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Review #1, by JKsarmy Crushes, Confidants and Cousins

4th July 2017:
Reading this story is like drinking a warm drink by a fire on a rainy evening with an amazing story in my hand! Your writing is beautiful and calming and your story line is enthralling! As a gay woman it's hard to find love stories or characters I relate to on here, but Victorie is like looking into a mirror. I don't know if you've experienced coming out yourself or you are just even more of an amazing writer but you've captured it perfectly. Personally, I was never ready until I met a person who showed me why I shouldn't be ashamed of my sexuality because I could never be ashamed of her. I have a lot to thank her for. I have a lot to thank you for too! Thank you for creating a space where I can feel the warm tingly feelings of a good romance that for once I can relate to. I love the direction you're taking and Rory's bookshop sounds like a haven!!

- Chloe x

Author's Response: It's incredibly humbling to find that people are able to relate to what I'm writing and how I'm writing, and that these characters are coming off in a way that is accurate and realistic. It really means a lot, so thank-you and I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. I've never experienced coming out myself, but some of friends from school and work have so I've been basing Vic's experience on what I've noticed and heard about them going through.
I'm glad that you've found someone who has made you proud of yourself and shown you that you should never be ashamed of your sexuality!!
Hopefully, you'll stick around with my haphazard updating of BBB and continuing reading - I"m currently trying to finish the next chapter but am suffering a little bit of writer's block with it... haha
Thanks again for this amazing review,
- K xxx

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Review #2, by whatsthetimemrwolf Girls' night, The Leaky Cauldron, and Fake Dates.

13th March 2017:
Very curious about Molly at the moment! Can't wait to discover what's got her quiet.

Author's Response: You won't have to wait too long to find out, more about Molly will be revealed in the next chapter - once it's finished :P
Thanks for the review! Hope you keep reading

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Review #3, by amazing book Gossiping Aurors, Birthdays, and Exploding Cakes.

26th February 2017:
Otherwise this story is one of the best i've read so far, please continue.

Author's Response: Thank-you!!!
There is some Lydia/Vic interaction coming up, don't worry :)
And thanks again! Will try to have another chapter up soon

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Review #4, by scintillated Seventh Year, kisses, and loud-mouth relatives

19th February 2017:
this story is really nice so far! it's great to see that this hint of the epilogue from the deathly hallows: i had really never imagined that scene like this before. rory, vic, and teddy all seem like great characters so far! keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hi!
Thank-you! It's awesome to know that people are liking the spin I've tried to give to the epilogue.
I'm really glad to hear that you like Rory, Vic and Teddy as characters.
Thanks so much, I hope you keep reading!! Xx

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Review #5, by whatsthetimemrwolf Beards, Closets, and Pine Tales.

19th February 2017:
Wow, thirty pages. They should get graded for that. I can't wait to read some interactions with them and the other Potter-Weasleys.

Author's Response: They're very enthusiastic :) haha - there'll be more interactions in the coming chapters, for sure xx

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Review #6, by crimson quill Quidditch, bars, and drunken misadventures.

15th February 2017:
So I've been meaning to review this for ages but I always seem to be reading on my phone and it's harder to comment then but I've finally got round to that review. yay.

I'm enjoying the story so far, I think it's an interesting plotline as I've not seen many teddy/oc stories as everyone seems to take it as total canon that vic/teddy are a couple! I enjoyed you keeping with the canon of the kiss on the train station at the end of deathly hallows but having your own twist! all is not as it seems! haha.

vic being gay is also an interesting element to the story, again never read victorie like your version of her. your characterisation is really unique of both canon characters. I'm enjoying a more fun and kooky vic oppose to material girl victorie which I see a lot.

I think the split story telling between the main characters is working really well at giving the whole picture. I think I'm most interested in Rory as a character and learning more about her. anyway good job! :)


Author's Response: Firstly, thank-you so much for reviewing!
Thank-you! I'm really happy you're liking the spin I've given to the teddy/vic relationship. It's reassuring to hear that someone likes how I've reimagined Teddy and Vic to be like, I wanted to try something a little different - so i'm glad it's working so far haha
There will be more Rory, for sure!
Hope you keep reading, thanks again :)

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