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Review #1, by Marshal The Final Goodbye

1st April 2017:
When I clicked into the story I didn't realize what it was until I started to read it and was like 'gee this is familiar' and couldn't figure out why till I realized this is your entry to the Shadowplay goodbye challenge.

I read it there but didn't think to review it partly because I didn't know you posted it outside of there and reviews or individual stories aren't quite a thing there as it is on HPFF and HPFT.

I admit that this was a sad story but goodbyes are kind of sad. I find it interesting to see a a moment like this for Harry and Ginny. It is nice to see that they had a long life together and that Harry can pass on surrounded by those that love him. In general I think it is interesting to see characters late and life and see what they make of it like your mention of a life spent public speaking. It makes a lot of sense that Harry would have to do that. Also the moment of a light joke was really sweet and a nice touch. I always appreciate an author who can weave a bit of humor into a sad moment like this. In a lot of ways I feel some light humor is needed to balance the sad and I think we as humans do it sometimes without realizing it. So kudos on hitting the nail on the head when it comes to human nature there.

I also find it sweet and endearing that Harry worries about Ron his best friend and asks Ginny to look out for him once he is gone. One would think Ginny would care for her brother but still the added concern and the request is sweet and touching. The final line from Harry is exceptionally touching and endearing also. It really shows the closeness between Harry and Ginny.

Honestly this is a good piece and I enjoyed reading it on Shadowplay and found it to be one of the better stories in the challenge. Did you win the challenge or was that the one we tied in? I don't remember and I'll have to look back to recall I suppose.

Still a good story and as odd as it may sound I think of how lucky it is for everyone to get a chance to say final goodbyes - I have not really had that opportunity in my life when loosing loved ones. It is still sad saying the goodbyes though.

Author's Response: Hi Marshal,

Oh yeah! It was for the Shadowplay Hard To Say Goodbye Fanfiction Challenge. :)

No worries. Yeah. Reviews on shadowplay do seem a bit odd.

Goodbyes are definitely hard to write and hard in real life. I'm glad you appreciated the little bit of humor.

Of course Ginny would take care of Ron because he's her brother, but I think that's just an extension of Harry wanting to care for his best friend.

That was the challenge we tied in. We both got second. :)

It is a lucky thing to get a final goodbye if it's a pleasant one.

Thank you for the lovely review! Good luck with CTF!


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Review #2, by MalfoysAngel The Final Goodbye

1st April 2017:
This was beautiful Kaitlin, Iíve read the first chapter of The Next Great Adventure and loved it so Iím glad you decided to write from Ginnyís point of view and share the emotions she was facing when it came time to say goodbye. In just a few words, you conveyed a lifetime of love and respect that a couple have for each other and I could see the scene play out in my head as I read this. I almost teared up when she started crying and it made me wish I had that moment with my grandma to say goodbye before she died. Iím glad they had that final moment alone. They were able to express their feelings for each other and show that even after eighty plus years, they are still each otherís soulmates. I wish I could have a love like that someday.
I thought it was really sweet that Harry asked Ginny to look after Ron for him. I know if I have the chance to tell my loved ones goodbye, I would like the opportunity to make sure someone looks after my family and best friends. I have to make sure I remember to go back and read the rest of The Next Great Adventure to continue to live in this world that youíve created.

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Review #3, by magnifique11 The Final Goodbye

27th March 2017:
are those tears in my eyes? what? oh, no, there was just some dust in the room... or something.

But in all seriousness this piece brought tears in my eyes, it was so poignant and it very much felt like goodbyes I've had with loved ones and it brought back all those feelings, (not in bad way).

I just really loved this.

Author's Response: Hi Julie!

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

I don't want to make you cry, but I am glad that this moved you in a realistic way. That's always my goal when writing emotional things. I like them to mirror real life.

Thank you again for your kind words!


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Review #4, by Fan Fic Fan! The Final Goodbye

24th March 2017:
I love it! So heartfelt. Is it done, or will you add the part where they say Harry's friends and family say good-bye, too?

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you so much!

This particular story is actually done, but it's a companion piece to a larger novel called The Next Great Adventure. It shows a bit more of his interactions with his family. :)

Thank you for the lovely review!


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Review #5, by PaulaTheProkaryote The Final Goodbye

14th February 2017:
Hi Kaitlin!

Since you didnít update TNGA since I last read it (15 seconds ago), I'll have to settle for this piece thatís sure to make me cry.

I can't imagine how terrible it would be to know that someone you love is about to die. I mean, yeah, you get the opportunity to say goodbye and all that, but that impending doom is still horrendous.

The relationship between Ginny and Harry is so, so beautiful. I know there's a lot of Ginny hate in general, but you've written her to be just like I always pictured her as. An infinite source of strength for those around her, but also an amazingly compassionate woman. I love her.

Even in death our sweet baby Harry is worrying about others. Heís always been this way.

Would Harry guide Ginny in the afterlife? I NEED TO KNOW.

I loved it and this was a great companion piece and please ignore the lump in my throat.

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