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Review #1, by Tecla Sunrise Letters

24th February 2018:
SECRET ADMIRER ALERT! SPOILER: it's probably James tbh and I can't wait for the big reveal! gosh he's so darn cute and side along apparition is THE NEW FOREPLAY

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Review #2, by Tecla Sunrise Awkwardness

23rd February 2018:
I'll just say: UPPER JOCK. LOL
So Ryan is a rapist urghhh fuù+ck him. James is flirting so shamelessly I get second hand embarras*sment.
seriously? high five?
Baby, you need to UP YO GAME!
Sly is such a nerd I like her!! xx

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Review #3, by Tecla Sunrise Memories

23rd February 2018:
Oh-oh! So James was a bit of a popular boy - which obvs mean THICK AS WOOD C'MON MAN AT LEAST THE NAME!
But! seems like he's grown up so maybe, who knows?!
AND! This ryan figure seems like a right jerk - he probably cheats like all of 'em.
Love, love love how you write James! he feels so realistic and i like how sly seems to pick up on people reactions particularly well :))

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Review #4, by Tecla Sunrise Problems

23rd February 2018:
Man I always check out my reviewers' story and this is GOOD! One chapter and I'm already hooked. also, I really like the dynamics between Savannah, Deliah and Sly. I'mma go to the next chapter straight away! great job!

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Review #5, by Omg April

22nd February 2018:
Please update soon. I love this. Hoping for some more James x Sly but he also needs to earn back that trust, you know? I love that Sly is fighting back more because she's dealt with enough crap. Anyhoo, love it!

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Review #6, by Anne April

22nd February 2018:
Am I detecting some Albus and Sly vibes? Uh-oh... Battle of brothers. Albus would understand Sly more to an extent because of the bullying. So. Much. Drama.

I cannot wait for the next chapter so update soon!

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Review #7, by Violet Potter 434 April

21st February 2018:
that chapter had better be out soon

I need this story

it's so amazing I lurve every single chapter

so much drama in each!

Jordon is NOT nice

why can't people just leave her alone! she did nothing!

anways before I start ranting I should probs go

love from me! xxx

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Review #8, by Violet Potter 434 One more to the chest

12th February 2018:
these last two chapters have been so tense

so much has happened!

I've said it before and i'll say it again I am in love with her relationship with both Al and Scorp

i mean i'm in love with the whole thing

your plot is so emotional and you write it so beautifully.

update soon for me, it's amazing

love from me xxx

Author's Response: I got greedy again with how much information I put in. I hope it wasn't overloaded! Honestly, I lovethe Albus, Scorp, and Ainsly relationship as well, so it's really nice to hear someone else say that :) Thank you so much for the review and for always reviewing. You're wonderful! The next chapter is up, so enjoy!

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Review #9, by BBHP One more to the chest

9th February 2018:
I loved this chapter. I loved seeing that side of James, seeing how he truly feels about Sly, and why. It was perfect. I'm so interested in finding out what will happen next, with everything. Sly having her friends do legilimency on her made me so anxious. And I loved it all.

Author's Response: Thank you! I had been tweaking and going over and over how James felt. Yes, Legilimency shouldn't be a random, easy choice so I would definitely feel anxious as well. How desperate is someone willing to go for answers, right? Thank you for always reviewing! It's so nice to always see your name pop up and read your opinions! Next chapter is up so enjoy! :)

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Review #10, by Potterhead1994 Ghosts

18th January 2018:
Okay, so I absolutely love this story. And I love James and Sly together; however, my biggest thing is that he did know her well enough in school to not do the letters. Maybe not when they started, but I feel that by the end he should’ve stopped them. And also, he obviously has feelings for her in school, how come he asked her name in the first chapter? I guess that’s bugged me. Like I said, love your story but James has annoyed me to know no end. I’m also really happy that he finally knows.

Author's Response: Thank you for loving the story, and James and Sly together! I have to agree with you about that, after all he did know Sly. I wrote more content in James' reaction in the next chapter. James has been a coward a lot of the time with Ainsly, at least, and... well, you'll see. As for 'Not knowing her name,' he was being a coward and pretended for various reasons. Just say her damn name! Haha That character flaw annoys me, too, and now that he knows/everything is out (mostly) he'll eventually continue to grow as a person. James is kinda complex to write and I apologize if it has been confusing, most of it is intentional because we've only seen inside James' brain a few times. Again, thank you so much for reading and leaving a detailed review. Honestly, it gets more complicated when I don't hear any feedback and I simply am listening to the story in my own head (rereading it to make sure it makes sense), so I love hearing from people. The next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #11, by hphphh Ghosts

18th January 2018:
Oh My! Spectacular is what it is. You updated so soon I'm effing ecstatic. Please try and keep this pace. Goid luck

Author's Response: Thank you for the positive review! However, with how complicated this chapter was for me to write it didn't go out as soon as I hoped it would. My apologies. The next chapter is currently awaiting validation (I put it in last night, actually) and I'm writing the next chapter now. Thanks again!

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Review #12, by BBHP Ghosts

17th January 2018:
Wow. A lot happened in this chapter and my mind is reeling. Poor Ainsly. She has so many difficult memories and it seems her whole life has been one nightmare after another.

The revelation that James was in on it all, even if he didn't know about what Ryan did, just makes me so sick. Like how can someone be so cruel to another person? I'm honestly sick over it.

But I love how fiercely loyal Sly's friends.are. it just shows that you don't have to be a Gryffindor to be brave and loyal.

I'm so anxious to find out more.

Author's Response: Yeah, perhaps I got to greedy in how much was built up to be revealed. Ainsly does have a lot that she has dealt with that's for sure, but she compartmentalizes—whether that be for the better or worst.

Oh James... you certainly weren't admirable in this chapter. What started out as a complicated joke to save face turned into a real tragedy. Unfortunately, cruel jokes like this do happen, as sickening as they may be.

Yes, I always look forward to writing out the unspoken language of loyalty between Ainsly and her friends, especially her and Savannah's relationship. You'll see some more Houses built up in the next chapter, as well. Thank you again for following along and writing a detailed review, it is much appreciated!

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Review #13, by P Ghosts

17th January 2018:
I can’t wait for James reaction. I hate Ryan and I want him to suffer a LOT...Loving it:)

Author's Response: Oh James... The next chapter is currently in but I've been waiting for validation. I hate Ryan, as well, so I agree. Thank you for the review! Stay tuned!

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Review #14, by Anonymous Ghosts

17th January 2018:
This chapter actually had me crying, it was so emotional and I don't think I've ever felt more sympathy to a fictional character. I figured out what had happened to Sly in the early chapters and I was felt so devasted. She has suffered so much and she is such a kind person and it truly is unfair to see such bad things happen to people like Sly.

I was anticipating the big reveal to James and I think you wrote it delicately and fit with the tone of the novel perfectly. It really adds salt to the wound to see how much James' actions in school affected not only Ainsly but also himself. A part of me hates him as he is the source of Sly's pain but another part of me pities him. He always meant it to be a joke but he, in actuality, caused the destruction of a life. I'm really interested in how you will write James' reaction to this revelation and how it will affect him as a person.

It's always difficult to correctly write about these types of issues; you have to considerate, delicate whilst dealing with the fact it is a reality. I mentioned this earlier, but this chapter was extremely emotional. It truly is heart-breaking to see Sly's faith being broken down so quickly, espically as it had just started to restore itself, it's honestly so upsetting.

However, moving on a lighter note, this was a great chapter and I can't wait to read how you prrgress the story. Well done on another brillaint chapter and please do update the story soon.

Author's Response: It hurt my heart to write the scene between James and Sly, but it had to be done. I apologize if the wording was too hard to read. Maybe I should have placed a trigger warning... I'll be more mindful of that in the future.

James' reaction was so difficult to write, and I'm still not completely satisfied with the delivery—as the next chapter is still pending. He's not taking it well, to put it lightly.

Thank you so much for the positive and detailed review!

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Review #15, by Violet Potter 434 Hallelujah

13th January 2018:
I haven't read this in too long

i'm still in love

I hate ryan
Hate hate hate him

i love Sly tho
and her odd friendship with al and scorp

i'd love to ee more of them

can't wait to read more

i hope life gets better for you, you deserve to be happy

love from me xxx

Author's Response: Good news! The next chapter is a longer one and it's up for validation as I respond.

I hate Ryan, as well. Love awkward, overthinking Sly with all my heart though. Albus and Scorpius's relationship with her...well, wait for the next chapter. Lol

Thank you for the kind words and the review. Life has gotten better for me recently after a long bout of depression, which was doing little for my writing. Thank you, again!

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Review #16, by JamesLover Hallelujah

12th January 2018:
Finally! Finally an update! Please try to write more sometime soon. I'm dying to know...Ah. Love how James and Sly are developing, though. It seems like he really cares about her, but does he know what happened to Sly? And I'd like to know more about what happened to Sly, as well, because frankly my brain is coming up with horrendous conclusions. :( Write soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I think that he has been showing he cares, as well, but that it's complicated. The next chapter is up for validation, so keep an eye out! Thank you again!

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Review #17, by Shruti Hallelujah

10th January 2018:
Oh wow ❤❤❤
Continue soon
Its getting Interesting❤❤

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapters is up for validation now so hopefully it will be up soon, or within the day. I'm glad you have been liking it!

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Review #18, by xxxoxres Hallelujah

9th January 2018:
Please write more often. I love your story. I think I have an idea about what must have happened to Ainsly, but it's hard to guess. You sure know how to keep a reader hooked. Looking forward to your chapters. All the best.

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter is a longer one that is up for validation right now, actually. Much quicker than last time. Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #19, by BBHP Hallelujah

8th January 2018:
Crying for Ainsly. Heartbreaking. But James to the rescue! I love them together. I love that he is shy and sweet around her, being patient with her. I'm so excited to read more.

Author's Response: James can be good at that when he doesn't have his foot in his mouth lol Ainsly definitely needs someone that is sweet to her. Thank you for the review!

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Review #20, by bizinhavieira May Maybe

6th November 2017:
Oh! This was great! Part of me wants things to go faster for Sly and James, but the other part loves how this is going! Great job!

Author's Response: I'm starting to agree with things needing to pick up, but the two are still so awkward around each other and there are reasons for holding back. Stay tuned! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #21, by BBHP May Maybe

31st October 2017:
The suspense is killing me but it's also so good! I'm so anxious about everything.

Author's Response: So many areas too develop and fill, that's for sure, but I'm so glad that you enjoy it! Thank you for the words of encouragement!

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Review #22, by Shruti May Maybe

31st October 2017:
I am in love with James and ainsly.
Update soonish
Good work till now.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like their development. Thank you so much for reviewing. Unfortunately, I took forever to get this chapter out... so utterly depressing. Hope to have the next one out a lot sooner! Thank you, again!

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Review #23, by HarryGinnyLove88 Letters

30th October 2017:
Harry Potter sons never truly like girls who is too Harry they looking a girl who is more beautiful inside..

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I certainly hope so, too!

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Review #24, by RosieMarquette Fancy that

17th October 2017:
Loving the plot so far! Awesome update!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it :) I should have something up by tomorrow. Thanks again!

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Review #25, by bizinhavieira Fancy that

24th September 2017:
Hi! We al know James was always a prat, but this time was the first I got pissed at him... I can't believe he and Ryan are doing what I think they are... Oh well... I liked the chapter, even though I didn't expect him to find Sly so soon. But I caught a few typos, in case you want to review that.


Author's Response: Yeah... there is definitely going to be some of that because James is not a perfect character by any means. I have been meaning to go back through all the chapters and make edits, but my job has been making me crazy busy. So sorry about that! I'll get to it soonish, though. Thank you!

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