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Review #1, by Glisten  Two

14th July 2017:
In addition to your portrayal of Astoria, another thing I'm loving is the writing style! I particularly enjoyed these quotes:
"Her parents made excuses that she didn't feel well or was out with friends which were always lies because Astoria had a great immune system and no friends."
"See you at the end of the aisle!"
"She was an idiotic little girl who liked to turn her monsters into teddy bears and wait until they eat her alive to realize that they're still monsters."

I love the fact that you made them communicate by telephone and the reason you made that be is very interesting. I was wondering at first why they didn't just Owl each other like regular magical people but when you explained it I felt that it was beautiful and sad at the same time.

I myself know someone with a stutter and she has the funniest things to say but she'd afraid to because people will try to finish her sentences or she's afraid her stutter will make her sound dumb. I understand how Draco feels because the person I know is wonderful but she just needs to be more confident in herself.

I thought the way she said she saw Harry Potter was the cleverest thing, I can just picture the crowd of people rushing over to the joke shop thinking there's a celebrity in there.

I hope you can get the next chapter out soon, I'll be waiting as patiently as I can!

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Review #2, by Glisten  One

13th July 2017:
You're right, your portrayal of Astoria is most certainly not "typical" since people assume she's is a snobbish Pureblood, but this story has a wonderful fresh perspective. I absolutely adore the way you've built her personality.

I don't think I've ever read a story with a studdering character before, so that's already two big things making your story stand out!

As she was a fifteen year old, this event was probably a life-changing one and I feel that part where she was looking at her own grimy, bloody hands and her dirty face in the reflective surface of the water really helped me visualize her innocence being lost. Many people are lucky enough to loose their innocence with age and through personality changes but I've always sympathized with those who had it ripped from them by an event like this.

Great beginning, I can't wait to see how this story takes shape!

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Review #3, by bizinhavieira Two

4th July 2017:
Oh! I loved the way you are portraing Astoria! And people usually think that everything suddenly became nice after the war, but I agree with you, probably purebloods were all looked down as death eaters or at least supporters.

Author's Response: aw thank you! i'm so glad that you're enjoying the story and my portrayal of astoria! and yes, i really hate when stories portray the "after the war" as all hunky dory and everyone gets along, because i've always felt like it's not realistic! so i'm glad that you think so as well! :) thank you so much for leaving a review, it means the world to me!


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Review #4, by AccioTeddyLupin Two

2nd July 2017:
This is amazing! I love this portrayal and can't wait for the next chapter - I just wish they were longer!

Author's Response: aw i'm so glad you like it! i love draco and astoria, so i'm glad someone shares my love! thank you so much you are the absolute sweetest!

that's so funny that you want longer chapters! usually everyone tells me not to be so long-winded, so thank you! ha ha!

and again thank you so much for reviewing, it made my day! i hope to see you after the next chapter is posted! :)


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Review #5, by Potterhead1994 Two

23rd April 2017:
This is definitely a different take on Draco and Astoria. I love it. Good job:)

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it! I hope you stick around for the next chapters!


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