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Review #1, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Daisy Chains

27th April 2017:
Here for CTF!

And boy this story is heartbreaking. I love how you portrayed Petunia here. She's so cold and heartless at one side, but then she also has the love for her sister, the crippling memories, the hatred the fear but also the duty of care on one other side.
The fact that she'd rather be told face-to-face makes it all the more real. All the more relatable. The fact that she is reminded of Lily in everything that she did, the letter says and how Harry looks, even if it's only the eyes, makes it also so very real, because thats what grief does. Make you remember. And not always in a nice way.
The fact that she is so bothered by how different Dudley and Harry are behaving and how you even slipped in a comment Vernon would have made which I can actually see him make, and the fact that he left most of the childcare up to her is so Vernon that it's almost like reading it from the book.
And then the ending, my god. The fact that she will do her best to look after Harry, even if we know they basically fail (whether or not thats mostly due to Vernon I don't know) just to fuldill her promise is really well done, because it absolutely shows that Petunia does care even if she might not show it really. Excellent job you did here!

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Review #2, by BellaLestrange87 Daisy Chains

27th April 2017:
Hi there! I'm here for CTF!

Oh man. This was so poignant. You've done an amazing job with bringing depth to Petunia's character; this explains a lot of her behaviour throughout the series. And I can start to feel a lot more sympathy for her now.

Yes, why would Dumbledore send a letter? He should have been there in person, considering the gravity of his news. "You now have to take care of your nephew for sixteen years, surprise!" is definitely not something that should have been conveyed through a letter.

I love the part where Petunia demanded that Dumbledore fix the fact that Lily was dead magically, so that she would be alive again. I think that explains why she hates magic so much in the books - because the one time it would have helped her (restored her sister to life), it couldn't have (at least not magic that Dumbledore would have been willing to practice - dark magic might (twistedly, of course) have been able to accomplish that).

And the part about Petunia promising to protect and look after Lily, made when she was a little kid and Lily was a baby! That was sadly ironic, because Petunia couldn't possibly have protected Lily from Voldemort; he would have killed her just as easily as he killed James. I love the sadness it gives Petunia, though - not only did she lose her sister, but she failed in her promise to protect her baby sister from the world.

I really enjoyed this one-shot, and it was so good. I'll be back to read more of your stuff after CTF!


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