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Review #1, by bizinhavieira May Maybe

6th November 2017:
Oh! This was great! Part of me wants things to go faster for Sly and James, but the other part loves how this is going! Great job!

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Review #2, by BBHP May Maybe

31st October 2017:
The suspense is killing me but it's also so good! I'm so anxious about everything.

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Review #3, by Shruti May Maybe

31st October 2017:
I am in love with James and ainsly.
Update soonish
Good work till now.

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Review #4, by HarryGinnyLove88 Letters

30th October 2017:
Harry Potter sons never truly like girls who is too bimbo..like Harry they looking a girl who is more beautiful inside..

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Review #5, by RosieMarquette Fancy that

17th October 2017:
Loving the plot so far! Awesome update!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it :) I should have something up by tomorrow. Thanks again!

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Review #6, by bizinhavieira Fancy that

24th September 2017:
Hi! We al know James was always a prat, but this time was the first I got pissed at him... I can't believe he and Ryan are doing what I think they are... Oh well... I liked the chapter, even though I didn't expect him to find Sly so soon. But I caught a few typos, in case you want to review that.


Author's Response: Yeah... there is definitely going to be some of that because James is not a perfect character by any means. I have been meaning to go back through all the chapters and make edits, but my job has been making me crazy busy. So sorry about that! I'll get to it soonish, though. Thank you!

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Review #7, by BBHP Fancy that

22nd September 2017:
I am dying for more information. Everything is getting so complicated and intense!

James can't seem to be NOT stupid around Sly, and I think it's hilarious.

Author's Response: James is a foot-in-his-mouth character that has a lot of personality, which is lovely and other times...not so. I'll be submitting an update today, so it should be up sometime tomorrow. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #8, by BBHP Hidden Secrets

22nd September 2017:
I love getting glimpses of Sly's experiences with James at Hogwarts. The kiss definitely surprised me! They have more of a history than I originally expected.

The fact that Harry used Legilimency on Sly, prying into her brain without her permission just completely shocked me! Whatever he's looking for must be incredibly important because I can't imagine him making that decision lightly.

The newspaper articles about the U.S. made me feel sick.

Author's Response: Exactly! Which makes James forgetting her again all the more difficult for Sly to understand.
Yeah...there is a lot going on in the States, let's just put it that way and Harry is naturally very protective of his family, though the decision to perform Legilimency came at a time of desperation for answers. It wasn't an easy decision.

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Review #9, by Rolly125 Hidden Secrets

14th September 2017:
Totally just binge read this and I love it! So many questions have not been answered, so please write soon! Also, oh Harry... You're in so much trouble.

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed it! I'm hoping to have more up soon, I've just experienced a bit of writers block, unfortunately... so I apologize. Thank you again for the review!


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Review #10, by Anne Hidden Secrets

14th September 2017:
Please update soon! I need more Sly and James!

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope to have more up soon!

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Review #11, by bizinhavieira Hidden Secrets

31st August 2017:
Oh my... You're killing me slowly! First of all, James was sooo cute not knowing what to say to her and completely screwing everything up! Then, I always think is so hard to portray Albus, but I really like what you did. And last, Ginny is so gonna kill Harry. I can't stop laughing as I imagine them talking.

I hope the blocking leaves you alone, because I need to read more! *lol*

Author's Response: Sorry! And I did it again :( This block just won't leave me alone... Good news is that I should have something submitted for tonight or tomorrow because I'm almost finished with the next chapter, or perhaps two.. Haha

James... Oh James. Also, Albus is quite difficult because the brooding bit has been done so much and I don't want to overkill his black sheep-ishness. Oh yes, Ginny is not going to be happy with Harry Potter to say the least. Thanks for reviewing and staying along!

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Review #12, by bizinhavieira Sides of the Story

15th August 2017:
Oh! James POV! Loved it! I feel like punching Ryan and Im not usualy violent... I just wished the after Hogwarts part had been a little longer, because I missed Sly and James sooo much! Lol. But it was cute. Specially him not knowing Pork Chop was a girl. Ive known a few pets owners that had the same issue. Lol

Hoping the block takes a vacation and we get to read more soon!

Author's Response: I was actually a bit hesitant to write a James POV because I feel like he's an intricate character, like he's not just a selfish, spoiled and womanizing prat that everyone often plays him up to be. And Ryan is a such a creep in that chapter, and that's putting it lightly. I felt like hitting him, too, actually.

I was blocked on the flow of Post-Hogwarts story of Sly and James so it was definitely shorter than I wanted. I'm almost done with the next chapter so stay tuned!


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Review #13, by BBHP Sides of the Story

13th August 2017:
I've been waiting for an update on this! It really is so good so far. It has everything. Fluff and romance, teenage drama, grown up drama, darkness, humor. I can't wait to find out what happens next. That Ryan guy is disgusting.

Author's Response: Thank you! I should have another chapter up by tomorrow, depending on my editing and the processing of stories. The plot is deepening. I'm not a fan of Ryan either. Thanks again!


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Review #14, by Laura Invitations

10th July 2017:
Hi. I really like your story, especially the new plot twist. Keep up good work.

Author's Response: Thank you! I've been working on the next chapter. Stay tuned!


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Review #15, by bizinhavieira Invitations

10th July 2017:
Oh! This must be my favorite chapter so far! I really don't believe Ryan will end up being Admirer, and I really don't believe she would even consider it, unless she believed it to be a joke... I mean, James may be a prat, but he sometimes is nice to her. Ryan on the other hand... Well... He is not evil to her, but I think he is quite annoying all the time...

About the future part, Harry is doing exactly what I always thought they would do. *lol* After all, they are famous and I believe he would be quite interested in why someone is approaching someone in his family. But I feel there is more to it, some mystery about her father that he actually knows... Or am I wrong?

Okay... hope to read more soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! Ryan's kind of a complex issue that will make sense later, hopefully, or I'll be going back through the chapters. Haha Even James admits that he was a prat back then. For the future part, Harry definitely would border on the protective father personality, though that's probably an understatement. Definitely more on Sly's father though...but I'm working on that.

Thank you for the review!


I have about half written so far, but I've had some writers block... I was in a wedding and it completely threw me off my writing pace.

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Review #16, by bizinhavieira Fights and Flowers

4th July 2017:
Oh! This was cute! And James was a horrible prat in school.. That's for sure. Well, I hope to read more soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, James has a lot of making up to do...let's just say that for now. Haha I'm almost done with the next chapter! Thanks for your review and I'm glad you've been enjoying reading it. :)


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Review #17, by shewhomustnotbenamed_ Fights and Flowers

2nd July 2017:
Really sad to see there wasn't a next chapter button. Really enjoying. I love Sly and James progression. And I am really looking forward to see where it goes!
Keep going it's great'!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working on the next chapter, which is about done, so stay tuned. Thank you so much for your review!


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Review #18, by BBHP Surprises

27th June 2017:
Update this soon, please! I love this story so far!

Author's Response: Working on the next chapter, so stay tuned! Got a bit of writers block at the end of last chapter, but it's flowing again. Phew! Lol Thank you for the praise!


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Review #19, by BBHP Awkwardness

27th June 2017:
This chapter was hilarious. I kept Laughing out loud and choking on my food. I love the awkward characters! But I do detect a darker side of the story and it makes my heart hurt for Sly.

Author's Response: I had so much fun writing that chapter, like you have no idea. Sly is definitely awkward and it's like her awkwardness is transferring to James at times. Then again, his father could be quite awkward at times. Lol
Yes, the dark undertone is there, which definitely needs some comic relief. Thank you so much for reviewing!


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Review #20, by Violet Potter 434 Surprises

27th June 2017:
i need more

i love this so much

it really makes me happy to read

I love the slow reveal of her past and secrets

I need more chapters though

I can't wait for the more james and sly

love from me xxx

Author's Response: Thank you for the praise! I''m hoping to have the next chapter up soon, but I always reread my chapters before submitting and toy around with them a bit. Stay tuned! I'm glad you like it so far :) thank you, again!


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Review #21, by bizinhavieira Surprises

25th June 2017:
"I hoped they would stain" - I can totally relate to that. Lol

It was a good chapter. But what is it she likes so much about closets? And for a sec I thought we would learn all about what happened with Ryan, but I guess we'll have to wait a bot more...

Once more, I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, it is definitely a relateable thought. Lol Ahhh, closets...there is a more indepth conversation about her preference for them, which I have planned for future chapters but she mentioned it's like a quiet place for her to think on rough days. A mental health time out of sorts. What happened with Ryan is going to take some time. Think of it as Sly isn't ready to accept it fully right now, and she only really trusted Savannah and Delilah to know. I'm working on the next chapter so I hope Ron have it up soon! Thank you so much for reviewing!


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Review #22, by bizinhavieira Disbelief

21st June 2017:
Aw! How not to love Charlie? And his and Sly's talk was so nice! It worked very nice and I'm so more in love with James! lol

By the way, can we hate Isabelle? She sounds so impossible that I really can't see how James was close to her...

Author's Response: I know! Charlie is such an underrated character that I'll most likely be putting him in some future chapters.Oh James...he's a lovable character, isn't he? I know I do haha Also, oh Isabelle Wood...it's very understandable to hate her. Writing her character causes some channeling of past bullies, let's just put it that way. So hate away. However, she is Oliver Wood's daughter and I have a soft spot for Oliver. Anyways! I'm getting carried away. Thank you so much for reviewing!


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Review #23, by Violet Potter 434 Disbelief

20th June 2017:



this is amazing

literally perfect

I love it so much

yeah I know I've said that twice now, but it is true

just cause you asked- I'd like to see a bit more ryan-sly - just cause I'm nosey as hell, and want to know what happened between them- I mean i'm sure you're planning to at one point but still

anyways I lurve this!

and need more as soon as possible

love from me xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I'm working on writing the next chapter so stay tuned! What happened between Ryan and Sly will definitely be revealed with time.So glad you like it so much. I know I'm pretty attached to my characters and am a big fan of JKR's fantastic works. Thanks again!


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Review #24, by bizinhavieira Letters

19th June 2017:
Oh! Lovely story! Sly is very sweet and I just want to know more about her! And I have to say that Im sort of fancying James too... lol

Author's Response: Thank you! Sly is very sweet, but obviously lacks some trust at revealing herself (i.e., vulnerablity). The next chapter is up for validation so stay tuned. I find myself fancying James quite a bit haha so I'm right there with you. Thanks again for the review!


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Review #25, by Rosie Awkwardness

17th June 2017:
Charlie Weasley!!! Such an underrated character (IMO), so if you do decide to write their interaction into the story, I would be v v excited about it. However, no pressure lol. But tbh, we all know James just needed an excuse to hang out with Sly again...I'm kinda hoping that it royally backfires on him when Charlie and Sly get into a lively discussion about magical creatures and James is a bit lost, but he's still looking at them (mostly Sly) fondly. Sorry, I'm getting carried away, but I really do like the potential that Sly and James have as a couple. I know we are only 4 chapters in and there is much character development (and plot) to be done, but at their very core I feel that they would make a good match, you know?
If you're wondering (which you probably aren't...) , this is how a real-life conversation with me would play out. Misplaced comas, long rambles, and lots of "you knows" haha.
But getting back to the matter at hand here,
I'm excited for what is yet to come because I see lots of potential in all the character's relationships with each other, whether it be bromances, friendships or romantic ones...I'll take it all!
Thanks again and see you for chapter 5,

Author's Response: Thanks Rosie! I know, right? Charlie is such an underrated character and I'd love to write several interactions between him and Sly. I just really want to get his character down so I've been immersing myself in all JKR information and just everything about him. We shall see if he makes Ann appearance in Chapter 5 ;) Your suggestion is definitely fitting, though, and Charlie will be such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dragons. Sly hasn't had too much experience with them so her Ravenclawness will definitely shine through. Oh goodness, now I've gotten carried away. Haha On another note, I tend to get into long rambles in conversations, as well. I think that makes writing the blankness of Savannah fun for me though. Anyways! There is certain to be more friendship, relationship, and drama. Thank you for reading and reviewing!


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