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Reading Reviews for Accidentally On Purpose
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Review #1, by putitonpaper The Truth Bubble And The Needle

23rd November 2017:
I was way too buzzed and tuned in to take notes as I went! I just really want to know what this plan is! Your story continues to have me on the edge of my seat. And again, POOR FLORA! I have a feeling this plan will all go to sh*t lol.

Author's Response: I'm honestly impressed and flabbergasted when people tell me they write notes as they read because firstly, the f***ing dedication, secondly, I just can't fathom it because people do it write reviews and the thought and care just ... seriously, I need to step up my game. Also keep reading and find out!!! :D shameless plug hahaha.


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Review #2, by putitonpaper Many Happy Returns, Judas!

23rd November 2017:
Are we sure the slap was accidental?

OMG MY GOD! OH MY GOD!! What are you doing to me?? Did she kiss him in the original? And if so, how did I not remember this? OH MY GOD!!

'You don't still love him, do you?' Flora asked all of a sudden, ignoring my last comment. 'Because if you do, you can tell me. I'll understand. What. Is. Happening.

'Sometimes it doesn't feel like it. He doesn't treat me very well. I barely even see him. I've never had a boyfriend before, but still. I don't think it's supposed to be likethis. Ugh. James is awful in relationships apparently.

'What was she even thinking? She knows you know that he cheated.' She cleared her throat uncomfortably, suddenly avoiding my eye. 'Like, howbrazenof her. - Oh dear, Dom.

'No, Iactuallydon't want to hear it.' I threw my hands out, palms facing her, backing away. Her face was pale. 'I don't know why you had to tell him anything. I don't know why you think that's your placeatall. I sometimesI just don'tgetit. Why do you have to stick your nose ineverything. - This is SO ironic.

I couldnt even record my reactions during the fight scene. It was just too good! And I was just too zoned in to take any notes! Well done. Well done.

'Yes,' Dom interrupted hotly, vehemently. Her eyes blazed with an identifiable emotion. 'We'vewe've got tofigurethis out! He thinks you've done something that youobviouslyhaven't and it's notit's not fair. Jenny, it just isn'tfairthat he can treat you like this, breakupwith you, for something youdidn'tdo. OH DEAR DOM! The irony of her statements - its tough to take sometimes lol.

! - its so great reading this again! I cant even tell what you added and what was there before. I just remember reeling and thinking James just HAD to be lying because Dom was FAM to Jenny, obviously. Ah - testament to your writing skills that I went back and read the argument again just so I caught everything.

And one more thing - MY GOD, POOR FLORA!!

Author's Response: Oh we'll never know . loool.

AH no she didn't!!! This party was so TAME in the original and I was like *rolling up sleeves* time to destroy lives LOL. So all new stuff haha.

James really is ...

More irony!!! Love it - can't help it hahaha.

THANK YOU! I honestly was the same writing it - I went over it a million times and read every word and god that was the first time I was genuinely like - sh*t am I writer? Because I was like okay, I'm James now, is what Jenny says confusing? What would I say in response? And then switch to Jenny and be like why is James reacting like this, etc. - and god it was hard lol. SO thank you a billion times.

AHAHAHAH dom was fam - crying LOL. And oh yeah ... poor Flora hahaha.

Thanks for this lovely review you angel!! P xxx

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Review #3, by putitonpaper Kiss And Don't Tell

23rd November 2017:
Newton is that teacher that has absolutely NO CHILL. Shes like INTER-HOUSE BONDING! You mean with the one Hufflepuff we tolerate? Hehehe.

Gosh I love your writing - her straw blonder hair a river of sunlight behind her - such good imagery.

Hmm - not sure if Ive ever commented on this before - but very interesting to see Jenny criticizing her relationship like this. Its definitely something to note as I judge certain someone for their actions.

Also interesting to compare the dreams of Jenny and her friends to others! Like how TAME in comparison!!

Oh man, Doms situation feels so tragic - I decided not to tell her that Marisa had already commented on the whole Luke and Dom situationwhen she'd popped into the looimplying heavily that Luke had absolutely no interest in Dom whatsoever. But I feel like every time theres a Jenny and Luke scene I freak out at their cuteness lol.

Ahhh - in my vision of the Next Generation, the Puffs are total potheads too. Love - lol.

I really like how you weaved her opinions of her family into this. Its just very interesting to see how she thinks she compares to the rest of her family. This journal entry is also interesting because its clearly a window of how she sees herself.

You know how to play with a girls emotions - I have ALL of the feels over the best friendship of Jenny and Dom!

This is great and also tragic - She taught him a few beauty spells for straightening and styling and he'd been a sport about it. It'd actually been fun. I didn't even realise I was grinning, watching him carefully curl Dom's hair around his wand, lips pursed and eyes narrowed in concentration.

Someone please tell the poor girl hes not interested. Yikes.

I got her a coupon for advice from me,' Freddie said, knocking back the rest of his glass. 'She isn't speaking to me anymore.

Freddie is my best friend, spirit animal, and lover for this.

Luke just shook his head, saying,we're like a Shakespearean tragedy waiting to happen. - This is so key lol.

Oh my god,' Freddie said, sounding utterly scandalised. 'The paint iscoveredin your pheromones! Those auras weresosexually frustratedI thought it was just me but - Freddie and I are running away together and getting married. I love him. I LOVE him.

'I think Newton is a lot smarter than she looks,' I said significantly. Everyone turned to me expectantly. 'No that's literally all I had to say. - I laughed so hard at this. So, so aggressively hard at this. Amazing.

How about boys learned tonotexpect a girl to reciprocate their advances just because they were beingniceandrespectful. As if either of those things meant a girl owed them anything.


True friendship: In fact, we were theonlyones dancing. It was more of a chilled out, drunken evening to chat and smoke, but by god Dom would black out anyway and dance till her heart was satisfied and I would be with hereverysecond.

White hot,blisteringrage rose up like a tempest inside me, Fiendfyre swirling, lashing out in electric gold flames, blackening my bones. You, my friend, know how to paint a picture.

loverhombus with James, Flora and Ollie! - this is so high school and so drama and so great!!

I'm so pumped to read the next chapters!! This is getting good!! (It was always good but I'm now diving back in and remembering how good this is!)

Author's Response: LOL Newton is completely clueless.

But yes! I think that's where we see this version depart from the old one, like I needed Jenny to not just suddenly say "oh and yeah he was annoyingly jealous". I wanted it to be there, but she needed to not be oblivious to it until some external trigger or something. Like i wanted to her to know it and admit it over time and yeah.

I love the running commentary on Dom's feelings for Luke and the irony of her friendship with Jen. So funny lol. I can't resist putting in all the irony - Dom and Jenny just makes it so easy!!

HAHAHAHA please give me monthly updates on whether Freddie is still alive when you guys run away together.

I'm going to respond to your other reviews now but I can't wait for your thoughts on the next few chapters!! I'm so happy you're back and I loved your new chapter! So good!!

Lots of love, P xxx

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Review #4, by watchoutfornargles Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

18th November 2017:
Hi! I just wanted to say that I loved The Wild Youth and totally stumbled upon your new version of the story on accident. I read the summary and was like "Oh, Jenelle Clarke? Where have I heard that name before?" I love how you've fleshed out the characters and plot more while retaining everything I loved about the original story. I'm so excited to see what happens next (especially the parts you didn't get to in the old one)!

Author's Response: AHH yay! I love getting reviews from readers of TWY! On ACCIDENT on PURPOSE ... sorry couldn't resist. I'm always itching to change the summary but then when people recognise the story because of Jenelle Clarke I stop myself LOL. But thank you! I felt like the old version was this skeleton of what it could be so I'm glad you think so! And yes!! I can't wait either! There are so many things I can't wait for everyone to read!

Thank you so much for reviewing!!

Lots of love, P xxx

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Review #5, by Mags Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

7th November 2017:
Finally caught up, before you posted the next chapter! Im always itching to read ahead, but Ive decided to review every fanfic chapter I read because Im just so in awe over everyones talent (and this is my favorite story at the moment so I just have to gush over every chapter!!).

Anyway, Im glad Freddie and Ella are reaching out to Jenny, even if Ella might be doing if it for the gossip, Im giving her the benefit of the doubt and hope she wants to be there for Jen. Its got to be pretty obvious that things have deteriorated with Dom, so Id like Jenny to have another female friend to support her.

Yay for Jenny calling out James on his behavior with Flora, shes really hammering it in that its not okay and it is so perfect! But their conversation in the great hall brings me back to some thoughts I had in the earlier chapters, with James
Apart from flirting with you in front of my face...
like, we know Luke and Jenny are just friends and dont consider themselves to be anything more, but even if James is OTT jealous and insecure, I am going to defend him a bit here, lol. Jenny and Luke do have a flirtatious jargon, I noticed one of the other girls side eyeing them at the party, when they were talking about their kiss. I know Ive said this before, but Jenny is not as innocent as she thinks, even if shes not doing it on purpose... The mature thing for James would have been, as Jenny points out, to talk to her and say that Im not comfortable with how you and Luke behave around each other etc etc buuut mature and teenage boys doesnt exactly go hand in hand, lol.

And even though I like James and Jennys talk, I am a bit mad that Jenny doesnt say that Dom confunded her. Its like she wants James to feel even worse for believing Dom, when hes been telling the truth the whole time about asking Jenny about it. He didnt just dump her out of the blue, and I cant help but think its going to blow back on Jenny hard when James do find out what really happened, especially if it comes from someone else. They have tons of complicated sht to work out and her keeping this from him is not a good start.

Heee, Jennys inner monologue during the Quidditch fight is fantastic! Cant say Im happy that the Slytherins won that round since Im incredible biased, but at the same time I kind of want this to have repercussions for Jenny? I sound sadistic, that I want her to have more problems, but maybe this would shift her thinking from her personal life and focus on something else for a short time. Maybe itll instigate a fight thatd bring up Jennys frustration about not being the captain. If James and her are going to be able to start over, I feel like they have to air everything out him being insecure and jealous, Jenny being angry and disappointed about not being captain, how they feel about the Potters being revered and the Riots. Just let it all out and then they can see where to go. And hopefully that would take up many chapters so that this story can go in for longer ;)

Jennys spontaneity is going to get her in real trouble soon, isnt it? What would shed do if Moss did accept her offer of going to Hogsmeade? Im torn on this because it would complicate things even further, but maybe spending time with another boy would make Jenny realize that James is the one for her, lol. And even if shes not really serious about it, her indignation of being rejected is so on point! No one likes being rejected, but Ive got a feeling Jenny made Moss at least a little bit more interested with those last words.

This was a heavy chapter, but still one of the funniest youve written! Cant wait for the next, hopefully with the fallout of the fight, and why Jenny didnt say anything about Blaze booking the pitch. Did she really forget or did she subconsciously look forward to a fight?

Author's Response: Hahaha yay!! But omg that's awesome! I love that - I always try to do that too because if you genuinely enjoy someone's writing I feel like you just have to let them know and I always feel so guilty if I don't review every story I read lol.

But I know! Ella's been a surprise character - the first time around she barely existed, but this time I was like, come on, she's in Gryffindor, known Jen for almost 6 years, of course they would be friends.

Oo yes, love this observation. Because yes - Jenny isn't as perfect and innocent as she constantly thinks she is, "even if she's not doing it on purpose." Is it so cringe for me love it when people mention parts of the title in their review lol I always sit here and go "AHHH how wise, accidentally on PURPOSE ..." LOL. Anyways, yes. I don't think James was that out of the realm to be jealous - people are human - but like you said, his response was not the most mature.

LOL, they do have way too much to figure it out but yep, it's SUPER IRRITATING that she deliberately leaves out being confunded!! She just wants him to admit fault and fully without the defence of being confunded - but why?

Hahahahahaha, I had to have the Slytherins win this one - adds more drama. LOOOL no you don't sound sadistic hahahaha. I honestly love that you want to see all of this!! Like all the intimate details and problems that would plague and Jenny and James relationship if they were together or even if they aren't. It makes me so excited to put out the chapters I have written! :D Oh and TRUST me ... this story, at this rate, is going to be a bloody trilogy lmao.

Oh dear, I think so. IMAGINE!! Oh that would've been fun to write ... but seriously I can't wait for you to read the next chapter - it has one of my favourite moments ever in this whole story. And you are absolutely right that Moss' interest is piqued ... but good interest?

Ahh yay!! I definitely feel like sometimes this story is all DOOM, GLOOM, PAIN, but I'm glad this had moments of lightness. Now that they're away from this tight bubble where Jen's constantly trapped with her thoughts and James, there's more breathing room to relax so it reflects. Also ... she was like, consciously looking for a fight, LOL.

Can't wait for you to read the next chapter! Thank you so so much for this review - I love the long ones!! I re read them constantly LOL

Lots of love, P xxx

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Review #6, by Mags Dear ASBO Five

24th October 2017:
First of all, ASBO Five and prof Newton in a Cat pyjamas?! GOLDEN

I like how you betray James moods and how he tries to feel towards Jenny; Clarke means were good, were friends, trying my best to get a little flirting going while Jenelle is Im angry/disappointed, trying to distant myself from you. And Jenny knows this, which is nice way to show that theres a lot of non-romantic history between Jenny and James too. And the way Jenny constantly gravitates towards him; she didnt need to sit right next to James at the Pit, she didnt need to sit in the same compartment even after shes made it known shes still mad at him and she most certainly didnt need to sit right next to James in the Great Hall.

I can see why James is the Quidditch captain over Jenny, maybe shes the better player but hes far more mellow about it than her, lol. But I get it, its Jens dream to become a professional player while James has other ambitions (now I want a discussion between the two about that, does Jenny feel like James not taking Quidditch as serious as she does somehow hinders her, because hes the captain? Maybe the current conflicts between them are enough though ;)

More mentions about the Riots now I do want a discussion about them, what does Jenny really think about James being this glorified person in school? Weve gotten a little bit of her feelings about it, but now I want more! What does James, Freddie and Luke think about it?

But J F C DOMINIQUE how can she be so blas about everything, just because she doesnt think Jenny is on to her? Either shes completely unable to feel the tension or she just shakes it off, thinking Jenny cant know anything. And then just... urrgh, I know this was coming but its still hard to read about. No one does this to their best friend. But at the same time Im fascinated as to how little Dom really knows James, someone shes known her entire life. And how does she come back from this? Dom has lost her best friend, two of her cousins that shes cant really avoid, the person she fancy probably doesnt want anything to do with her now.

And omg, I always go in reviewing trying to keep it as short as possible so its not his enormous wall of text, but thats what it ends up being anyway, lol. But thats only because I think this story is so great and it gives me so much to think about that and things I want to say. Its an amazing story :D

Author's Response:
HAHAHAHHA isnt ASBO just so perfect for them.

Ah yes im so glad you picked up on that. Ive been subtly dropping it in in almost every chapter and at first it started off subconciously - probably the way it started with james - until i realised certain moods and tones would affect the way he addressed Jen. Which Jens noticed too - and sometimes James is aware, but mostly when he calls her Clarke, because she loved is. I dont think he’d realise that he was calling her Jenelle when hes not in the mood. Like he wouldnt be aware of it if that makes sense. But youve definitely hit the criteria nail on its head.

LOL right?? I think Longbottom had a pretty good idea about their different temperments. But also i think Longbottom thinks that James cares about Quidditch more than he does. Like he automatically assumed that James would aspire to be captain even though he didn’t. Oh and yeah, it probably is a lot more trouble for them but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming . it’s been a huge issue between them. Not sure if you can remember this but in Jenny’s drunken conversation with Flora, she mentions it in passing so dismissively but the fact it even comes up at all when she’s trying to dismiss her feelings for James. I mean. Come on. Lol.

OH GIRL ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! There is a lot more to this story then just love and I promise you it’s coming ;).

And yeah Dom is a piece of work seriously. She’s genuinely trying to shake it off and fake it till she makes it. And to be fair Jenny genuinely didn’t know anything until just now basically so it’s been two or three days and while Dom can kind of tell somethings off, she’s hidden her tracks so well it doesn’t occur to her it could actually be that Jenny knows. And depending on whether Dom’s lie has effectively meant they can’t be together in a healthy relationship well just have to see how that dynamic would work.

Listen, i want your reviews to stay this long forever because you have no idea how much it makes my day to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and just read these brilliant and long reviews. It’s like reading a mini essay - which I can’t believe I’m using as analogy for something I actually like doing lol - but I LOVE IT SO MUCH PLEASE DONT STOP!

Thank you so much for reviewing! Love ya, P xxx

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Review #7, by astoryending Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

22nd October 2017:
Can I just start by saying that my love for Freddie keeps growing by the chapter. The fact that he saught her out to be there for her speaks such volumes about his character and their whole relationship and have I mentioned that hes my favourite?

How can James still think that Flora has nothing to do with the two of them? Stupid boy.

Too bad for us we both realised at the same electrifying moment that we were touchingtouching for the first time since we almost had sex in the Muggle Studies trip to Satan's personal bedchamber. I love this paragraph.

Finally James is talking some feelings (dont think it has slipped past me that youve still not ACTUALLY told her how you feel, Jamie boy). I love that he gets a bit embarressed about it, and I love love love Jens inner monologe in that whole section! I am getting a bit desperate to see them be, well, them, while at the same time not wanting them to rush into it. A proper dilemma I tell you :)

I mean, half of why I believed her so easily was because I was thinking it anyway. Nail. On. Head. And also the part that I keep thinking about with this. Okay so, Dom and James are cousins but Ive gathered that theyve really become friends in the last two years? Regardless, theyve known each other their whole lives so I cant wrap my head around how Dom couldnt have predicted the outcome of telling James that! It seems as if everyone else knew that James had huge jealousy issues, so naturally, one would stay clear of telling a person like that that their SO is flirting/liking/kissing someone else if not to wreak absolute havoc. I REALLY dont like Dom. The more I think about it (I am clearly to invested in these characters :P) the more horrible she feels...

I saw a quote somewhere ages ago that I love and keep with me, and I find it fitting here in the midst of Jennys inner turmoil: I dont want to be your forever, I want to be your always. Cause thats what its about, isnt it, trusting that the other person sticks with you through everything and always.

Is it wrong that I kind of love that Jenny is a) looking for trouble and knowingly letting that quidditch fight go down, and b) just looking for someone to fight with in general? Her asking out Moss like that was hilarious!

So this is one BIG review, which I could probably cram even more things into but I need to leave it here because Ive written it on my phone and thats a bit of a hassle haha!

Until the next one, xoxo

Author's Response:
Oh girl - I love Freddie SO much too. Easily the best person in this group. In the world maybe lol.

You have NO idea how desperate I am for James and Jen to just GET IT TOGETHER!! As far removed reader of my own story I’m like ...okay time for things to Happen. Please. But then as a writer I’m like no character development. Plot. Things. Lol.

I LOVE that you’re invested!!! I’m invested!!! Hahaha. But yeah Dom and James are cousins, same age, they definitely know each other and hang out when the family’s all together but for the most part James lives in London and Dom lives far away by the coast. So for most of their childhoods up until Hogwarts they were family but not the best of friends - also Dom was definitely the kid who thought boys were yuck and was bossy and wanted to put on plays and fashion shows and give makeovers. Which wouldn’t sit well with James. Maybe Freddie. Lmao. But yeah James would’ve grown up with Freddie and then when he met Luke, who also lives in London, him too. And Jenny would stay with James until they started dating so more rules lol. Dom just wasn’t ever interested in the quidditch bro duo of James and Jen or Freddie or Luke, until of course she was. ANYWAYS, I digress.

Dom 100% knows what James is like and did it on purpose. She did it to make him angry and jealous and hurt Luke by proxy. She didn’t think he’d turn it around and get mad at Jen, completely ignoring Luke (to a lesser extent anyway). So yeah, she wanted James to know because she knew how he’d react - she just didn’t realise he wouldn’t react to the right person.

I absolutely adore that quote. That embodies James and Jen so perfectly. Because that’s exactly what Jen wants. She wants trust, she wants a steadfast, unwavering love. Forever is too uncertain. Always means he’s her friend, her anchor (so cliche but true lol).

HAHAHHA no i love it too!!! Reckless Jenny is my favourite kind. Because she does it so methodically and so so stupidly lmao.

Omg I’m writing this response on my phone too!! Just to while away the time sitting on the tube haha and it’s so massive!! Sorry about that - I can’t help myself responding to everything :P

Thanks for this review! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the next chapter xxx P

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Review #8, by BBHP Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

20th October 2017:
First off, can I say how much I LOVE how long your chapters are? I have no idea how you do it! And there is SO MUCH happening in every chapter -- everything is important to the story. You have no "filler" chapters, which I think is really amazing.


I have so many thoughts I can't even make sense of it all. Why is James pushing Jenny to forget everything? Like she could if she wanted to! He seems like he has so many issues to work on by himself before he should even think about getting back together with Jenny. I'm glad Jenny is being hesitant there, although it's obvious (from the very first chapter) that she's completely in love with James. I think if they never get back together she'll never be able to truly move on with someone else. Even though she might desperately want to. But I applaud her for wanting to. Girl power! She doesn't need James! (Although, deep down, she might.) (Also, her response of 'I'm not entirely repulsive, I swear.' was just too perfect. I want to BE Jen.)

How does Dom even think she can come back from what she did? Dom has issues she needs to work out, too. Maybe it's the curse of being a "Wotter" -- never being completely secure in one's self. Freddy seems to be less like this, but he has his own insecurities and self-doubts that he is dealing with.

The drama with the Slytherins on the pitch was intense. It happened so quickly I had to reread it a few times to make sure I got it right. Insanity. But I like that she and her brother are friends. I think it's so sweet.

Anyway, I'm still trying to make sense of everything swirling around in my brain but I am so excited to read the next chapter! But I'm trying to be patient. Trying. Failing.

Author's Response:
YAY! I honestly don’t know how I do it either - but I actually feel like I have to force myself to stop writing 10,000 word chapters it’s crazy hahaha. There’s just so much to tell and I think because I genuinely have major plot points mapped out it’s harder to write less to get everyone to where they need to be. I’m bad at self editing lmao.

I know!!! She could totally pretend like nothing ever happened and move on! It’s not the point! The point is that she genuinely can’t and HELLO JAMES. RED FLAG you dolt. And yeah - pretty much lol. If they’re not with each other, I don’t think they’ll be good to anyone else. They’ll only compare. Especially since they’re each other’s first proper love. No! She doesn’t need James!! But I think that’s what she’s trying to figure out - in a very insane way, asking Moss out lol - and it’ll be interesting to see if she chooses him even though she’s trying to see if she doesn’t need him.

Oh god yeah no Dom has some serious issues with herself. I think she has a horrible mix of middle child inferiority syndrome with a dash of selfishness and self centred egoism. She think she’s the best and everyone wants to either BE her or be her friend or sleep with her. Not a great way to be lol.

HAHAHA the pitch scene was one of my favourites to write honestly. They’re all insane. Especially Jen. But yeah I wanted to definitely show some sibling tension (which we’ll see with her sister) but she is actually best friends with both her brothers (more so blaze cause he’s actually in school).

LOL I want to read your thoughts when you make sense of them!! I feel like you always have such interesting points!! And I’ll try to have the next chapter up soon!!

Loved this review! Thank you so much! Xxxx P

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Review #9, by Mags When The Plan Actually Goes According To ... Plan?

20th October 2017:
Oh, this went right according to plan, didnt it? Bit shame both Jenny and Fred forgot that they made up a new one, bless them.

I love Jennys silent passive aggressiveness toward Dom at the start, her irritation about the clothes just growin and growing... an explosion is brewing but Dom has no clue! And just the continuation of Jenny dismissing Dom, forgetting shes there, trying to distract her from noticing somethings off.

Your dialogue is amazing, Jennys and Lukes conversation was hilarious Youcounted? kinda says everything we need to know about Jennys true feelings for Luke you dont count the time if you really enjoy it. And Jenny and Ella and just the drunken speculation that is so typical drunken behavior (and teenagers) that turns out to be spot on! James does treat Flora bad, hes not over Jenny and he is so messed up over her.

But did I long to see the real James weve all heard of and here he shows up, in a small dose, but still! I love how you describe the spark between them
what about the flat sun pressed between us, catching fire to our edges?
The fire inside me roared its dissatisfaction, wantingneeding more
good looord, theres no counting seconds there lol. Jenny may not trust teenage relationships but theirs feel pretty grown up to me. But I am happy they didnt go through with it, they should both be sober and in a good place before having sex, otherwise I feel its just going to mess things up since theyre not in a good place (and not on birth control!)

(Interesting points about fanaticism surrounding Harry Potter and the Weasleys (Im sorry but I absolutely loathe Wotters, can barely write it lmao). Like, people being Harry-fans I totally get and he deserves it tbfh that poor boy, and Ron and Hermione too, but the rest of the family? Sure they were influential but not so much more than any other member of the Order. And Id always figured that the Potters had money of course, and that George and his family would be considered rich but that the rest of them would be around upper middleclass... I guess Ron and Hermione too would make a lot of money. Anyway, big sidetrack but its a really interesting thing to be brought up since its not addressed so often, that fanaticism I mean. I totally believe itd happen too, even to the extent of there being anti-Wotters.)

I love Jennys constant snark about Holly Winters, how you keep telling us how talented James and Fred are (those stars, learning to think for themselves over time is both amazing and a bit scary), that Luke and Jenny have a stable friendship that werent destroyed over a kiss and that there was no drunken confrontation with Dom. Better keep that for when Jenny is sober...

Author's Response:
HI! Fair warning I’m writing this response on my phone so it’s going to be crap - but I’m going to write a better one on your other review when I’m in front of my laptop again.

I know! I’m so glad you noticed that gradual build up! Because that’s exactly what I wanted to push across. Jenny’s anger and hurt is a slow burn and it’s important to note that she’s actually trying not to be mad without the whole truth from Dom. It means she still has hope it isn’t true and there’s some other explanation.

Ahh! Thank you so much :D Jenny and Luke’s conversation is genuinely one of my favs LMAO. And YES! We finally see the teensiest sliver of the James Jenny was mad for, although in the most insignificant increment lol. I think we’ll get more of this James going forward.

YES THERES NO COUNTING SECONDS WITH HIM. The ultimate sign that Jenny’s just fooling herself ... and you’re exactly right about their relationship being adult and real and tbf Jenny’s probably super right about not trusting teenage relationships but whatever’s between James and Jen ... that’s not the same.

HAHAHAHA I love that you hate Wotters - they hate it too and use it ironically. But yeah no you’re right, in my world James’s family and Freddie’s family are definitely a lot richer than the rest of the Weasleys. But Ron and Hermione are lowkey rich too. Hermione, as well find out, is the Minister of Magic and has quite a good life. But theyre not and can’t be as ostentatious with their wealth. Doms not rich - she’s very middle class and I think you can kind of get her critical vibe from her comments on Freddie’s clothes. Regarding “Wotter fanaticism” - she’s not a fan and definitely sides with those who have views against it. I kind of liken it to the whole monarchy in England - some people love the queen and others demand she pay taxes you know?

Hahahahaha yes love the snark with winters as well. Jenny’s definitely observing. And I SO didn’t want Jen and Luke to be awkward after the kiss - they have so much on their plate already Jesus lol. I would be suffocating everyone if it became a problem

THANKS FOR THIS REVIEW!!! Can’t wait to read the next one :)

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Review #10, by TealHairedTeddy Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

19th October 2017:
Oh my goodness this chapter was absolutely hilarious and made me laugh out loud in the train (which turned a few heads) but I didn't care. I can see that Jenny is back at it again with her recklessness , but my question is, why would she ask out Moss knowing that Potter likes her, or is it just on impulse?
Anyways, I've been following the story ever since the first chapter was out and this is the first time I've commented. I really love how you write the characters... They're just so witty yet serious at the same time. The fight over the pitch was all too Hogwarts..I really hope you can update this soon!

Author's Response: Oh my god hahaha I love that!! And god yeah, Jenny is back with the recklessness and her erratic, impulsive thinking. Ooooh GOOOD question hahaha. It's definitely 100% on impulse - genuinely, it could've been any guy that walked by who it was acceptable and she thought she had a reasonable chance of going on a date with. But why??? It's a good question lol.

I'm so glad you've reviewed!! It's so lovely that you've been reading this since the first chapter and I can't thank you enough for your kind words! Thank you so much! Can't wait to read your thoughts on the next chapter! xxx

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Review #11, by hcamp Many Happy Returns, Judas!

18th October 2017:
I'm thoroughly enjoying this story!! You have effectively brought on the lack of productivity from me at work today. I can't seem to put your story down... I just have to keep reading to find out what happens next.

Author's Response: AHHH! Yay! I'm so glad :D That you're enjoying this story of course not that it's making you unproductive 😂. I'm so happy you've decided to drop a review! It seriously makes me so excited to keep writing.

I'd love to read your thoughts on the next chapters because they are crazy! Lol.

Thank you for taking the time to leaving this review!

Love, P xxx

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Review #12, by TheTenthWeasley Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

18th October 2017:
Hahahaha I feel bad for laughing because obviously Jenny is in serious turmoil (and is also not real) but her thoughts about Fred being "cordial" and the conversation between her and James is just too funny. I love "Yeah and what a great benchmark for sound mental cognition!", what a perfectly sarcastic reply.

Wow, James having a serious talk about his feelings? I don't believe it. James is so annoying to me sometimes because he's so immature and reminds me of my ex boyfriend but for him to actually open up to Jenny and admit his insecurity is actually really nice and I'm glad they're finally talking properly, especially when Jenny's inner dialogue is funny and real and touching all at the same time.

And they're arguing again. I'm so glad Jenny didn't kiss him then or something, I hate when that happens in stories and the girl doesn't stick up for herself or say how she really feels. And they're kissing. I guess she did actually tell him that she was angry and unsure so it's fine? EEEee I don't even care I love them together tbh.

Lmao I love the juxtaposition between the scene with Jenny and Harper and immediately after Jenny's admission of stupidity. I'm genuinely laughing out loud (again) at this argument; I can't decide which between Jenny and Moss's synchronised speech or Eddie Parry looking like a sick mouse is funnier. Hahaahahha I take it back the entire succeeding scene is definitely funnier. Everything from the end of the fight to the end of the chapter was genuinely hilarious.

Despite the lingering gloom of Dom and Jenny and the relationship issues with James, this has been such a fun and light chapter, I really enjoyed it and I think it's one of my favourites so far, hope u update soon x

Author's Response: Reading this review was way more fun than it should be normal. Literally, real time reviews are my favourite lmao.

I'm so happy you found this a light-hearted and funny chapter AND THAT IT'S ONE OF YOUR FAVOURITES! Because - no joke - this is my absolute favourite chapter as well. Writing it was so easy, the dialogue basically wrote itself and Finn Moss as a character is so vivid it was just pure pleasure. Seriously, it's my favourite.

Also, VERY happy you found this funny and laughed out loud! Ultimate goal fulfilled hahahaha.

We'll be seeing way more of this sarcastic, quippy Jen and oh I'm so excited :D One of my favourite interactions I've ever written is in the next chapter and I can't wait to see what you and everyone thinks of it.

Thank you for this review lovely! Can't wait for you to read the next chapter!

Love, P x

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Review #13, by dobbyismyhero22 (not logged on) Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

18th October 2017:
AHHH I totally thought Jenny was going to lose her virginity in this chapter because of the title, which is PERFECT by the way. It's one of my favorite lyrics and White Houses is what I listened to after I lost mine (lol sorry if that's tmi).

I loved this chapter. I'm glad James and Jenny talked more and I just have so much fun reading your writing. Your dialogue is incredible and you do such a good job of showing and not telling which is something I really struggle with and wish I was better at. I cannot wait to read more! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: OMG that must've been quite a disappointment then (hopefully not too much) but THANK YOU for noticing the title!!! I always love it when someone points it out - if you don't know, if it isn't glaringly obvious lol, music is SO central to this story and shapes literally everything. And that's not TMI!! That's actually kind of lovely haha. White Houses is such a huge inspiration to this story - like, white houses in the MS trip, so much of the lyrics describe Jenny's thoughts, the fact that it's this coming of age, also JENNYS NAME hahaha. I wanted her name to be Jenny so badly but I didn't want her full name to be Jennifer so - thus, Jenelle was born.

Anyway, what a stupid long response to the tiniest comment lol. This is why I'm an insane responder to reviews.

But ah! You have no idea how happy it makes me feel when I read comments like this. I'm just sitting here with such a huge grin on my face. I just want to reach out and hug you lol. I can't believe you think the dialogue is good - can't tell you why, I just can't believe you think that!

Thank you so so much for this lovely review! I can't wait to get the next chapter out for you guys!

Love, P xxx

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Review #14, by HarryGinnyLove88 Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

18th October 2017:
Oehhh..cant wait til this story ends...god Jenny james drama is so annoiyng sorry i want them make up and have sex already.
Dont you already want to finish this or you enjoy this.!?
How many chapters left?

Author's Response: Oh no hahaha I know they can both be so annoying! And trust me I want the same too LOL but, unfortunately, or fortunately for some (including me lmao), this story is no where near being finished! Sorry!!! I'm not sure exactly how many chapters it's going to be but roughly I'd say 30-35ish? I'm enjoying writing it currently but I hope you still enjoy reading it!

Thank you for leaving a review! I hope the next chapter makes you feel a bit differently haha

Lots of love, P xxx

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Review #15, by Eyo Dear ASBO Five

9th October 2017:

I was checking on your story and didn't find my review. I'm confuse now did I dream about the review I posted? I would not be surprised if I had a dream about your story because it's obsessive for sure!

So I don't know I guess I'm going to review again because that would be a shame to not do it.

It's hard for me to express on your story, because you know I'm not even sure what makes me love it so much. I mean your plot is quite simple at the end of the day, your characters a bit stereotypical and your writing style quite good but not Victor Hugo'esque?
But gosh there is something amazing in it, your characters are a bit more than their stereotype, your plot is full of surprise and let us use our imagination to the point we are sure we know what's going to happen but actualy we guess wrong and the reading is smooth to the point it's hard to stop or take a break.

At the start of your story I was sure Lucas was really in love with Jenelle and so James broke with her so their group could stick, kind of, together. And I though Dom knew about it. But well I also though the quote had to mean their goal was to leave this place (actually until the end of the trip I though the plan was proof that I was right atleast on one thing and they were going to win points, well i was wrong, hehe.)

It's interesting how it ended up actually.

The dynamic of the group is creepy though, it's a bit like they are friends because of the situation not because they are made to be friends. You have James and Fred who knew each other as baby and with the same attitude (spoiled, famous, handsome and as we can tell in this story don't really give a fuck about anything) which obviously made them best friend. You have Lucas who could have been one of the golden boys if not for the Wotters and therefore become rank 2, so he's friend with them because he has to be part of the awesome guys. Jenelle is obviously very close to Fred and James both from personality and "physic". And lastly Dom who is here because she's the cousin of James and Fred? I feel like you have the trio with James Fred and Jenelle ,an other trio of friends with James Lucas and Jenelle and finally the last family trio with James Fred and Dom. The simple fact that they ditch the other Gryffondor and didn't split themselv a bit show how much they aren't stable enough to be separated.

I'm not really surprised how you use Dom though and I'm actually particularly pleased. It doesn't only apply to her but Wotters always seem a bit too perfect particularly Dom in next gen fic. Also changing the friendship for what I feel like will be the second part of the story is awesome and original(hi Ella). I share the idea of one of your reviewer, how Jen, James and Dom will deal with their situation if James and Jen have to become more than boyfriend/girlfriend. Being cordial with an ex friend you see sometimes is a thing but being cordial with a cousin by alliance is an other for sure. I'm also awaiting the change in relationship between Dom and James. Sure now he doesn't really give a fuck but hopefully if he matures a bit he will understand and become even angrier with Dom, his cousin. As in Games of Thrones sometime you have to make a sacrifice so the plot can continue and I feel like with Dom you succeed in doing that. I can wait to cringe even more with her trying to rebuild a relationship which maybe actualy never really existed.

Fred, ah Fred. In a normal story I would say what a break with him. He appease my heart because he's so funnyy. But NO gosh he's so oblivious (as James uhuh, they are real twins) he can actualy upset me, so carefree that he actualy has a point in a story where usually in Nezt gen tic, he's useless except for the jokes. I'm pretty sure from now on he will be even more important with Dom being his cousin and his closinees with James and Jen. Also mention to how you made him coming out. Not that it brings anything to him or the story but with 15 cousins I would have been surprised if none of them were homo after all. It was pretty smooth I think.

I love Lucas, for me he's like a class "How to be a sidekick when you could have been a golden boy 101". He's arrogant, handsome, smart but also quite deluded by never being in first position simply because he comes at the wrong time. He always seems so lost! The fact that he can be so oblivious to not see how much James and Jen were into each other just shows his character and I love it. When he's active I always think about the minions from Despicable me.

Then I have to speak about James, with James I can see myself when I was in high school. Not that I was insanely handsome or famous but as him I kind of had it easy and therefore was (I'm still a bit) extremely arrogant and definitely self cantered. He's simply so much into Jenelle and her only that he can't tell he's also hurting her at the same time. I got ditched by my one year relationship at the middle of high school without at the time really understand why. It's funny how sometimes you do the most idiotic thing without noticing it. I was such a bast*** with her friends because i didn't really care and was sweet with her. So when she ended things with me while still liking me I needed some years before I finally saw why. Well James is maybe worst than me haha, he's so much into her it's close to being creepy and I can't wait to see how you gonna make him mature (if you do though).

For Jenelle I don't have much to say because to be honest I feel like she's a lot like James simply way more sensible and with a terrible lack of self confidence. I love the character though but what I said about James can easily be apply to her so really I can't wait.

I'm seeing the end of review forcing its way onto me so I gonna be short. How James and Jen gonna bring the broken glass together, will Dom kill herself? What was the point of the quote? Haha i cant wait!!

Author's Response: WOW this is an incredibly long review that I cannot WAIT to start reading! I'm almost glad the other one got 'lost' hahaha. But that's so incredibly lovely of you and thank you so much for reviewing again (all jokes aside, I know this site glitches sometimes - but we still love it and all the hard work people put/have put in to making it run). ANYWAYS - on to the review.

First of all, I'd be bloody shocked if my writing was anywhere near as good as Victor Hugo's LOL. But thank you! I'm completely blown over by your kind words!

And lol, yeah, I really did lay it on thick with Luke fancying Jenelle haha so I don't blame you - you were meant to think he genuinely was in love with her. But your James is a way bigger person than mine 😂.

But absolutely - the friendship here is SUCH a contentious one. It's not like most fanfics where the BFFs are clearly BFFs for Life and they get on perfectly and complement each other perfectly. In my experience, my best friendships are like that - but they're also complicated; sometimes I hate things they do, they hate things I do, they act like b***hes and so do I - it's wonderful and filled with love haha. Although with the ASBO five, they really are friends from circumstance and meshing. Dom didn't become close with them like she is now - in their 'squad' - until two years ago. Before then, she hung out with older students and some girls in her year, but wasn't especially close with anyone. So it is a bit like odd little groups being shoved together.

Also can't believe you compared the plot pacing in this story to Game of Thrones 😂 biggest compliment EVER! And I am LAUGHING at the comparison between Luke and minion!! So funny - so true. He's a bit daft and laid back and too chilled out to function properly hahaha.

Wow. That's seriously all you can hope for as a writer is for a reader to maybe relate or see themselves in someone so - wow. Also your situation is a bit eerily similar to Jen and James' ... minus the whole fake cheating allegations lol. But you have made SUCH an interesting point here I almost don't want to point it out!!! But I will because I'm erratic and can't help myself! James IS a bit creepy in his feelings for her! Like, RELAX kid. But why is he so blindly into her?? Why is he so crazy???

Hahhaha thank you so much for writing this review - what a pleasure to read! Sorry this response has been crap (it's midnight and I've taken a break from studying and my brain is numb) but I can't wait to read your thoughts on the next chapter!!!

Lots of love, P xxx

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Review #16, by dobbyismyhero22 (not logged on) Dear ASBO Five

5th October 2017:
This is one of my favorite stories on the site right now! Your writing is just SO good and I love your characters and the plot and just everything. I am so about you using a Lorde line in the banner by the way. Supercut is the perfect song for James and Jenny. Thank you for being so talented and I look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: AHH. I'm so happy you said that - like you can't know how much that means to me! Oh god - that is seriously so kind UGH. I just want to hug you hahaha. Oh my god YES I'm so glad you picked up that! Music is so so so important to this story and to my writing and supercut just captured the whole concept of their romance that I'm just so chuffed you noticed! THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING! I wouldn't be writing if it weren't for people like you writing these reviews! I can't wait to read your thoughts on the next chapter!

Lots of love, P x

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Review #17, by TheTenthWeasley Dear ASBO Five

3rd October 2017:
OooOH wow finally! Even though I knew this was what Dom did, it doesn't make it any less horrifying. It's genuinely disturbing that Dom would think that doing this to her friend - even if it was in the moment - was okay, and especially to lie about it for ages after... it's so crazy. I don't know if I'm having such a strong reaction to it because I've always thought the idea of any sort of mind altering charm (confundus, obliviate etc) to be abhorrent, like worse than physical torture and stuff. Dom is just a different brand of insane sometimes and I LOVE it it's so exciting lol.

As fun as the Muggle Studies trip was, I think it was a good move on your part to take everyone back to Hogwarts, it switches up the dynamic and I'm so looking forward to learning more about the other students. I adore Blaze, he's so funny and so like Jenny. I also love Rose, she's hilarious and sparky and totally different to most other Roses I've read, which is so great. All in all the whole return to Hogwarts is refreshing and exciting.

I'm so looking forward to the inevitable s**tstorm that's coming. xo

P.S. Sorry this is shorter than usual, I've had a v busy past few weeks and not much time to fit in anything that remotely resembles relaxing :)

Author's Response: Hi!

Hahahah yep! It's FINALLY here - 12 freaking chapters later. Yeah the horror is kind of inescapable. The even more disturbing thing is (apart from the Confunding) what Dom did by not outwardly saying "Hey Luke, Jen fancies you" and "Hey James, I saw Jenny and Luke kiss" but slyly hinting and suggesting and manipulating people's perceptions of things is something I know so many of my friends have gone through from their friends (or ex friends now lol). But no you're right - mind altering charms are actually horrific. I think I remember writing a story on my old account where someone Obliviated a muggle and I just was like ... I hate this ... I can't have this in my story ... it's bloody awful. But I think the more we find out about what Dom was thinking, the more we'll understand (we don't have to forgive lol). Dom is the most imperfect character hahaha but they all are.

Yeah Hogwarts was always on the cards. As much as I loved the MS trip as well, I just knew we were going to have to go back. It's a stable environment which means there can be more mayhem. I know me too! We're finally going to get to know Jen's roommates and Quidditch mates - I can't wait! Oh my god hahaha is he really like Jenny? I love Blaze too though. And YAY! I wanted Rose to be so different from most Roses - like a complete antithesis to her mum and dad. But yay!!

Hahahahaha good, because it's going to be wild.

Oh my god no worries! Seriously please don't worry about the length of reviews haha I love anything you write!

Can't wait to read your thoughts on the next chap! Which will be up soon ;) xxx

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Review #18, by silverashes Kiss And Don't Tell

3rd October 2017:

So I am so sorry that this is the first review I'm leaving, as it is on the seventh chapter and I have read everything up until now. This story has been my (not) guilty pleasure. I have been sneaking it in while I should be sleeping, doing homework, etc. etc. But I absolutely had to let you know how utterly enthralled I am with this story.

I love the concept and the characters. I am soo intrigued to find out more about Jenny and James' background, both individual and their relationship. I am also DESPERATE for some Jenny/James romance that doesn't end in flames and ashes. Very excited to find out what happens with Flora as well, this should be interesting.

SO I will continue to read this story when I should be doing other things because I am hooked. I cannot wait, like genuinely I am so excited to come back and read chapter 8.

Wildly amazing. xx Rachel

Author's Response: HI!

Oh my god - please do not apologise! Thank you for even taking the time to write a review! As a serial reader who forgets to review/is lazy despite the million emotions and thoughts I always have, I completely understand haha.

AW. Thank you a thousand times - that is literally the sweetest thing ever! Can I secretly be pleased that this story is distracting you all your important daily activities? 😂

THANK YOU. I honestly love writing this story to death - I have so many ideas and details to get in before it's done it's going to take AGES haha so trust me, I'm with you girl. There are so many golden nuggets and treasures of details about their relationship/life I'm so excited to get to. And GOD ME TOO! Seriously, as an editor/reader of my own story I am fed up with James and Jenny's romance that always ends in a fiery ball of doom LOL. But it just goes to show that I can't write it that Jenny isn't feeling it yet. Oh yeah - Flora is a fav that snuck up on me hahaha.

AHH I can't wait to read your thoughts on Chapter 8!

Thank you so so much for this review!! YOU are wildly amazing. Lots of love, P xxx

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Review #19, by Yellowdays Dear ASBO Five

1st October 2017:
Every time I read the name asbo 5 I seriously just laugh so hard to myself
Wow this chapter was like the climax that I feel like has been hinted towards in all the previous chapters and it totally smashed it for me
Jenelle seriously did not expect her life to take this turn did she bless her, holy jesus Am i looking forward to seeing James and Freddie's reaction to what dom has done and rose's actually, I feel like it's going to be quite a reaction 😂
Part of me feels bad for Dom at this stage too because I believe that she does truly love jenelle (unless she's actually more of a psychopath than I ever imagined) but she totally fudged up here the bit that gets to me the most is how she just sat there poker face throughout the whole time jenelle was so heartbroken that she could barely function. The fact that she had the cheek to keep asking "why did you break up" as if she didn't know but people make mistakes I hope dom can prove to jenelle she's changed
This makes my heart ache even more for a James and jenelle reunion but I'm enjoying the sharp jenelle that is keeping James on his feet because he needs to realise that the fact her best friend has done this to her is something really serious for jenelle that has affected her emotions. I hope he can actually be there for her but I do also enjoy the selfish side of james coz it does show how much he must like her for his sole goal to be for her to give him her undivided attention
You're doing such a great job with this story I love your characterisation of James so much I have read so many James oc stories and for the first time I'm getting to see a properly jealous possessive James- it's a dynamic I feel that isn't explored in other fics and you play it so well with him because he doesn't always show it obviously but it's been implicitly implied in all his actions
I am a bit shocked that James didn't attack Luke for supposedly getting with his girl haha
Love that he's an Over protective brother too I really hope we get to meet the other wotters I would kill to read your takes on lily Roxanne Louis albus, rose was so vivid in my head I just know you'll do a great job
Can't wait for the next chapter and to see all the drama unfold
Good luck on your masters!!what are you studying? I'm Just about to apply for an undergraduate degree!!
Lots of love xx

Author's Response: HAHAHA you can thank me being obsessed with Misfits humour for that but I honestly love it ... like all five of them fit the bill 😂.

Oh my god thank you!! I'm so glad - not gonna lie I was a little worried the big reveal would be like "...oh, okay" so yay!!! And yeah, it's going to be so hard figuring out James and Freddie's reactions (seriously even if your family is insane like what can you do?! You see each other all the time!) but omg yeah Rose - who even knows - she's about as readable as a marble statute.

I'm genuinely SO pleased you said that. Yes, what Dom did is unforgivable and inexcusable but - and it's hard to rationalise - but I think it sort of bleeds through her actions in the previous 11 chapters that she genuinely loves Jenelle and loves being her friend, but just screwed up massively. So yeah - hopefully she can redeem herself somehow (isn't it interesting how that seems to be a running theme in this story? lol).

LOL James is not emotionally intelligent or mature and it's so clear in how selfish he is about his feelings for Jenelle (also VERY interesting how you picked up on that - I would remember that for the future if I were you 😂).

Ugh, thank you. That's honestly so wonderful for you to say that. I feel like I'm constantly missing a certain depth to James but the fact that you love him just reassures me. And yes!! Just because you're possessive doesn't mean you're a lunatic the whole time. And yeah - I think James was in shock too, to be fair. That's why he did all the stupid things he did lmao.

OMG I can NOT wait for the other Wotters!!! I'm so so so excited to write them all. AH thank you!!! Rose was SUCH a pleasure to write - I wanted her to be so different from the usual Roses so YAY :D. That seriously makes me so happy!! The next chapter will be up soon so I can't wait to hear your thoughts!!

Thank you for this lovely, lovely review!!! And thank you! I'm studying Law so - let's see how that goes haha. And omg! Good luck with that!! That's such an important moment in your life. What are you thinking of studying???

Lots of love, P xx

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Review #20, by astoryending Dear ASBO Five

29th September 2017:
Gasp. Dom confounded her. Dom CONFUNDED HER! I have so many thoughts and feelings about this that I dont even know where to start. Im partially glad to see Jenny getting some sort of closure on the whole thing, but at the same time I think it was so much worse than she couldve ever imagined. Her best friend actually hexed her to try and justify a lie she told. Like who the heck does that Somewhere, I had an inkling that Dom must have done something like this because it was the only thing that made sense, but I still didnt want to believe it! A bit shell-shocked about the lengths in which Dom went to cover her own a*se, it really showcases that at her core is a selfish and impulsive person. Ugh, Im so mad on behalf of Jenny. And James. And Luke. She really f*cked them ALL over, huh :( But I have to say that I do get the panic which Dom mustve felt in realizing that her little lie was spiraling the F out of control (teenage impulsiveness and recklessness to the extreme), but her actions are still mindboggling.

This whole thing just makes my heart ache for Jenny and James. I want them to find their way back to each other so bad, but how do you come back from something like this? This not only destroyed their relationship but seriously RUINED Jenelle. I just feel like she is so utterly crushed that she cant even begin to sort out her feelings for James under this mess of hatred for Dom and the massiveness that is her betrayal. And on top of that her and Dom sleep in the same blooming room (and shes related to James) so its not really like she can escape her, is it :(

I feel like after every chapter its always: oh poor Flora. But seriously, poor Flora! Talk about not catching a break! Shes really just an innocent bystander getting caught up in this shtstorm and I just wanna give her a hug.

I think its really good timing to have them back at Hogwarts now, cause it will ultimately change the feel and bring new elements and dimensions. Its genius to have Jen ask Dom about everything when they got back, because it is almost as if this sets of a part two of the story, you know? A before and after sort of thing so it feels fitting that it is in a new location.

Rose Weasley? Shes the best thing ever!! Such a breath of fresh air so I vote for more of her please :D


Ps. Tumblr: yaaas! d.s

Author's Response: I know! I KNOW! Dom bloody CONFUNDED her. But honestly me too. I needed - we all needed, Jenny needed - to get that final closure that yes, Dom told these lies and she confunded Jen to fix it? to hide it? But yes! I think I remember saying this in an earlier response to a review that Jenny would eventually get the truth but it wouldn't make anything better and actually make things worse lol. But yeah - Dom's behaviour is incomprehensible to most of us (a good thing because it shows we don't know how to think so maliciously and calculated) but there are a few girls in the world who are genuinely like this - the only difference being she has magic. But Dom did only use it as a last resort out of sheer panic and fear that James and Jenny would realise that she'd told this lie and stop being her friend - and that's where you're right about her selfish and impulsive qualities.

Now we just have to see if Dom can ever recover lol.

I know :( Your analysis is so spot on. That's exactly Jenny's thinking - how do I sort out my feelings for James, whose done so so so much bad (out of pain), but on top of it detangle how Dom factors into and her total betrayal. And god yeah URGH Dom in the same room will NOT be pleasant ...

Hahahaha I know! I'm saying poor Flora all the time too! But don't worry, I have a few things in store for her and they're not all crap haha.

Yeah I love that they're back at Hogwarts! It feels like they're on more solid ground and I can't wait to write the Hogwarts characters in! Rose was SO much fun to write - I want to make her different from most Roses, just a complete departure from both her parents and everyone's just like how is she their daughter lol. But there are so many others I'm so excited about :D Albus Potter for one. But thank you!! That's exactly what I was going for - instead of a physical sign saying "Part II" the change in location, the feel, does actually make it feel like I'm writing the sequel or something haha. Like Part one was all about Jenny finding the truth, and now it's all about how she deals with it. I have an inkling this story might have four parts to it.

Also I'm so happy you like Rose!!! There will DEF be more of her!


And I'll definitely put the link to the Tumblr up although I feel like there are some spoilers on there so I'll have to double check before I do haha. But I'm glad you're interested!!

Thank you for this review!! My response is as massive as ever so I apologise for that!! Lots of love, P x

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Review #21, by Danixx Many Happy Returns, Judas!

28th September 2017:
What caused james to go after jenelle like why did he suddenly realise something wasn't adding up? Love the line where he's like "I've been cut up for weeks" omg be mine!! Those two make my heart swell I can't wait to read more you're so talented!!

Author's Response: I hope you've read the next few chapters before reading this response because . the answer is Dom haha. He, as we know, was slightly possessive, slightly jealous boyfriend who tried a lot not to let it show with Jen and then cue Dom coming out of nowhere and suggesting, implying, hinting that Jen and Luke may have something going on - and boom. Kaput. Kabloom. He starts to observe their behaviour, turning sour and sullen and broody, and his mind tricks him into really believing it so that's why he was like, time to confront Jen.

I know!!! I feel like I haven't shown enough how vulnerable James actually is! He's a big baby! And a really nice boy! Before this story that is lol.

Thank you so much!! And thank you for this review!! I hope you enjoy the next couple of chapters! Lots of love xxx P

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Review #22, by Grace When The Plan Actually Goes According To ... Plan?

27th September 2017:
Oh my god yay yay yay ! Finally some full on ancestry between them two im rooting for James and jenelle so bad obviously James has some growing up to do but I just find his personality so hot haha is that bad? You have to consider tho that James lashed out because he was hurt he thought she cheated on him I know using flora wasn't okay but flora should have known better in my opinion. I hope these two stay together for the rest of The story so well written I love it

Author's Response: HAHAHA they got hot and heavy FAST. And omg nothing wrong with finding his personality hot - honestly, he's like my dream guy that I secretly want ... is that weird? Lol. But you're right, it may have been immature and stupid and impulsive, but no one has ever said he's a genius emotionally stable 16 year old. He lashed out because he thought his girlfriend that he's in love with cheated on him with his best friend (believed because it was his cousin, and his gf's best friend, that hinted at it and so believed it). Which is like, a fair enough reason. Maybe a wiser, older guy (although, who knows a guy like this) would've been less stupid ... James has to learn from his mistakes.

But thank you so much for your lovely review!!! Can't wait to see what you think of the ones coming up! Thank you again! xxx P

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Review #23, by BBHP Dear ASBO Five

26th September 2017:
Wow. Wow. Wow.

I feel so bad for Flora! She thought she was supposed to stick to the plan, and even though it's really Freddie and Jenny's faults that they're all in trouble, Flora is taking the fall. I hope she catches a break soon. And for James to just be all whatever about Flora is just...bad form, James.

And stupid James, thinking that one night of something ALMOST happening means that they're suddenly fine and getting back together. Is he serious? Jenny is right, their relationship isn't just messed up, it's RUINED. Like, almost beyond repair it seems. (I still have a bit of hope for them, though. But for Jenny's sake I hope James really works on his attitude and everything before anything really happens.)

And Dom. Oh, Dom. I knew it had to be something along those lines. What kind of messed up friend is she?! Who does that!? Realistically though, I had friends in high school who were petty and jealous about their friends, and pulled the same sorts of thing (without the whole magically confusing them thing, obviously. haha), so it's actually very believable. I still am shocked though. Actually getting that worked up and jealous, and telling James such a lie, and then actually Confunding your best friend. I think Jenny's reaction was completely right. How do you even come back from that? How do you forgive someone -- your best friend -- for that? For messing up -- more like DESTROYING the relationship with the love of your life? Like Flora said, I think Jenny is "it" for James. And now it seems like it's just ruined. And even if they can repair their relationship, what about the fact that Dom is James's cousin? Even if Jenny and Dom get past this and can be civil to each other (I don't know if I'd believe they can really be best friends again), they'll still have the awkwardness of being semi-related (eventually).

Thank you for getting the last few chapters out so quickly! I don't think I could take the suspense for any longer haha. You're awesome! And good luck with your Masters program! That's so amazing!

Author's Response: HI!

Oh god I know - seriously poor Flora (I've been saying that a LOT) but I have a few things up my sleeve for her. For some reason I seriously love her? And it may just be because her FC is Taylor Hill ...

I KNOW. He is so single minded and has blinders on - for him, the fact that they've somewhat established they've both been lied to by Dom (though, in the beginning Jen still doesn't/can't believe it) means that the last few weeks might as well not have happened. It was just an inconvenient blip and their feelings have stayed the same. I think it's safe to say he's an idiot.

Jen certainly feels like it's ruined. I don't want to say too much because we'll get all of what she's feeling soon and why she's feeling that way but i don't know! I feel like they could somehow find a way back to each other but we'll have to see how lol (and sorry that was so vague hahaha but I feel like I'm gonna spoil something!!)

i KNOW. Thank god I've never had a friend like her but man the stories I've heard ... insane. There are some people in the world that you look back in hindsight at and wonder why the f**k was I friends with them. And I know girls like Dom who don't even need magic to ruin peoples lives so, she's dedicated to them haha. And the thing with Dom is that it wasn't even a one day blow out - it was this insidious, slow burn that just developed over time out of irritation and jealousy. Dom was being a plain b***h - no way around it.

Also you raise some very interesting questions. Like what would it mean for Jen and Dom if she and James somehow repaired their relationship? And i love the certainty of them being semi-related "eventually" hahaha. But you know what strikes me is that you really feel the destruction that Jenny feels - like it's obvious and palpable that she and James are not okay and it's going to take serious work to get anywhere good and stable and normal again.

And no worries! I love the feeling of posting a new chapter hahaha and god I would've felt awful leaving the suspense hanging forever. THANK YOU! It's really kicking me in the a** haha.

Thank you for this review!!! xxx P

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Review #24, by HarryGinnyLove88 Dear ASBO Five

26th September 2017:
Dom you stupid why is she stupis b...h...
But finally back at hogwarts..yess🙂🙂🙂

Author's Response: LOL, I know - she is a stupid b***h! But now they're back at Hogwarts, she can finally get away and have some time to THINK!

Thank you for dropping a review lovely! xxx P

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Review #25, by ayling When The Plan Actually Goes According To ... Plan?

25th September 2017:
'What the fuck was I thinkingas if I could live without you' His lips were on mine again, and it was like the first time all over again, his kiss rewriting my future, telling me: I am finished, and so are you. - i love this so much, i have literally been waiting for someone to write a slightly jealous, possessive james for so long and finally i have found it. i ship these two so hard I feel so blessed i found this story, i can't believe it doesnt have hundreds of reviews like this is literally one of my favourite things I've ever read on here. you're so funny you write so well and the idea is so original - the deep stuff with them facing their fears, the quotes, the dom mystery - its all connected and you're just marvellous for creating this. literally cannot wait to read more I'm so happy this has come into my life p.s. where can i get my own james

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you!! I liked that part too - it was just the perfect kind of drunken melodrama that feels completely normal and right to think at the time for Jen. Hahaha yes! If you're looking for a slightly jealous, slightly possessive James - here he is! And we'll see more of that later on too, so something to look forward to haha.

I'm so happy you still ship them!!! It feels like so much bad has happened people are almost like, god maybe they ARE better off without each other ... but we'll see ;) and THANK YOU!! That just put a big fat grin on my face. You're way too lovely!!! I actually can't stop smiling like a loon!!! Also, I've found that quality is definitely better than quantity in terms of reviews and I - clearly - have THE BEST REVIEWERS!!!

p.s. this make of James is currently out of stock

Thank you so so much for this review (also probably best to keep words like f**k out of them because I think they're meant to be 12+ lol). Love always, P x

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