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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap I, Gilderoy Lockhart, The Genius

17th May 2017:
Hey! Here to review your challenge entry!

I already do that!

Good grief. I can already tell I'm going to be snorting a lot at this story. Little Lockhart is an amusing character, isn't he? I sort of love him and detest him at the same time.

I would obviously out-Veela the Veela.

Oh for the love of...you can't even be mad at him for his comments and thoughts. They're just so farfetched it makes you laugh and forget why exactly you were annoyed or put off in the first place.

I proceeded to slowly shake my locks from one side to another, like those witches in the 'You've Put A Spell On Me' shampoo posters.

I love the little details you add here and there. These shampoo posters = a brilliant addition!

You wrote Lockhart wonderfully. You really nailed his characterization and I found myself laughing at all of his thoughts and comments. He's quite the pompous character, isn't he? I like how you incorporated the hair dryer. Logically it wouldn't work in the muggle world so the fact that it burned them was funny. I think it did take you awhile to get to the dryer portion but everything before it was so wonderfully done that I didn't mind. The ending was great though! I felt like this was a little preview into his character and what starts him off in order to lead himself down to the path of success. Really great job and thank you for entering another challenge of mine! Obviously, we still have plenty of time until the deadline but expect results to be out the day after!

Author's Response: Haha Lockhart really is infuriating :D and I'm glad you've enjoyed it- I know I've enjoyed writing it!

Thanks for setting the challenge and thanks for the amazing review :)

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Review #2, by Op tree I, Gilderoy Lockhart, The Genius

21st April 2017:
Wow... This is literally EXACTLY what I expected Lockhart to be😂I certainly did not expect the hairdryer thingy . Really entertaining and surprisingly detailed. IS this based on someone?😂😂 (fully hoping it's not me😇)
It would be AWESOME if you could do more stuff like this Hedwig1751👍

Author's Response: Hey! You can just call me Hedwig- those numbers at the end seem like a bit of a mouthful, even though you're not technically saying it, but...

Anyway, it is uncomfirmed whether this is based on you or not, and-

-ok fine, it isn't. Don't worry ;). It's not based off anyone but Lockhart himself, you know?

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm open to any suggestions you might have! Thanks for reviewing :)

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