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Review #1, by HartOfARebel the girl who killed them all

7th February 2018:
Ok I'm a big H/G fan and I don't really like when they are paired with other people. But this really worked!

I've never considered Ginny and Colin anything other than friends - the best of friends of course - but not like together.

Your portrayal of Ginny is unbelievably close to what I have in my own head. A lot of stories I read have her as having her head straight. And that doesn't sit with me. She went through absolute hell in first year!! And you think she can just carry on from that??

Great story - and as always, I wish it was more than just a one shot :P


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Review #2, by TreacleTart the girl who killed them all

19th May 2017:
Hey Plums!

I'm here to finally leave you a review for the Take It Seriously Challenge. Sorry that it's taken me ages, but life has been keeping me super busy. I'll be breaking this review down by the categories that I used to judge this challenge.

Rarity - I've never read a Colin/Ginny pairing, so I gave you full marks for this.

Editing - This was a behemoth of a one-shot. Massive word count always makes me oddly nervous, but this was well-written, concise, and well edited. Good job.

Flow - I thought this flowed pretty well for the most part. There were a couple of areas in the beginning that I found a tiny bit choppy, but all in all it was pretty smooth and easy to read.

Emotional Impact - You definitely nailed the emotional impact. I was at times annoyed with how Ginny was treating Colin. At other times, I felt really sorry for her. And at the end, well at the end I felt a whole jumble of emotions.

Plot - I thought the plot was logical and made sense for the characters you were writing. You did a good job of making it plausible within canon, which made it all the more believable to me.

Characterization - I thought you did an excellent job of characterizing both Colin and Ginny. You gave Ginny that fiery, cool exterior, but really nailed her self doubt and dark thoughts too. Colin was so sweet and patient and just as nice as you'd expect him to be.

Overall, I thought this was a really well done piece. I'm convinced that Colin and Ginny could've been a thing. Good job!

Results should be posted in a few hours!

Thanks for entering my challenge!


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Review #3, by scintillated the girl who killed them all

25th February 2017:
wow! this was so good!

i normally never read hogwarts era fan fiction (read: never ever) because i'm afraid of people messing up the characters (and some ships like hinny or romione) but this - this was so so so great. you have all of ginny's fire and all of her strength, and how much she is haunted by that diary. it was really powerful; you could really really feel it.

and that last section was amazingly beautiful (like the whole story, but that the most) - you found a way to make ginny's pining after harry but her still falling for colin realistic. plus, the way you wrote it; it sounds like poetry. even as i'm writing this, due to that section, that scene with harry and ginny at night is sticking with me.

i also really love colin's character - he bears remnants to his first year self, but you can definitely tell that he's matured. that he's not just that kid who took photos and followed harry around. and he just is a really great character.

finally, i love your writing. it's so poignant and powerful and leaves me feeling all sorts of things. like ginny's fears are written in such a beautiful way that it just really ingrains itself into my heart. this story has made me love ginny weasley a whole lot more. like even more than a ginny/colin story, i feel like this is about ginny and her fears, really - her overcoming this hatred/fear of voldemort. and showing just how strong ginny weasley is.

amazing one-shot!

Author's Response: Hey,

Omg, I tend to veer away from Hogwarts fanfiction for that very reason too! There's always a bit of me that's scared that someone won't do a character justice so when I do venture into it, it's very carefully. That being said, THANK YOU!!

Like honestly, this fic made me so nervous because I had this very careful image of Ginny in my head, one where she's still very much damaged by her experiences in first year but is still recognisable as that girl from canon. I wanted her near obsession with Tom to be apparent because I felt like her relationship with that whole disaster is very complicated; on the one hand, he nearly destroyed her, but on the other hand, he was there for her at a very vulnerable time. So I really wanted to nail that properly and was worried about whether that would translate well to page.

I loved writing Colin. I mean, I'm a die-hard Hinny shipper, but he's really quite sweet, you know, and in some world, he's just what Ginny needs, I think. We didn't get much of an idea of him beyond his first year in canon so it was lovely to explore his growth.

This review is actually the sweetest. I am so so glad you enjoyed this one shot and I love seeing your thoughts on it, particularly the closing ones. You're totally right: this one shot is bigger than Ginny/Colin and revolves around her finally moving on from the effect Tom had on her.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review!

Plums xo

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Review #4, by lovegood27 the girl who killed them all

29th January 2017:
Hi, I'm here from HPFT to review your entry :) That was a really great story. I think I've always not fully appreciated the trauma Ginny went through in her first year, but this story really helped emphasise it. It's like she's the Ginny we know and love in the books but it also helps portray her fears and insecurities underneath, which you did a brilliant job of.

And Colin...I like how you gave him a whole new personality. In the books, he's just the obsessive first year with the camera, he stays to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts and dies, so it was nice that you showed what happened in between those years because we never learnt much about it.

But woah...they're a bit young, aren't they? But if they love each other, who am I to argue? ;)

But anyways, great job, this was a very enjoyable read :D

Author's Response: Hello!

Aw, thank you. I'm really glad you liked this one shot because I was in such a funk when it comes to writing and this dragged me back out of it - so thank you for the prompt!

I love Ginny in fan fictions whether or not they take into account the events of CoS. I *do* think that it would have a significant effect on her - I mean, she was eleven years old and possessed by You-Know-Who himself and nearly killed a bunch of people. That sort of thing leaves a mark on someone. This fic was basically an exploration of 'what if Ginny is still deeply scarred by this? What if she has this sort of obsession with Tom where she both hates him and misses him? What if her feelings for Harry are rooted in something deeper?'

I knew that with Ginny's personality being like this, Colin would've had to be more than what we see in canon. And since our view of Colin is from Harry's highly-biased POV, I figured that this was the best bet: sweet and naive but still *strong* in a sense. And I think that's really what Ginny needs. Someone who is completely, undeniably *good*.

Ooh, about The Scene: legally, the age of consent is 16 years old so Ginny and Colin aren't underage, if still young. In my area, I'm so used to people sleeping together a couple of years before that so I forgot it's not the same everywhere else! :P

Thank you for the review and the challenge!

Plums xo

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