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Review #1, by EmmyBacon Chapter Fifteen - Patronus

15th March 2018:
I am so sorry!
PLease forgive me.
Life has taken a bit of a mad swirl recently and I'm struggling to catch up on reading, writing or reviewing. I am in your debt. Especially as you dedicated it for me!! I'm an awful person. Enough of my rambling and onto you awesomeness.

I like the fact it's still a bit of a front. Because of course it is. You have to fake it until you make it and she just can't turn her former emotions off like that!

Remus' concern here was really lovely. I'm still getting little vibes there. I wonder what you're thinking. Obviously Sirius is the cheeky chappy. I wonder if it'll be unrequited love. *romantic sigh*

Lily has FINALLY said yes to James! About bludgering time I tell ya! I can literally see his coat hanger grin haha. I love it.

The butterfly is an interesting symbol with lots of ambiguity which I love you sneaky so n so. Is it what she's been through, or what she's going to go through? A little foreshadowing. ek. Very well written.

Of course she has to date Sirius. Of course. I wonder what he will do! Very much looking forward to reading that.

I can't help but think Avery wouldn't like that though. The name 'buttercup' has resurfaced. What will come of this?

Awesome chappie Mrs. I'm sorry again it's taken me so long to get back to you!

Loves and internet hugs x

Author's Response: Of course I forgive you! I basically live for your amazing reviews!! And I know the feeling about life being mad. This past week has been crazy and today's the first time I've been able to sit down and actually write!! Hope it's been a mad swirl in a good way!!

Of course it's still a front. Brooke's bad enough at dealing with her emotions, let alone something like this ;)

I honestly haven't made up my mind with Remus yet so neither of us know what direction that's going in.

Yes, I look forward to you finding out how that goes xD

You'll find out Sirius' plans in the next chapter. It should be up tomorrow, hoping I don't forget again.

Thank you so much for your lovely, inspiring and motivational words. Lots of love


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Review #2, by EmmyBacon Chapter Fourteen - Intervention

24th February 2018:

I've been looking forward to this chappie for ages! (well it seemed like ages, haha)

Brooke's initial reaction, perfect, and them slowly chipping away and her resolve and anger. Although Marlene Smarlene! puft! hehe.

Then POW! Enter Mary. Yas!
Giving her the final push she needed! Very well done, I wasn't expecting it at all, keeping me on my toes mrs!

There is something not right with her parent's following Voldy and her mum being marked! I'll get the old detective monocle out, but I can't wait for you to weave more evidence in chapters for me!

Awesome job babes!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!

I'm starting to think I have unresolved issues with Marlene, but I have no idea where they came from!! Haha.

So glad you weren't expecting it!! I had to bring Mary back. Perfect way to get through to Brooke.

There really is nothing right with them following Voldy. But all should start getting revealed very shortly :)

Thanks for your amazing review!! XD


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Review #3, by EmmyBacon Chapter Thirteen - Blood

20th February 2018:

I genuinely don't know how you do it! I'm here, struggling to keep up with one little baby fanfic and here you are juggling two top notch plot and story lines. I'm having the best type of author envy because I get to reap the benefits by getting to read them!

This is such a full chappy! But I love that! Brooke finally starting to loose some control over her bottled up emotions, just what was needed and this intervention is going to be EVERYTHING! Especially with Avery there too.

I loved the fact it was Sirius who was the one watching over her. He really, unknowingly has it bad for her!

Superb update, I can't wait to read the intervention itself. I can see many tangents in emotions to come!

Thanks for being awesome!

Author's Response: Oh hello Emmy!!!

I am cheating a little bit. I already have most of the next 3 chapters of this one already written so just final bits. Once I've posted those chapters I know I'll start struggling!!

Brooke definitely let's her emotions get the better of her all the time!! She's like a hot mess and I love it!

The intervention will be up by the end of the week!!

Thank you for your lovely words.

No, thank YOU for being awesome!!


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Review #4, by EmmyBacon The Halloween Ball

13th February 2018:
Argh! Double argh! Triple argh!

Brooke and Sirius. I LOVE their connection here! Jist tickle each others pickle already you too! I love it. I love it As much as I love pancakes! And today of all days... I love pancakes!

Lily's reaction to James' kiss! It was Everything! Everything.

Then the Slytherins!! OMG! Where they taunting her, did they really know? And oh my gosh, I wanted to show Avery the underside of a cricket bat! The idiot!


You cruel cruel maiden!

P.s. YES dressed as KISS. Perfect mental images. And Alice as Dolly! I think she's my spirit animal

Author's Response: I'm not being very fair, dragging out the Sirius/Brooke bits, am I? They really do need to hurry up and "tickle each others pickles" as you put it!!

Yes!! I loved Lily's reaction to James too. Hopefully the start of Lily admitting her feelings, at least to herself.

All will become clear about what they had to say about her parents very soon!! It's all written up to chapter 16, where I've been stuck for a while.

Such a horrible cliffhanger!! I just couldn't help myself!! I'll put the next chapter up tomorrow or Friday for you :)

I spent ages trying to find a good group costume that fit in with their time!! As soon as I thought of KISS there was nothing else that could have been done!!

Thank you for the lovely review!!!


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Review #5, by EmmyBacon Chapter Eleven - Tears

6th February 2018:
I really disliked Sirius at the start of this chapter but then loved him again at the end! So many feels!

He was far too over confident at the start after everything that night in the common room but he really understand her and shows his compassion well when needed.

James' reaction was truly brilliant to Avery here.

I can't wait to see what plans we have for the ball 😊

Author's Response: He can be very arrogant!! Haha. All a part of his 'charm'. But hopefully he remains the compassionate Sirius we all love for a bit.

Im trying to make James as brotherly as I can so really hoping it helped get that across.

The ball will be up as soon as I've finished proof reading it.

Thank you so much for your review :) xxx

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Review #6, by EmmyBacon Chapter Ten - Sorry

26th January 2018:
Oh my gosh!
She did do it on purpose!
And admitted it too!
I feel sorry for her and the consequences.,, what will Sirius do?!
Great job!

Author's Response: Haha. That she did. Definitely one for letting her emotions get the better of her!
Thank you :) Look forward to you reading more xxx

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Review #7, by EmmyBacon Sirius Black

25th January 2018:
I like hearing from Sirius. It's great to get his P.O.V.
Did she send the bludger to Sirius to stop him blabbing? Naughty Brooke!

Author's Response: In response to both reviews ;)
I have a little soft spot for Avery so not too sure if he's completely out of the story yet.
And I'll post the next update tomorrow once I've re-read the next chapter so you shouldn't be left unanswered for too long ;)
Glad you're enjoying it, thanks for the reviews xx

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Review #8, by EmmyBacon Chapter Eight - Revelations

9th January 2018:
Naww is this the end of Brooke and Avery's forbidden love?
AND Sirius' 'feelings' for her, where are they going to go?
Keep up the awesome work! Keep me asking questions!

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #9, by EmmyBacon Chapter Seven - Hogsmeade

18th November 2017:
Just started reading the story and I'm really into it. I like the love hate relationship between her and Sirius and the complexity of the other relationships she's either holding onto or just developing. Really nice job.
I can't wait to read some more.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #10, by prongslittleflower Chapter Six - The Bet

23rd September 2017:
I loved the update! Looking forward to seeing how this detention bet between Sirius and Brooke turns out. I have a little inkling that sooner or later they're going to realize all their bickering is actually fancying ;)

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #11, by prongslittleflower Chapter Five - Detention

8th August 2017:
I've really enjoyed these last few chapters! I like how Sirius and Brooke are trying to help each other out...seems like maybe we might get a little Sirius/Brooke action in the future maybe? *hopes* but on a different note, I like how you've portrayed James in this story. It's nice to see our favorite Head Boy with a sensitive side. Looking forward to seeing how everything works out! Update soon! :)

Author's Response: Ahh!! I've just seen this. Thanks so much. I'm just waiting on something to get validated then will be posting the next chapter of this story. I already have the next 10 chapters written so I will aim to put one up a week :)

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Review #12, by prongslittleflower Chapter One - Going Home

8th August 2017:
I'm super interested to see where this story goes! I'll leave a longer review at the end but for now, I'm really liking it so far!

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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