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Reading Reviews for Delta Phi Crazy
20 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Nat Back to School Bash

13th October 2017:
Please update I love this!!! I canít wait

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Review #2, by Nat New News

13th October 2017:
I donít usually start reading stories that are incomplete just bc I hate waiting for the chapters to come out hahaha! But your blurb intrigued me and this first chapter is really well written and I love nikkie already. Love it!

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Review #3, by Eyo Back to School Bash

8th October 2017:
Hello there!

What an exciting beginning. I was so hyped after reading the first few chapters, I read a lot of "transfer next gen" kind of story and I have to say yours had a lot of originality but also kind of make sense actually.
The relation between Nic and her parents, they way she and her friend say were reacting was natural atleast for me. And Nic was an interesting if not super original girl. She's making sense and that's really good for me.
But you, gosh you have a talent for details when you write. You give an environment, your side characters are not dumb/dull (except one thing I will come back to later). In a way you create an universe, a coherent one. Your natation also help to make the reading smooth. To be simple it's a pleasure to read your work.
James is amazing, I can't stop to wonder why he isn't in Slytherin except him telling of the hat. He is smart, you can tell in the way you write him and incredibly arrogant actually in a way you don't see often. I can guess he's actually the plot himself in a way. Definitely more is going on between Albus and him. Not only rivalry but a strong link. The way he went to Nic at the beginning, you state that if it's not out of character it was still not common so I can't stop myself to think it's because James is attracted to her.
The Wotters, you work with them incredibly well. There is darkness behind the curtains haha. I mean Dom's advises, Albus whispers or even James though, I mean isn't it totally weird/rude to say your brother is pathological jealous of you. I still don't know if it was James Albus down or Albus Scorp and Louis but I don't think you would make such importance of a scene if it was simply for a prank.

The interaction between James and Nic are masterful, I'm a bit surprise Nic cannot even guess that James may be a bit into her but well. I love the way you already showing us how they will be able to help each other. I was afraid at one point that Ethan was going to be the third point of the triangle but I felt you made him simply too dull like a lower value version of James so I'm thinking he only will be use as a way to show us how interested Nic is already into James and the difference between sweet perfect James ( kind of Ethan ) and the real James with a deeper personality.

One thing with your story is that it's simply amazingly original, the way you write and therefore your natation, awesome. Though because there is I think, and it could be only me, some bad points.
You should be careful with how you use Nic I think, at the end of this chapters she seems a bit perfect. Smart, witty, not intimidated, pretty, sportive, party girl, a little experience with boys, savoir of the day, I mean there is maybe hundred students and she has to be the one saving the boy, not his friends swimming beside him, not any other students who one could a swimmer, not a head boy/girl whose you can think should be cold blooded enough to take care of that particularly a sportive guy like James i mean really anyone? Come one but well it's okay I simply hope its not gonna be a daily basis haha I have nothing against perfect characters or "overpowered" I simply think they are the hardest to write because if you don't give enough and reasonable justification as why they don't solve instantly the plot then the reader can't stop but feel the hand of the writer and therefore the artificial aspect of a fiction. Something that could be awesome sometime but not often in a fanfiction I think.

I can't wait to see what is going to happen between perfect easy life Nic and not so perfect James. I hope you will be as original with them and the plot that what you gave me since the start of your story.

I love to speculate even when I'm wrong and giving my honest opinion on a story and I hope you didn't mind. Your story is amazing can't wait don't let us wait too long :p

Good luck with your moving, I just left campus myself recently. It's sometimes better to focus on study out of campus for me :D

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Review #4, by Scose Back to School Bash

20th August 2017:
So didn't expect the drowning part.
I'm curious to see how James will develop and what kind of person he will be to Nic. Dom seems really kind. Good that Albus apologised. AND I LOOOVE LOVE LOVE LONG CHAPTERS! Looking forward to reading more :) so much love and good luck with moving into your dorm.

Author's Response: ahhh thank you for your lovely feedback and thoughts!!

i am really going to try with this long chapter thing, as there's just so much i want to put into this story but that just means it will probably be longer time in between updates... if that's okay with you guys :0

i'm packing today and hitting the road tomorrow for school (7 hour drive by myself *whimpers*)! so thanks for the love, it really made my day!

-morgan :)

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Review #5, by Scose The First Night

17th August 2017:
Omg sooo god. Aaah the relationship between nic and James is to die for. I love seeing how she gets to know everyone! And the twist with her mom- thats gonna be funny
Looking forward to the next chapter so much

Author's Response: Ah, thank you for your kind review, I'm glad you're loving this story!! Stay tuned, as the next chapter will be up in a couple days, it's getting kind of chaotic in my personal life, hence why I haven't uploaded the next one - sorry for that by the way!

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Review #6, by NoMaj The First Night

14th August 2017:
This is a FABULOUS story so far! As an American, I thoroughly appreciate Nic's nationality. ;)

It is SO rare to find a story where James is the considerate one and Al is the a**- great and unique character development there. And I absolutely love that Nic is so independent and strong- shutting Al down like that was gold. But is it bad that I kinda want to see a triangle there? Obvi James/Nic all the way- but I love tension! :)

I am exited to see how the party at the lake goes! Update soon!

Author's Response: Ah thank you so much for your thoughts and feedback! As a fellow American, I wasn't sure if it was being displayed enough that you can tell Nic is from the US to other American readers, so you give me some confidence!

Yeah, I wanted to make a different take on James' and Al's implied personalities! We'll see what happens, stay tuned and thanks for your nice review!

-morgan :)

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Review #7, by BBHP The First Night

11th August 2017:
I'm still in shock that Nic's mom didn't tell her! To quote Nic: what was their main goal with not telling her this?! They did seem to work things out a little, so that was nice, but STILL! To a 17-year-old that is so huge.

The little details about 4th-years and up being excited about Nic's mom was hilarious. "Which, by the way, EW!" I laughed out loud. And okay, Elijah Mii-who-didn't-even-have-the-decency-to-introduce-yourself, no one asked your opinion anyway. I love how perfectly you portray the people from different houses. Almost anytime someone speaks, you can tell immediately which house they're in and why.

Nic's commentary is so perfect. It's so realistic and human and teenager, and I love that the story is written in her point of view with her thoughts. I feel like I'm seeing things through her eyes with her opinions. The girl-talk was written perfectly. Al is such a skeeze, though! Why, why, why is he so creepy! I love it, obviously, but ew! haha!

So now I'm VERY curious to know who all was in the forest, and why. Was it students, or teachers? I love that Nic thinks as a Horned Serpent or Thunderbird. I feel like even though she's at Hogwarts, she'll always sort of identify as that? I would have done the same, though, going to check out who it was. I love how Nic interacted with the Bloody Baron, but I noticed the Bloody Baron didn't actually tell Nic his name. Curious to see what happens with that! When James took Nic to the kitchens I was near-on swooning. The connection between them is perfect. James seems so comfortable in Nic's company, and Nic is already picking up on his little quirks. The competition between Al and James seems like a bit more than sibling rivalry. I wonder if that's why Al was so quick to, er, proposition Nic.

Anyway, I have so many thoughts but I feel like I always tend to write longer reviews on this story and I don't want to "wear out my welcome". Ha. But Quidditch: I think it's good to include it, even if it's a mere mention "we won in ten minutes, after so-and-so caught the Snitch in near-record time", but I feel like it'd be so hard to write and do it justice. There's always the cliche high-intensity, super long Quidditch match, where it's stormy and thundering, and someone (usually the main character or love interest) gets injured and ends up knocked out in the Hospital Wing for a week. And sometimes it works, sometimes I roll my eyes, but it's always entertaining. But I do feel like it'd be difficult to make it unique. If Nic does end up on the Quidditch team, it'll already be unique because her own mother works in the Hospital Wing.

I always love social interactions (and I'm suuuper looking forward to reading about the party at the lake) as it gives me more chances to get to know the characters and everything. You're doing an excellent job on that already.

Aaand my daughter is pulling at me to get her a snack, so this is where my long-winded review ends! I'm so looking forward to the next chapter, though!

Author's Response: oh my gosh no, i LOVE long reviews haha! no matter the length, they will always be welcomed with open arms! i really do love everything reviewers say whether it's constructive or not, thank you so much for your feedback!

i really did try to make it as human/real as possible so thank you! i had thought about making it third person perspective but when i started writing, i just went for it without thinking later it's in first person haha. this way we can see more of nic's adolescence peek through. even if she has mature thoughts, she's definitely still a teenager like you said haha.

the james/al competition will totally be throughout the story, as i think it helps with both nicolette and james in their growth. as well as james/nicolette's relationship, they learn about each other to help learn about themselves.

i'm trying to be unique with all of my story of course, but who knows with quidditch right? i don't know if i can write a quidditch match is all, i'm doubting myself but i know it could be a good challange. im not huge into watching or playing sports competitively, so that could make it more difficult. but i'm up for it! even if i didn't write about it much like you said, i'd definitely put in some small detail about it.

anyway, thank you so much for everything! love your input on my story as things unfold. you're awesome!!!

-morgan xoxo

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Review #8, by Glisten  A Girl And A Castle

4th August 2017:
"Expect the unexpectable, okay?" it makes sense now! That would be one, big, jaw -dropping surprise to have the Headmisstress of her new boarding school in the middle of nowhere to suddenly announce her mother to the entire school. Whew! I would probably faint if that were to happen.

The way you described Rose weirded me out (in a good way) because you didn't really describe he colour of her skin but the fact that you said any other tone besides the one it was would make it clash with her hair gave me a clear image of what her skin tone is. Interesting.

James has been talking about her! I bet he was totally downplaying how interested he was in her when they met on the train again. I'm sure he knew exactly what her name was even though he totally pretended not to! Aghh that's so cute and I'm pretty sure that Nic may have caught on too when Dom said he hadn't stopped talking about her!

Speaking of Dom, I really like her! Straightforwardness, in my opinion, is a really admirable trait in a person. While most people want to go through the formalities and waste time Dom seems like one of the kinds of people who have the ability to skip over that and not sugarcoat everything. Oh, and also I love how she was able to answer Nic's question about Hagrid before she even finished it! Very funny. Nic and Dom already seem to have a level of communication that many friendships takes years to develop. Like when they were saying how they could see how the carriages were pulled. I feel like they'll have a good, strong friendship.

I like how you added the detail of students being referred to by the numbers of their education level in the States (instead of "Sixth years" having it be "Sixes"). It's from her perspective so until she gets used to Hogwarts it makes sense that it would be written using American wizarding words. Or maybe that's what everyone started calling them sometime in the last two decades or so. Then again, Hagrid DID address the new students as first years but that could be because he's just been doing that forever.

Also the added detail about the name of the wing the prefect meeting room was in was nice to. Good no know Collin hasn't been forgotten by everyone yet.

I'm interested to know what it's going to be like at Hogwarts with her mum there! Also is it possible that a I can have both a high five and a hug? Haha, good chapter like usual! Oh yeah, and your new banner is lovely by the way. The Nic in the picture is so pretty, no wonder James couldn't stop talking about her!

Author's Response: thank you so much for your review, of course you get both a high five AND a hug! i'm so glad you caught those little things (AGAIN ;) ) about American wizarding words since i wanted to make some differences in what i would think would be birtish vs. american terminology.

rose and dom are characters that have been so widely written about, so it was kind of hard to decide which way i wanted to go with them. we'll see what james' personality will be like throughout this story! :)

and thank you! prokaryote. @ the dark arts was so kind to pick up my request, i had requested one right after you or someone had mentioned it in a past review, but it was getting no love

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Review #9, by BBHP A Girl And A Castle

4th August 2017:
I kind of suspected that might happen! Poor Nic, having her mom show up!

I loved Dom's bluntness. She got straight to the point of asking who Nic is without any fluffy introductions. I also liked that Dom and Rose didn't use their last names. I wonder if they're just sick of the attention or if they're so used to everyone knowing their last name already.

James pretending to fumble for Nicolette's name was so funny to me, especially after Dom's "mystery girl" comment. Of course he'd remember her - she's not exactly forgettable - and I love that he tried to play it cool. Also, I'm very interested for Albus to show up in the following chapters. He or Louis might turn into my favourite characters, just because they're funny and seem a bit full of themselves.

Nicolette seems more mature for her years, so the bits about her feeling giddy that James mentioned her, or being dazed around Louis and thinking of Dom as "less of a threat" reminds me that Nicolette is still a teenager with teenage hormones.

The casual, quick acceptance of a half-giant being at Hogwarts was awesome. Whether it's because Nicolette is naturally accepting or because opinions towards "half-breeds" have changed since before the war, it was perfect.

And then poor Nicolette - not only does McGonagall make her stand up in front of everyone, but she also reveals that Nic was a hatstall! And then the reveal of Nic's mother working at Hogwarts. It'd be too much to take in! Why, oh why didn't Nic's parents tell her! Parents can be so weird sometimes, thinking "hey they'll like this surprise" when really, if Nicolette had had even a MINUTE to adjust to the idea...

Anyway, another long, scatter-brained review from me on your excellent story. I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter and the interactions between Nicolette and the other students. Looking forward to the next one!

Author's Response: Ah thank you! High five and hug for you too :)

I'm glad you noticed the bits about nic being slightly mature, yet still hormone-induced since she is only a tee anger still. I'm hoping that society is a bit more accepting towards half-breeds (it is 2023 after all), but who knows? Im thinking that her parents were more like that and therefore their kids' opinions are open-minded as well.

McGonagall - I know right? I think adults just either don't know or remember what it's like to be called out, or they totally do and want to embarrass them since they're on the adult side too. Who knows what goes through their brains.

Thanks for your kind review, I am excited for you guys to read more! Especially since now we're at the school part :)

-Morgan xoxo

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Review #10, by Anonymous A Girl And A Castle

4th August 2017:
I love the ending lol. She seems like a great mom. Update soon, your story is great!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review! High-five or hug goes to you! Will try with the update!

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Review #11, by Glisten  Tests and Sorts

30th July 2017:
Your mention at the beginning was so sweet! Thank you so much!

Goodness there's just so much to discuss with this chapter! I guess I'll start off by saying it was super fun to read and that I give you a big thumbs up on that Sorting Hat song. It totally sounded like something the hat would say in the books. You've got awesome rhyming abilities!

It was neat to read about Anusha on the boat ride. It's true isn't it? Sometimes you'll have something beautiful that you see everyday but it's only when someone else sees it for the first time that you realize that you have a lot to appreciate.

I loved reading about McGonagall! You don't see her in many fics these days and when you do she's more often than not out of character. Not with you though! I really feel like you captured the "McGonagall Vibe" if that can be considered a thing.

I love how Nic started asking questions for the Transfiguration test. So smart! I enjoyed reading about her tests and sorting. Based off her assessments she's defiately got Ravenclaw traits! The hat made the right choice with her I think. Although, it really seemed to be debating the other houses for awhile. Wonder if that will tie into the story in later chapters.

I remember reading on Pottermore that McGonagall had a long hat stall. I wonder if Nic was the longest hatstall since McGonagall? It says a little more than half a century, right? And McGonagall is younger than she was portrayed in the movies so it's possible I guess. H M M M

You know there's this test online that has all of JK's sorting hat questions in one quiz (because the one on pottermore changes questions every time and doesn't show them all). It always ties me between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw but I'd want to be in Ravenclaw just to hear all the cool riddles! The riddle there was very clever I've never heard that one before. I actually stopped reading to figure it out and the first thing an thought of was a scuba diver (one of those ones that don't show any skin) but then I realized that wasn't cool enough to be the answer so I thought about it a little more and eventually figured it out. I feel like being a Ravenclaw would be awesome because (for me at least) solving riddles is super fun but I feel like I'd suck at trying to figure it out when other people are entering with you because it'd add pressure and that would be distracting.

I want to see this common room in real life! How cool would that be! You made it sound so lovely. Maybe it's a good thing it's not real because I'd probably literally move into a place like that.

Oh and also the detail about the mermaid window was great I love how you add little things like that from the books. It really makes your writing scream "QUALITY!"

I was so happy when I saw how long this chapter was! You're spoiling us, really (not that I'm complaining of course)! I'm so excited for the train, feast, first night, and most certainly that surprise. I'll be waiting for that next chapter! 10/10 as usual!

Author's Response: oh my goodness thank you for your kind words (again)!!! i love all your reviews, it helps me better understand what my readers enjoy, don't enjoy, what they want, don't want, etc. they really keep me going!

i honestly love reading little references and hints in fics and it's super fun to write them! also, my small hints and things (like the sorting hat) has to tie things into the story later on. i hope you guys end up liking it.

thank you for the sorting hat part! i wasn't sure if i should have posted it or not, since it was kind of a simple couplet poem, but i enjoyed writing it! and also mcgonagall is one of my fave characters and i'm definitely trying hard to keep true to her character from how JK portays her. she's really a fun woman.

even though i claim myself a slytherin (even though i've also been sorted into every other house and think i'm also part ravenclaw), the ravenclaw common room always attracted me the most. i love the airy feel pottermore has described it and think Nicolette will enjoy it a lot. even if she does need to get past riddles to get to it.

please stay tuned to the next chapter, i'm going to try and get it up tuesday or wednesday! :):)


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Review #12, by BBHP Tests and Sorts

27th July 2017:
Okay, I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed this chapter! It was excellent in every way.

The bit about Mr. Moretti being slightly possessive was adorable. And I love how in love he and Mrs. Moretti are. More couples should be this affectionate and sweet towards each other! Mr. Moretti's reactions to everything in the magical world are really cute, too.

I thought it was very realistic that Nicolette and her parents got to take a tour of Hogwarts before the year began. And it was neat that they got to take the boats like the first years do. As a transfer student, it would make sense for Nicolette to get a bit of "special" treatment. And your description of the castle and her parents' reactions! I love the little details, from the stained glass window with the mermaid (Goblet of Fire!) to the view of the stars being beautiful from the tallest tower (Astronomy!). Little details like that that tie into the books just make my heart go pitter-patter.

I really enjoyed reading about the "tests". Nicolette's smart remarks ("How many kittens?") (also, of course McGonagall would choose kittens!) and knowledge were impressive. It made sense that she'd be sorted into Ravenclaw, given her talent and wit.

The Sorting Hat's song was so clever! I love that you included it! And that Nicolette was a hatstall -- I'm VERY interested to see how that affects things later. I've felt from the beginning that Nicolette probably had a lot of qualities from all the houses in her, so it makes sense that the Hat would take a while to sort her.

I literally laughed out loud when I read her reaction to finding that instead of a password, she has to solve a freaking riddle. That would be my reaction, too. Although, the Ravenclaw Common Room sounds like such a beautiful space, and I just wish it were real so I could live there, too!

Anyway, I'll say it again: I loved this chapter! Can't wait for the next one with that surprise! (Aaand sorry for the long review. Couldn't help it!)

Author's Response: Ah omg thank you!! I LOVE long reviews! I'm really happy at least one person picked up on the little details and references to the tour, I'm hoping to add some more of those things, since it's Nicolette's first time expieriencing this stuff. I'm glad you enjoyed the Sorting because it does in fact tie into the story! I think Ravenclaw will be a good fit for Nicolette, we but we'll see what she and others think :)

Thanks for your review! I will hopefully get chapter 6 up sooner than last time, expect it in a few days

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Review #13, by Glisten  School Shopping

23rd July 2017:
It's totally weird that you mention Powell's City of Books since I just came out of there and am now sitting in the doughnut shop down the street. I'm in Oregon on vacation at the moment and I just thought it was a total coincidence that you mentioned that.

I'm going to take a guess here and say that the boy who looksd like James was Albus Potter? I have to admit that at first I thought that James had actually forgotten about her. That would be so sad though! She's been thinking about him every now and then and for him to just forget her would suck. But no, I realized when you said that he was eye level that he was probably Al.

I wonder who those blonde boys next to him were? I'm guessing one of them was Scorpius by I'm not sure who the other one could be. An original character, maybe?

This Anusha girl seems pretty kind and knowledgeable but I don't see her being more than an acquaintance to Nic. They just don't seem to have much common ground apart from reading and by the sound of it Anusha is all business with this Head Girl thing. They might get closer if Nic is sorted into Ravenclaw... I guess I'll have to see next chapter!

Oh one more thing! I love the added details on the bookshop. It makes sense to have an isle for seventh years though, doesn't it? I mean, most seventh years probably don't care about anything beyond the required reads. Very clever.

Oh, ONE MORE one more thing! I like how you gave us an update on how Ollivander and George Weasley's businesses are doing. It's no surprise that Weasley's Wizard Wheezes expanded and Ollivander defiately had to get help after a little while. After all, in the books he was pretty old in the Deathly Hallows so imagine how old he must be in a next generation fic? Then again, wizards DO live alot longer than us muggles, I suppose.

Great chapter I can't wait for the next one to come out! This is turning out to be a very nice story indeed!

Author's Response: Ahhh! Thank you so much for your feedback! It means so much to me, gives me more motivation to finish the next chapter!

I went to Powell's as well earlier this year, it's so fun to explore! And I love how you picked up on the small details, usually people pass over them and then don't realize the foreshadowing!

There are a lot of things that I give my own assumptions to (when it's not already on Pottermore) in order to give them some type of background - like the Ollivander and WWW thing.

Thanks for your kind words, as well as your review from my last chapter! I'm hoping to get it posted tonight or tomorrow, I've been a little behind since I started this new job up until school starts again, but I'm trying to post a couple times a week, if not once a week at least! Give me grace haha.

xoxo, Morgan

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Review #14, by Glisten  A Sticky Note

23rd July 2017:
Oh! I didn't think until the end that they didn't know that they were both magical people! I bet it'll be a bit of a surprise when they see eachother on the Hogwarts Express or in the school!

I want to go to that bookstore! Love the way it sounds from your description. Cozy and warm with an old charm... sounds like my kind of place!

I like how it was a little weird and awkward at first and then it became easier to talk to him. More realistic than how it goes in lot of the fics. I also like your observations about England, it really helps me, the reader, see what the UK looks like in the eyes of someone from the States. The added detail there really adds depth.

That was a very clever enchantment by McGonagall! I'm assuming next chapter with have Anusha Reddy? Wonder how she's going to be!

You're posting pretty fast! It's awesome to find an author that updates quickly. Great chapter! I assume that since she just met James she's going to tie into his friend group come September. Can't wait to see! Er, I mean, read :)

Author's Response: I'm trying to keep this story somewhat realistic, yet still romancey and fluffy...we'll see! :)


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Review #15, by BBHP School Shopping

20th July 2017:
I've been looking out for an update on this! This chapter was excellent. I love how you can give characters personality without actually describing them. Like, it was easy to figure out what Anusha is like without needing extensive detail. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much for your review! I had submitted it but then needed to edit it a bit because I didn't know we couldn't use Disney references.
I think I also recognize your user on the dark arts so hello!

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Review #16, by Glisten  Goodbyes

15th July 2017:
This story is an interesting read because there is a very strong sense of voice to it, almost as if Nic is writing it herself.

She seems to be leaving a pretty solid friend group. Although, it's possible they could visit her by apparation if any of them are old enough, right? I assume there's going to be stuff sbout them later in the story since this chapter was dedicated to them.

Its interesting how you made Ilvermorny kids have phones. In my opinion it's pretty reasonable that they would have them especially since, even though they're magical, they're emerged in No-Maj culture. The only problem I could see with that is taking a picture or video of something magical happening. The owners of No-Maj phone companies would be able to see and then the magical world would be screwed.

It's nice that you have a few chapters queued up to release! I always find myself becoming a little impatient when someone releases a chapter or two of their story and then takes like two months to release the next.

Have you thought of getting a banner on your story yet? You've got a pretty good description and I think if you had some images to catch reader's eyes this story could do pretty well!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you for your lovely reviews! I really appreciate your thoughts on this!

I do want to bring Nic's solid friends into future chapters, as it would be really interesting to see how certain characters react to her new friends at Hogwarts.

The main character and her current friends are loosely based around my life (but who's isn't?) since I didn't know where to start, and I figured who knows me better than me? It may actually be kinda lame haha.

I've kind of mention this in the next chapter, but there's a magical extension on phones for wizards. I thought it would be a fun addition since it is the 21st century after all. Ilvermorny in my head is more lenient towards these things. Videos/photos with magic or anything that could expose the wizard community is run by magic companies that oversee everything.

And yes, I've just actually joined The Dark Arts and put in a banner request! I hope to get that up somewhat soon!

Thanks again for your reviews, as it really makes me feel like I can do something as write.


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Review #17, by Glisten  New News

15th July 2017:
What you said about "we have to talk" is so true though! It's so hard to not freak out when someone says it because you know whatever they're going to say will be significant. Of course she starts blabbing about sex and drugs right away, haha!

She seems to be a pretty fun character and I'm excited to see how she does at Hogwarts. Although, that really sucks that she'll have to leave her school right before graduation, especially since she's been there since she was eleven! And with only two days notice! I can only imagine what a shock that would be having to leave your life and country like that.

Wondering how her best friend is going to react. I know that if my best friend moved away with that short of notice I'd lose my head.

Her parents seem to be really awesome people! They seem to have a mutual trust relationship thing going on there. Very cool very cool. I'm wondering why she has a smartphone if her parents are magical though? Hmmm.

This is a very nice first chapter and congrats on releasing your first Harry Potter fanfiction. I'm excited to read this one because transfer student stories are always fun and your writing style is neat.

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind words! I hope you enjoy this story of mine :)

(It really was short notice, wasn't it, but I just HAD to get the story going, y'know?)

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Review #18, by BBHP Goodbyes

15th July 2017:
I'm so glad you're able to put these out fast because I'm dying to know more. Your characters are great and I'm so looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I hope to keep it up, but it might get a little slow when school starts up again in late August. I'm trying to write as much as I can so I don't have everyone waiting on me!

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Review #19, by Violet Potter 434 New News

13th July 2017:

i love new stories

not my own cause i always forget about them for months on end

but others are so exciting

this looks great so far

please write quickly so i can find out where this is going

from me xx

Author's Response: thank you so much! i'm excited for you to see what happens in future chapters! (2 is on it's way and 3 Nic has some interactions)

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Review #20, by BBHP New News

13th July 2017:
More, more! I really enjoy transfer-student stories, and this story seems like it's going to be really fun. I'm really looking forward to seeing where it goes. Good work!

Author's Response: aw, thank you so much for readig and reviewing! chapter 2 is already in the queue and chapter 3 is where things get interesting! (namely, a boy of course)

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