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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn Thrill

22nd April 2017:
Hey Sian!

Thought I'd drop by your author page and check out your new stories :)

I'm not much of a Sirimus shipper, but OMG! HOW cute are those two together?
The chilly beginning (Azkaban?) really lured me in, and I was wondering what dark and devious road you were leading us. You cannot imagine how delighted I was when the italics ended and Sirius's birthday began. I thought you said you couldn't write fluff? Hmm? All the evidence points against you, I'm afraid, because Sirius, Remus, the fry-up and the go-karts, positively overflowed with fluff! Snort at Sirius putting both legs into one trouser, and I adored this line which says everything about their relationship:

"they canít catch their breath to explain to the man on the desk that they have run through the night as wolf and hound, that they have duelled with some of the most skilled witches and wizards of their time and lived to tell the tale, and that a go-karting track is unlikely to pose a threat to them."

But the darkness was never very far away, was it? Here and there, we got little glimpses of it, and in the end, he's in Azkaban. :(

What I love most about this is the way you intertwine conscious with subconscious, and it's impossible to discern which one is supposed to be now and real and which one isn't, because they are both so full of vibrancy and imagery, both could plausibly be so.

UGH, I'm rambling incoherently and I'm sorry! It's a fabulous, twisted piece of writing which has messed with my sensibilities. Thanks for that ... ;)

Brax X

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