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Reading Reviews for Realm of Bridges
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Review #1, by PendleWizard Epilogue - Letter from Another World

1st August 2017:
This has been a really enjoyable story and I am rather sad it has come to an end. I love the whole idea of taking a muggle landmark and finding a magical reason for it and it is a very great pleasure to read believable, adult, English characters. I know he's a not got a big part, but there is just something so completely perfect and enjoyable about Bernard Anderton. Actually, I'd happily read a whole story about the shenanigans between the aurors and Law Enforcement, without any need for the high adventure!

Any story with multiple worlds is inevitably going to be a bit confusing at times. I think it might bear a re-read at some point to cement it all it. Personally, I think I would have called the 'other' Harry Herry throughout. Spending some time in his world (which I don't think we did, did we?) or indeed spending time in both the other worlds before 'our' harry crossed, might have helped clarify things a bit. I wasn't always sure whether there were multiple versions of some of the minor characters (and Ron) or just one who had travelled.

But all this is nit-picking of an excellent story.

Ooh! I see you've written a lot of other stuff. I must sample some of that!

Thank you.

Author's Response: Thanks. I think you're right, having just one fleeting visit to Herry's world at the end was a missed opportunity. The problem was, I wanted to delay discovery of the extent of Herry's true involvement. I also didn't want Harry to find out what made Herry quite so angry.

I was rather torn over the Herry/Harry naming thing. When Herry wasn't angry he was actually Harry and that's what I didn't want to lose.

You mentioned multiple versions of people and any confusion there was unintentional (sorry). However, you may have noticed that Hartford's character changed during the story. In the beginning he was not very quick witted at all, yet at the end he was powerful and eloquent. In my original draft, Hartford's gift of being able to use the bridges so well came about because he suffered an accident that combined two versions of himself. I dropped the idea because it didn't seem to add much.

I'm glad you liked the Bernard Anderton character. I often used to walk through Finsbury Park of a lunchtime, and as I was recalling the path Harry would take to find the water feature, I remembered once passing a man there wearing a white porkpie hat and pink sunglasses and realised I would have to base the policeman upon him! No promises, but maybe he'll return some time.

Thanks again.

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Review #2, by PendleWizard Harry Meets Herry

8th July 2017:
I must admit that something put me off reading this story initially. I'm not even quite sure what, it might just have been the flashing banner (just a personal thing, sorry). I eventually decided to give it a go and I'm so glad I did. It's a clever and original idea, extremely well written.

The thing that makes it for me is your sense of time and place: I read a name like Bernard Anderton and it instantly creates an image in my head. You say you've used artistic licence and moved a few places around (I don't know Finsbury Park, so can't judge), but there is a big difference between that i.e. using artistry to lovingly create somewhere that works for your stories and yet feels right and the don't-know-don't-care writing of somewhere that bears no relation to where it is meant to be, which one meets too often on here. I can relax and enjoy your story without having to mentally airbrush out the anachronisms!

Having two Harries is a wee bit confusing but you've written it well so I just about kept up. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in wartime London.

Overall - absolutely brilliant!

Author's Response: Thanks. Sorry, I struggled a lot with the banner and I'll have another go when I get time. The main problem was I wanted the scenes to reflect the story journey but the file size was impractical and compressing even the cut down version resulted in the uncomfortable effects.

Yes, the two Harrys thing is a bit confusing especially when they are both speaking. That's why I introduced the Herry name. That didn't really work but seemed better than always having to refer to 'the other Harry'. I started with the intention that Herry would only be 'angry Harry' but we won't learn what is really going on with him until much later.

Thanks again.

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