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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote Happy With Me

26th February 2017:

TBH I think I love everything you write. Especially Lyra-verse. Especially my favorite boys.

Ugh they are so, so, so sweet. I love the meet the parents terror. It's so perfect and precious and sweet. This was a magnificent way to go about this challenge.

They will laugh. They will love him. lol at the Kphone. Close enough.

“On a train. You have no idea where this train will take you. But you don’t care. You’re just enjoying the scenery. The light of the evening sun floods into your eyes. You sigh, relaxed.” I'm sighing and relaxed too. This is working.

The eyes paragraph. OMG. so sweet. This has so much fluffy goodness here for me. You know how much I love fluffy goodness.

I'm happy about the personal growth there with the sister situation. I mean not that he's doing it to be more manly, but rather it's a good way to face the truth and start to properly cope. We've barely seen anything with the Olivia pain, but I'm glad he's getting through it.

The fight felt very, very organic.

“We just had a huge fight, and your asking me to marry you?" LOL.. Like honestly I think that's hands down the best proposal I've ever read. Hell, I've witnessed two and I think it beat theirs too.

I'd like a follow up of like "Hey mom and dad. I know you just met him and we literally just left and argued and now we're back, but uh, we're getting married."

As always, this was a fabulous little snapshot into the lives of my precious loves!

Author's Response: HEY PAULA! I'm a month late in responding as now usual, but hi, so glad to have you here. Seeing that I got first place in the challenge was a pleasant surprise, so thank you!

Oh thank you, and I promise to spoil you with lots more TJ and Ben, if you promise to stay amazing.

I definitely love when boyfriends/girlfriends are scared of the big "meet the parents". It's so cute!

Of course they'll laugh, he's fabulous. He's a charmer and a heart thief.

I love fluffy goodness too ;) I've always been so fascinated with eyes too, they're so pretty. I thought I'd seem fitting for Ben to be fixated on such an un-material part of TJ.

Let's face it, TJ's had a lot of pain. TJ never wants to talk about his sister. TJ misses her a lot. He's gotta move on at some point but Ben's totally not expecting it to start with meeting his parents, and of course TJ doesn't want Ben to think that he has to protect him all the time = instant argument potential. I had to put that in.

I'm glad it did, I was scared that'd it would be too dramatic, since I'm painfully single and the only fights I have are with my parents (the joys of being a teenager. I'm ready to move out. Maybe I'll get emancipated. Just kidding).

I try to make all of my proposals different, but I always struggle, so I'm glad it was funny.

Haha, I thought that where I left it off was more romantic.

Thanks for the review, hope to see you back on my ap soon.


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