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Reading Reviews for Past Present Irregular
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Review #1, by Ron 4 Hermione Past Present Irregular

14th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Well this was strange, I feel like I need to read it several times just to get my head around it. It felt like it covered hours or days even though it wasnít that long and it was just Duncan wandering through the castle for a bit. So strange, but it fits the theme of the fic so well done for that.

I was a bit confused at the start, but I guess thatís because Duncan was, although it was nice to see the familiar faces floating around again. You write them all really well too, the personalities all came through, even from just a few bits of dialogue or descriptions about them. Itís lovely to read!

I do like the concept though, itís an interesting idea and I donít think Iíve ever read anything like it before, about how too much magic can mess with time? If youíre a first year and havenít experienced it before it would must definitely be mind boggling, especially, like you showed, if you saw family members and they didnít recognise you or worse didnít like you or said something bad to you.

This was an interesting one shot, great idea and great job writing it too!

-Shaza :)

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Review #2, by SunshineDaisies Past Present Irregular

14th April 2017:
Fascinating! I'm not big on time travel stories, but I think this one was done really well! I was hooked by the summary, actually. I loved the little reference to Slaughter House Five. (I'm not even sure it was intentional but I liked it nontheless).

I like that it was an accident rather than some contrivance to save the world or something, and that you immediately went into how it's disturbed the whole thing. It was also really fun to see different versions of characters interacting with each other. I especially enjoyed the bit with Remus and Tonks :)

It was an excellent narrative choice to have characters run into younger versions of people they knew. I think it really made the whole idea of the story more successful. "Unstuck" is definitely a good way to describe what's happening there!

The opening of this story was great! I was really surprised by it, actually. I realize starting with a piece of dialogue is a pretty normal thing to do, but it came across as one of the most original openings I've read in a long time.

Very good work! I'm so glad I got the chance to read this!


Hufflepuff CtF

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Review #3, by Marshal Past Present Irregular

3rd April 2017:
Wow! What was this? A dream? I am like so utterly confused! Timelines meshing together ages wrong and everyone who has died around together. I mean there was clearly Tonks who was talking to her mum when we first see her and of course Cedric, and Snape - McGonagall is about the only one who I recognized that was still potentially alive. Then it was hard not to miss Remus with his tattered clothes and sadness at knowing Tonk's future.

If I had to guess this was a dream of Duncan who is a Next Gen kid and his dream was introducing him to the past, characters who have been in Hogwarts and all, but I can't say for sure. The argument at the beginning of the story made little sense to me - sorry.

It is hard to say if I'm not cluing in because of a lack of coffee or I'm just dense. If you wrote this just to kind of be an odd snapshot of all sorts of characters from different timelines together fantastic work! I mean I liked the characters but I just can't seem to figure it all out and I'm sorry if I'm being dense. I did like what I read even if it did confuse me some.

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Review #4, by adluvshp Past Present Irregular

3rd April 2017:
Hey there, here on behalf of Slytherin.

This was a very interesting, albeit a little confusing read. At first, I didn't understand what was happening - I was as confused as Duncan. It's a good thing I could relate to your main character though! I was in his shoes while reading this, and also you did a great job writing his voice like a young student. Sometimes characters dont sound their age but yours was just fine.

The tidbits of conversations Duncan heard were interesting. The first one made me giggle though feel bad as well - whoever's parents were getting divorced, imagine having to hear about who your parents were seeing. I loved the introduction of Tonks in the story, I knew it right away it was her with the bubble gum pink hair. Little details like that always make me smile.

Madam Hufflepuff was also an interesting character. I wish you had fleshed her out a little bit more though - there was scope for more description and dialogue, and more interaction with her to provide more of a footing for the story, in my opinion. Besides that scene though, I felt this overall a good blend of description and dialogue and as I kept reading, things became clearer.

The story wrapped up nicely with the ending segment with Duncan being confused as to what was going on with the days and him thinking it was a dream. It was a sweet little touch.

I liked it! 8/10

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Review #5, by AlmaVK Past Present Irregular

24th January 2017:
Hi Hiddenhibernian,
Huh, I had to re-read this ;-) I'm not sure if I liked it, but it's definitely a very interesting and very original piece. Was there any reason why the story takes place in Hogwarts? I mean most of the original HP books take place there, and it is strange that this time-bending never occurred with all the great wizards that we meet there. Maybe I would have preferred to see this story take place in a less familiar environment, e.g. Ollivanders shop. (But I have to add, I never wrote a FanFic on my own, and just recently started reading, so no right to judge.) Anyway, thank you for posting this, and I've seen that you now work on a multi-chapter piece, best of luck with that!

Author's Response: The way I imagine it, time-bending may well have occurred, but no one would remember it afterwards :) - it's a fair comment, thanks for the feedback. Good luck with your own story!

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