of FBI/CIA/Jeffersonian and the Carter Center meets Rockefeller Foundation.

Yay the fellow Puff isn't a dumb blond!

Again: more. Now.

Author's Response: You have no idea how much we are enjoying the fact that you are liking the story and characters, we are so glad to hear it!

Just remember to tell us what you aren't enjoying as well as what you are. The next chapter is coming up soon, please don't bite us!

Hopefully you keep reading!

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Review #8, by dev_tourna1983 Chapter Five: Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon, Part II

5th November 2017:
Are you going to FTB on all sexy scenes? Just wanted to know. Harley and Glinda are still my favorites but I'm growing to like Ra and Selena.

I hope Amon sticks around.

A gang? Why did that scene in Lyssa make me think Ra and the others are part of some intricate mob that's going to give me migraines?

Author's Response: We aren't sure how we will handle the sex scenes that come in the future. It may depend on how we feel at the time. I'm glad Ra and Selena are growing on you. Ra will go through phases, but we just finally figured Selena out so she will grow more as a character.

As for Amon, we shall see what the future holds.

It's funny you mention the mafia, we felt the same when we wrote that scene, and it amused us greatly. Ra is nothing if not thorough. However, I hope they don't give you migraines, just much laughter.

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Review #9, by dev_tourna1983 Chapter Four: The Trial of Julius Zamon

5th November 2017:
I'm enjoying the alterations. Although I want to see where anything Harry Potter related comes in outside of names.

Can someone tell me what's Ra's deal? So far Glinda and Harley are still my favorites but I can't see any reasons to really like Ra so far. Hopefully that changes.

Oh and thanks for breaking my heart with that realistic little heartbreak scene. Is someone going to kiss Harley better? If needed, I volunteer as tribute!

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks so much for your feedback and questions! We are so glad that you are enjoying the story so far, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy it as we move forward. I hope that you will come to like Ra more as we move forward. As a group, we also love Glinda and Harley. But we love them all, so there's that, haha! More is coming, so hopefully the other two will grow on you as well!

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Review #10, by dev_tourna1983 Chapter Three: The Papermaker and the Minister

5th November 2017:
So Ra's going from getting assaulted by Faren to accidentally kissing Harley to making out with who I assume is Harley's friend.

I can't see that ending well.

Does Glinda have a crush on Harley?

Is Serena going to get someone too?

Author's Response: Oh, we have someone in mind for both of the girls. Both of the gentlemen in questions will enter the story very soon! So look out for it!

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Review #11, by dev_tourna1983 Chapter Two: Chasing the Culprits

5th November 2017:
What's with Ra and Harley? Are they the endgame pairing? Because srsly, the THIRST IS REAL PEOPLE!

Author's Response: Haha, you will just have to wait and see! ;)

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Review #12, by dev_tourna1983 Chapter One: Of Nobles and Bandits

5th November 2017:
Getting better. Characterization seems solid but so far Glinda and Harley are my favorites.

Author's Response: Even though we here at the NTSD love all our characters dearly, we all do have a special softspot for little Glinda (the "Guh" is silent).

We are glad that you are liking things even more, and we hope you will continue to enjoy our stories as we continue forward!

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Review #13, by dev_tourna1983 Prologue: The Defense of Shaemoor

5th November 2017:
Are these the kids of the Founders or something? Don't know how to feel about this yet but I guess I just need to keep reading.

Author's Response: They are indeed the kids of the founders, as your continued reading has revealed, and we hope that you enjoy it as you move forward! More is coming, so be patient!

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