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Review #1, by pink bunny The Wild Hunt

12th January 2018:
Such a lovely and satisfying update! It was everything i expected but yet so much more!
Your portrayal of the wild hunt fit so perfect so manly and traditional!

Author's Response: I am so happy to hear you call it satisfying! It definitely was satisfying to write it, especially as I envisioned how a tradition like the hunt would affect the characters. Elizabeth is so ready to take up traditions like these, whereas characters like Hera and Draco find them less enticing and more obligatory (though Draco is still very effected by them). Those effects and how they navigate them makes these Elizabeth-focused chapters so fun to write! xx, Antigone

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Review #2, by EmmyBacon The Wild Hunt

11th January 2018:
I am really loving reading the chapters that allow us a glimpse into the other side. The dedication and commitment and passion of those that served the dark lord can not be taken lightly. Elizabeth does and excellent job to showcase this in this chapter.
Great job, great angst and looking forward to more :)

Author's Response: When I went back to edit "The Wild Hunt" as I was getting ready to post it, I was thinking a lot about the dedication and commitment that you mention! I definitely feel like my vision for the Dark Lord and his followers is almost religion like (though, perhaps closer to a cult than a religion) and it's taken very seriously. I loved the way the fable of the hunt played into that, and it was a really fun chapter to write. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #3, by pink bunny Yuletide

9th January 2018:
Doing great with the balance I think! Such a lovely update this time! Of course I can't wait until the next update sure it's going to great!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you think it's balanced well. I'm writing a few chapters ahead right now, and it definitely feels as though some of those are more "filler"-ish chapters, but I think there are some small moments that are important, too, that need to be explored. Balancing those against the drama and the angst and the action is definitely going to be a continued challenge... All while trying to stay true to canon! Good practice for my personal fiction, I know, but a challenge nonetheless! : ) Thanks for being such a wonderful reviewer! xx, Antigone

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Review #4, by pink bunny Yuletide

9th January 2018:
Doing great with the balance I think! Such a lovely update this time! Of course I can't wait until the next update sure it's going to great!

Author's Response: Thanks, you! : )

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Review #5, by pink bunny Break

9th January 2018:
loved this update now at least the aunts know now what evelyn knows about Elizabeth. But I love Elizabeth so much! love how you write her can visualize her completely with no problem!

Author's Response: I love Elizabeth, too. Writing her is definitely a bit of a guilty pleasure! (There are definitely some scenes ahead that you'll enjoy between her and Draco! I can't wait to share them!)

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Review #6, by EmmyBacon Yuletide

27th December 2017:
I'm really falling for this story.
I like the juxtaposition and the parallel lives that are being led. The seemingly same but different worlds.
I'm really looking forward to reading more.
I have to say I'm a little confused about the relationship between her and George, I was expecting something to blossom then but all of a sudden have is the flavour of the Month. I'll be interested to see where that goes!
Keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm so happy to hear you're liking the juxtaposition between Evelyn and Elizabeth. They are very different... And I love writing them both!

The story is being rewritten and expanded from an earlier version that I wrote many years ago (that was originally posted on Quizilla), and originally the relationship between Evelyn and George was more front-loaded and developed early on. I wanted to leave it a little more ambiguous as I revised. Without giving too much away, I feel like I can tell you that there is definitely a connection between them but it will take time for Evelyn to reveal whether its just a strong friendship or romantic. I'm getting ready to write a scene between the two of them, and I think it will definitely help clarify a few things!

You'll have to let me know what you think as it continues to develop!

- Antigone

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Review #7, by pink bunny Cleaving

9th November 2017:
Lovely chapter, soo glad to get on and see a new update. I can hardly wait to read what's to come!

Author's Response: Hopefully you will be getting on to see another new chapter soon! I am almost embarrassed it has taken so long for me to update! (I suppose I have a few good excuses...) But I am excited about what is ahead, and I cannot wait to see what you think!

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Review #8, by pink bunny Knocked Down

10th October 2017:
Loved this update! good visual of all the emotions and feelings!

Author's Response: Thanks, pink bunny! It's hard to strike a balance between realistic feeling and melodrama sometimes, I think, when you're writing. I don't want Evelyn to seem overly dramatic, but I want it to be clear what she's feeling... So I'm glad you thought the visuals came through well!

I'm hoping to have another chapter up sometime this week!

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Review #9, by pink bunny Pretenses

29th September 2017:
no prob about the moving back about when katie was cursed! loved this chapter! keep it up!

Author's Response: Elizabeth is so fun to right--I love her chapters, too. There are definitely some pieces of her story ahead that I think you're really going to like! Stay tuned, xx

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Review #10, by pink bunny Confrontational

26th September 2017:
Great chapter, I can't wait to read more! good luck with school!

Author's Response: You're so sweet! Thank you for your faithful reviews--they make me want to keep posting!

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Review #11, by pink bunny Curious and New

7th September 2017:
was well worth the wait keep going with this story!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am definitely still writing this story--and can happily say that I am well into chapter twenty-six at this point. (Which I am already eager to see what you'll make of it!) This month has been a bit busier than I anticipated, so any free moment I've gotten has been dedicated to writing instead of posting... I'm hoping to get a new chapter into the queue this Saturday though! Stay tuned! xx

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Review #12, by pink bunny Stoics

20th August 2017:
I have read all of your chapters and find this story to be very interesting and very entertaining!

Author's Response: I'm so happy to hear that! Thank you ♥

It really means a lot to have a story described as interesting and entertaining, because I'm really trying to achieve those things with Evelyn and Elizabeth's stories! Thanks for reading along.

Chapter eighteen is in the queue... I hope you enjoy it!

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