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Reading Reviews for What We Did Last Summer
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Irishseeker Want to Dance?

27th July 2017:
Wow. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes! Your portrayal of the Potter boys is incredible. I love Albus already, his cheek and cockiness is working so well and I can't WAIT to see his character development.

I love the structure of the story as well, seeing where they are before some serious s#it is about to go down is cool and it's going to see this two working together and eventually forming and acknowledging their feelings!!

Well done, thank you and can't wait to read more xx

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Review #2, by kara101 Want to Dance?

19th July 2017:
Making the graphics for this just inspired me to give it a read, and I'm glad I did! This is off to a such lovely start. Love/hate stories are my guilty pleasure and I'm really excited to see all the adventures they're going to encounter as Aurors. You write so beautifully. I haven't been on HPFF in years but I'm interested to see where this goes, so please continue! xoxo


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Review #3, by Jess/Jessamine Want to Dance?

6th July 2017:
YES. YES, JESS LIKE THIS. This fic is so promising and yeah, you're gonna have to be careful 'bout your use and avoidance of clichés cuz, Al and female OC 'thin line between love and hate', anyone???

Buut, I've got so, so , much confidence in your writing abilities, you're practically royalty on this site.

So, so pretty please with a cherry on top don't abandon this fic, I can't bear to have this as a great premise but it'll never be finished sorta story.

Update soon!!!

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Review #4, by PLUM Want to Dance?

5th July 2017:
Wow wow wow, I am so excited to see where this story goes!! Can't believe I hadn't noticed before now that you'd posted a new story!

This is so wildly different to FA and I think that was just such a brilliant move. The new voices, the mature, fully fleshed out characters, on the brink of adulthood and new careers is just such a great place for a story to start, I am buzzing to read the next chapter!

The snippet of what's to come at the beginning was just ingenious honestly. Reading the tumultuous relationship between Maggie and Al in contrast to the I LOVE YOU just ups the ante even more and I'm DYING to find out how they get there!

Despite the fact that it's short, I feel like you've established exactly who these people are -- from Rose, Scor, Dylan, Leo to, of course Al and Maggie -- and I can't wait to read the next chapter!!

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Review #5, by Lorz Potter Want to Dance?

4th July 2017:
This looks really interesting and its very well written so far. There's so many Al/James x OC love/ hate stories out there but I'm a sucker for the good ones and I really hope you continue this!

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Review #6, by Hasane Want to Dance?

28th June 2017:
a wonderful first chapter! i feel like if you put the first chapter of FA side to side with this one, you'd see much improvement.

this story seems a bit cliche in regards to next-gen stories but aren't they the best? after all, there's a reason why cliches are known as cliches because they are a writer's safety blanket; they will always be there for us. i also know that you as a writer are known for writing such cliches an incredibly creative and witty way, which always has me blown away or just plain laughing.

as always, you are way too good with your dialogue, and i see the descriptions that i had loved FA for, so needless to say, i'm quite excited to see where you take this.

much love, and i await the next update!

Author's Response: ahhh thank you so, so much! especially for the FA/ WWDLS comparison comment- whilst i'll always be proud of fluorescent adolescent, it's totally a product of my fifteen year old gossip girl binge watching and i'd love to think i've improved from then, so thank you for that!

yeah, the wotter/oc love/hate dynamic is a TOTAL cliche. like, i think it might be the biggest cliche in the next-gen world. but hopefully the parallel plot of this baby driver-inspired (have you seen it? too good) spy & action craziness isn't so cliche? do let me know!

you've been too kind and i appreciate both your candour on cliches and FA- and your too lovely compliments- so much! thank you beyond words xx

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Review #7, by Dirigible_Plums Want to Dance?

28th June 2017:
i know it's only been one chapter so far but oh my god, i am loving everything about this fic and its characters

Author's Response: whaaat! it's no secret how much i loved your dormitory 2.6a so this means the world. like, obv all reviews do, but this especially. thank you so much!

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Review #8, by TheTenthWeasley Want to Dance?

27th June 2017:
Oh no I love it!!! What a different vibe, but a good one of course. The wee sneak peek you wrote at the start was a clever move, it very much intrigued me. And your writing is as evocative as ever, I just loved the detention scene. This is a wonderful first chapter, perfect amounts of intrigue, wittiness and plot.

Please continue!

Author's Response: thank you so SOOO much ahh! i've been so unsure about this fic but you've totally given me the confidence to land it. hopefully the next chapter'll be up soon and it won't disappoint- thanks so much for this! appreciate it beyond WORDS. xxx

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