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Review #1, by Glisten  Chapter Fourteen- Taylor

30th July 2017:
This was an interesting shatter. Short, but interesting...

I think it was really interesting to see read about Brysen and Taylor talking to eachother. I mean, it just shows two drastically different outcomes of how the child of the bad guy could turn out. Taylor is meeting everyone's initial expectation by following in her father's footsteps but Brysen offers a different perspective, showing that not all the kids of bad peoples are bad kids.

Yeah I just thought it was very cool to read the argument because they are just on totally different sides of the spectrum even though they're siblings.

Brysen didn't deny having a crush on Lily! Wondering where that's going to go. Is she going to find out? Is he going to tell her? Is TAYLOR going to tell her? Looking forward to reading that.

I noticed you responded to my other reviews and that made me super happy. I love it when authors respond to the messages I leave on their stories because I always appreciate feedback on my feedback haha. Good chapter, I'm glad for the update. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I love reviews! They make me so happy! I thought it was interesting to add a little bit of Taylor and Brysen in. Taylor is totally following in her father's footsteps and I can't wait for the drama she creates

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Review #2, by BBHP Brysen Zabini

28th July 2017:
It's so intense! How did the Death Eaters get into the castle? How will they un-curse Albus? Who can they even trust?!

Author's Response: I guess we'll find out

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Review #3, by Glisten  Brysen Zabini

14th July 2017:
Well at least the adults figured it out I guess? I don't get why they're not doing anything though. There are students in danger here!

I was surprised when they began attacking Brysen Zabini since Harry raised them to know that kids aren't like their Death Eater parents. It must be the fact that they're so panicked that they just had to point a finger at the nearest person. I am a bit suspicious of Taylor, though. She seems to ACTUALLY be a bad guy.

I'm not sure how fast you release your chapters, but I hope the next one comes out soon. I'll be here whenever it does. Sorry that these last reviews have been so short, but I'm super tired and I have every intention of going to bed the second I release this review. Hope this feedback helps to motivate you to keep this story up!

Author's Response: The adults are being stupid.
Poor Brysen, he didn't do anything and he's being attacked. I know I had the children raised with just good morals but then again, Albus was just cursed to murder his siblings.
I'm so glad you love the story. I've kinda set it to the side recently but I think I will be paying some attention to it now.
Thank you so much for reviewing on everything!

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Review #4, by Glisten  Chapter Twelve- Lily

14th July 2017:

They're just like “oh these kids will do fine on their own against grown criminals trying to kill them”. They're actually going to get killed if Ron or McGonagall or the Ministry don't do something soon! It was actually a miracle they escaped Nott and Zabini alive.

The New Dark Lord part was certainly a surprise, though. I was wondering what the motivation for all of this was going to be. I guess they're killing the Potters to get their names known, huh? I wonder how they were able to disappear from the room like that. Super dark magic, maybe?

I'm very tired but I've got one chapter to go, hopefully the adults take action or something.

Author's Response: Literally! I got another big eye opening event planned so maybe the kids will get the help they deserve.

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Review #5, by Glisten  Chapter Eleven- Albus

14th July 2017:
I'm not surprised that Nott and Zabini murdered them, but why'd it take them so long to find out? Surely they investigated the crime scene right after it happened? It took the Potter kids awhile to figure out that Nott and/or Zabini are in the castle, though. Who else would be attacking them in the shadows?

Another parallel to Lemony Snicket’s series! Haha I love how you made them die in a fire. I mean, I don't love how you made them die, but it's neat they died in a fire… you know what I'm trying to say don't you?

Lily is awake! Some tough news to wake up to though.

I'm coming close to the end of the released chapters! I'm both nervous and excited. Good job.

Author's Response: Nott and Zabini are sneaky people man.
Yes, you got the fire reference!

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Review #6, by Glisten  Chapter Ten- James

14th July 2017:
I love how James was talking to Lily even though she was unconscious. I'm sure she'll be glad that he's going to break up with Emma. I’m glad he's finally realized that she's not a good person. I can't believe he's going to hand over his rights as Quidditch captain! I wonder if he'll regret that later in the year.

Poor Lily must have gone through so much pain to be out for this long, and she'll probably be sore all over when she wakes up. Ron is probably going to flip out when he finds out! There's already a lot of pressure on him cracking the case, and learning that Lily was tortured definitely isn't going to make him feel any better.

I still can't believe the staff aren't doing anything to help them! This guy's obviously hiding somewhere in the castle making death threats! How has the Ministry not caught on yet either? H M M M…

I’ve got to wake up early tomorrow so I should probably stop reading but…. it would be so much more fun to just keep going! Glad this story is fun to write but I’ll bet you it's more fun to read!

Author's Response: I like to believe that adults are very naive. Like "Oh, Harry killed Voldemort. The world is all sunshine and rainbows now."

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Review #7, by Glisten  The Mystery Man

14th July 2017:
OMG I noticed the Series of Unfortunate Events thing earlier! That was the book I was talking about in my first or second review on this story. That's so funny that I said that before I read this chapter. That used to be my favorite book series when I was a young kid. It was probably yours too, huh? I'm guessing that's where you drew the inspiration for the kids being taken from the beach.

I was right about the Petrificus Totalus curses being a warning, but why is Lily the main target? Who is this guy? So many questions that must be answered!

I'm surprised that McGonagall hasn't put the whole school on lockdown. Remember when they thought Sirius was in the school in the third book? They had everyone go into the Great Hall while they searched the castle. I wonder if they're going to catch the maniac rampaging around Hogwarts soon.

Author's Response: You got my reference! I actually just finished watching the netflix show and I decided to sneak it in. I also loved the books.
I think I might have mentioned it but the reason I made Lily the main target was because she was Lily. She's the only girl and is very much a daddy's girl. And after her namesake. Lily Potter the first gave her life to protect Harry. Because of her love for Harry, she helped destroy Voldemort so there;s still some resentment for that.

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Review #8, by Glisten  Chapter Eight- Lily

14th July 2017:
Somebody is out to get them!! I wonder why they didn't just kill James and Al there though? Why just petrify them? Maybe it's a warning or something! I wonder what the man in the Slytherin common room would have done if another Slytherin kid had walked in that wasn't Albus… it might've not been that pretty.

Al said it looked like a full grown man, could that mean it was Nott who cursed her? He's on the loose, after all. I wonder how the mystery petrifier got into Hogwarts? It's a pretty well secured place and surely McGonagall knows about the passageways after the castle was pieced back together. Then again, Hogwarts is a very old castle with many secrets so maybe there's something that skipped her eye.

I wonder if there will be any special protection for the Potter kids now that they're obviously being targeted? Great job by the way.

Author's Response: One word for you.

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Review #9, by Glisten  Chapter Seven- Albus

14th July 2017:
She's. A. BULLY! I agree with Lily about her. James needs to open his eyes. I get that the options with Slytherin might be limited, but c’mon! She's just as bad as Taylor. Speaking of witch (see what I did there?), that was a pretty heated fight they had! I'm kind of wondering why Taylor called Lily a half-breed though. I mean, her parents were both humans so I'm not sure why she'd call her that. Super rude I guess?

I think you made McGonagall just like J.K.’s character and I couldn't help but be reminded of the time she offered Harry a biscuit rather than yelling at him. Very nice of her to let him calm down in her office, those kids were so insensitive!

I'm lucky to have found this story when I did, because I'd hate to have to stop here! What a cliffhanger! I feel bad for your readers that had to wait for the next chapter here.

Author's Response: Taylor is furious that Harry locked her father up. Ahh! I totally forgot the biscuit thing with Harry! I feel like a mild genius now

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Review #10, by Glisten  Chapter Six- James

14th July 2017:
This Emma character is starting to get on my nerves! It's one thing to be ignorant and just think all the children of Death Eaters are bad, but it's another to be friends with the child of a Death Eater and be suspicious of another one because they're shy. Totally hypocritical!

What does James see in this girl? She's obviously very narrow minded and rude and it seems to me she's got all the Slytherin traits. Was she ever a good person at some point? Hoping to read more on that in future chapters.

Going back to Hogwarts sure is going to be something! They probably all already got a lot of attention just for being Potters, but now that they're the last surviving Potters, they're probably going to be the center of all conversations… and not in a good way. Those Hogwarts kids had better be nice to them!

I hope there's more about Professor Longbottom at some point, I'm interested to know how Neville has been faring. Great job on this chapter by the way!

Author's Response: Emma really is a hypocrite. She's totally blind and narrow minded with the world. Hogwarts is such a ruthless place, I almost feel bad for sending the kids back

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Review #11, by Glisten  Hushed Whispers

14th July 2017:
It's good that Harry raised the kids to understand that just because someone's parents are one way doesn't make them that way too. James definitely made the right choice sending Emma away in my opinion, she doesn't have the same morals as him and his family. She defiantly doesn't seem like a very good person and I wonder how James came to start dating her in the first place.

Poor Carissa! She isn't anything like her father for sure. So far we've seen James' girlfriend, Lily's best friend, and if I'm not mistaken Scorpius will be cropping up some time in the future? I suppose I'll have to read and see!

I'm also psyched to read about this new lead. Will it help them find out how Harry and Ginny were killed? Onto the next chapter I go!

Author's Response: I find Harry to be very humble in his adult years and that he instilled very good morals into his kids

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Review #12, by Glisten  Lily

14th July 2017:
I'm glad that Lily and Albus found some part of their parents to keep with them. I too hate funeral homes, so I can see where Lily was coming from. It's a place designated for people crying about dead people with a man saying words he reads at every funeral. It just doesn't feel RIGHT that your loved one should have their funeral there where everyone else does, a place that's already prepared for death's victims.

Such an interesting thing it is that Lily is best friends with Nott's daughter! That'll make for some juicy story stuff! I wonder how that'll affect their relationship of will it be unaffected because Carissa isn't like her father. Or, at least, I assume she isn't. I mean, she seems very nice and she was sorted into Ravenclaw rather than Slytherin. Plus, Lily seems to have a pretty good judge of character and she could only call a good person her best friend.

I wonder if Harry put the four behind bars in the first place and maybe that's why they attacked him? Or maybe it was just because they wouldn't be in that position I'd be hadn't defeated Voldemort?

I find it interesting that Malfoy isn't suspected of being involved at all. Then again, book 6 and 7 kind of hinted that he never really wanted the "dark life" and maybe he'd moved on since the war. Assuming this is going off J.K.'s 19 years later Malfoy never really had anything against them after the war, did he?

Author's Response: I thought I was being cute with the necklace and tie. And don't you just love Carissa. I just adore her and I almost feel bad for making her a Nott. But I feel like I made it up by giving her Lily as her BFF

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Review #13, by Glisten  Albus

14th July 2017:
Gr that must be so frustrating! First that Executer sits in their dad's office and then Emma intrudes like that? And the funeral is, like, RIGHT after they die. The poor kids need time to grieve! Looks like they'll be staying with Hermione and Ron. I wonder what Ron is going to do with the mansion and what the kids will do with their possessions?

They really seem to hate Emma, although I feel like they probably usually have the manners to be nice to her when she comes over except this time their patience was probably super thin. I wonder if their hatred is just intensified for her because they are going through a difficult time or if they actually hate her that much all the time and they're just feeling upset enough to vocalize how they feel.

I couldn't help but think of Mundungus Fletcher when you said her full name. Could they be related, I wonder? Hoping to learn more about her character as I keep reading!

Author's Response: Emma is a witch with a B. See how I kept that rated 12. They hate Emma and I don't blame their. I can;t stand her either. She's one of my least favorite people.

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Review #14, by Glisten  James

14th July 2017:
The part right after James finds out about his parents is heartbreaking! The way he felt he was being trapped by the building, the way he began setting trees on fire, the way he began to scream! It was all so sad and so very well written. Harry and Ginny were invincible in his eyes, and how could they not be so? Ever since he was a little kid he was probably told all of the great stories about them only for them to die right before the next chapter in his life. The part where it says he prefers the pain in his hand to the pain in his heart really proves how terrible he feels. I mean, punching a tree? Ouch! It must hurt a lot inside for him to prefer that.

I can imagine them all sleeping in their parent's room, I bet I'd do the same if I were them. It's as close to Harry and Ginny as they could feel at that moment.

It's going to be rough for them and the big question on my mind is what the will's going to say. I'm excited to keep reading!

Author's Response: I felt so bad for James. His parents were everything to him. He dad was Harry Freaking Potter for Christ Sake. He abolished the Dark Lord only to be murdered. His pain was just all out there

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Review #15, by Glisten  Death was heartless

14th July 2017:
That must have been a difficult announcement for Hermione to make! She probably hadn't even fully processed that two of her best friends are dead and already she has to tell it to their kids. The way it was written really helps the reader see what she's feeling especially the part where she wanted to stay strong for the kids.

Poor James is so upset about it. I wonder where he went? Is he going to come back? All three of the kids must've received quite a shock being taken from the beach like that. It reminds me of a book series I read as a kid. I wonder who Albus and Lily are going to live with and if James is going to live on his own or not. He's 17 so he technically could, but maybe he'll want to stay with his siblings? Is it legal for them to live with him on their own? Hm

For not having written in third person that much you did a pretty great job! I wonder who's point of view the story is going to shift to? At the moment I'm kind of hoping for James since most of my questions are about how he handled it. Oh, and by the way I LOVE the commentary about death throughout, it's a very original idea that really adds a nice depth effect to your chapter.

Super good work!

Author's Response: Waking up and finding 13 reviews on this chapter is literally like the best thing ever. Telling the kids that their parents are dead was literally so hard to do. I love Harry and Ginny and I hated having to kill them off

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Review #16, by Mice Chapter Ten- James

6th June 2017:
Just after reading the first 10 chapters, can I just say, wow. What am intriguing and enrapturing story. It's so different from any other next generation story. The concept is so unique, I just love it. Hopefully you will update soon as I cannot wait for more! Thanks for writing this. And I hope they figure out who is responsible for it all. Again, great story

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you like the story :)

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Review #17, by Potterhead1994 The Mystery Man

3rd June 2017:
Hey there! Just wanted to stop in and say that I'm very depressed about the death of Harry and Ginny. Though, will you be giving more detail in how they died? I think you're doing a great job of explaining how the kids are handling it. Which is to say, not well, as to be expected. I like the unexpected twist of there being some guy on the loose in the castle. Update soon!

Author's Response: I will be going into more detail about their deaths. To be honest, I'm not even sure how they died yet. They have some hints for the case but I left the death vague to keep my options open for now. :P

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Review #18, by BBHP Death was heartless

2nd June 2017:
This was really good! It's sad, obviously, but it's different in that we always consider Harry Potter to be sort of invincible. That he and Ginny were killed makes this story seem unique. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I did try to take this in a different direction than I normally do. I usually like cheesy James/OC or Al/OC so this was really fun to write

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