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Reading Reviews for In This Darkness
130 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Ameera  Chapter Nineteen

28th November 2017:
Hello !
I was rereading the story while waiting desperately for an update ! And let me tell you your story is just as good even after i've read it like 10 times entirely .. I think i might be addicted sorry
Anyway , i was wondering who did you imagine portraying Lily and Xander ? The boy and the girl on the banner ( they fit perfectly btw ) ? And if so what are their real names ? I've seen the girl so many times as Lily Evans but i never seem to catch her name .
Ps : I just thought i'd write your 130th review

Author's Response: Hi A!

It means so much that you've stuck with this story and re-read it so many times! I've been working on some editing that was desperately needed but as soon as that is done, I'll have a new chapter up.

Honestly, Lily and Xander live only in my head so there's no actor/actress that come to mind when I'm writing them. The boy and the girl in the banner come in close but I'm not sure who they are. I recently had a new banner (which will be posted soon) and those come in close as well.

And yay for you being my 130th review! It means so much to me! You're awesome!

~Quilly :)

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Review #2, by CharmAurorG Chapter Nineteen

15th November 2017:
Hello, wonderful writer! I've been obsessively checking is there any update on this story and just realized I never left you a review. :( I am terribly sorry for that, because this story is honestly one of the best I've ever read! Your characterization is perfect (both Lily and Xander, but I really like all Potters and Hugo), relationships and friendships are described spot on, and plot is so so interesting! :) Though Ginny being death broke my heart, I do understand is important for story and development of Lily's character... I just wanted to let you know that I think your story and writing style are amazing and that you always improve my day with your updates. If you have any original work (and don't mind letting us know where to find it), I would really like to check it out. Keep up great work and I hope to see update soon. :)


Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for your review! It made my day - which was hectic and crazy - so much better the!

I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying all the caracters especially the Potters and Hugo. They're not the main part of the story, and they don't get as much time in this fic as they do in other FF, but I love to write them so I'm happy you enjoyed them.

I really don't have any original work going right now but I will definitely let you know if that ever changes :)

Thank you for the support. Lots of love!

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Review #3, by Isys Chapter Nineteen

11th November 2017:
Hi there! I know i haven't posted since ages and i feel really bad for it but my life has been crazy. Even though i didn't post I was reading all your chapters and I'm just loving more and more this story everyday. I especially adore the characters, how realistic they are and how you manage to develop their storylines. And all the Clarifiers stuff makes me so curious.

So I hope, i really really really hope two things: that you forgive me for being a host for so long and secondly but more important, that you continue with the story. Pretty please, I can't live without knowing how it continues, don't make me make it up all!

Sincerely your major fan (who expects a new chapter and a lot following that one),


Author's Response: Hi Isys!

Please don't apologize! I am so grateful that you have stuck by this story and continued reading whether or not you posted reviews! You're honestly the best!

I am definitely continuing this story, but life has been crazy, and I haven't been able to commit much (or any, really) time to writing, so I've been focusing on making some revisions to the story.

Hopefully, I'll posting a new chapter soon. Thank you so much for your patience & your support!

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Review #4, by DossyVilja Chapter Nineteen

12th October 2017:
I'm not sure if I ever left a review for this story for you, it is the kind of story when one does not take the time to review, but goes on to the next chapter eager to see what happens :) but since this is the last chapter, I had to stop... I hope you continue soon, I'd love to read more.
I have to say for me there is a bit too much of romance in this story, but just when I say 'oh, it's getting boring with all that love story' you bring in a twist that makes me say 'wow' this is such a moment, when we are reminded of Xander's past, and that he is the one the Clarifiers are looking for, I just really hope you will have the time and devotion to finish this story, as I really want to see it to the end

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I'm all about the romance hehe so it's really easy for me to get carried away with that stuff, but I'm glad there's just enough of all the other stuff to keep you interested :)

I've been so busy that I haven't had time to really sit down and write, but I do write a little every day, so hopefully I can find the time to sit down and edit the next chapter properly so I can post it. I definitely want to see this story to the end as well :)

Thank you so much once again for the kind words!

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Review #5, by danicalifornia Chapter Nineteen

23rd September 2017:
I am HERE for this character development, absolutely wonderful! I have so many thoughts and theories on where this story is going which makes me so excited to continue reading it! Also love the attention you place on the supporting characters like Hugo and Hannah, I think it really adds a depth to it all. Anyways this chapter was great I hate cliff hangers I'm so anxious right now so congrats you're great at eliciting an emotional response with your work!

Author's Response: Thank you SO much for this wonderful review! I'm so glad that you've enjoyed the characters! I'm working on an update, and hopefully it'll be here sooner rather than later. Life has been so hectic so I'm struggling to find the time to write but reviews like yours really motivate me so thank you :)

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Review #6, by Giu9_RedandGold Chapter Nineteen

29th August 2017:
I'm finally able to leave a short review!!! Wonderful chapter (I have been reading it a couple of times, while waiting for the next). It should be obvious by now, how well Xander knows Lily, but he keeps surprising every time.And also how he knows when it's fine making her mad and pushing her buttons, and when it's time to stop being a prat and actually be more mature because that's what she needs in that moment. Even if the bickering and the arguing is still there, you were right, something has definitely changed between them.

I found very realistic moving Lily's main concerns towards the war and her father. It proves she is not as self-absorbed as she seems.

I almost wanted to kick Lucy when she interrupted that hug. I definitely wanted to kick Caroline when she interrupted that conversation.

I need to know what Ballard and Regan are up to. NOW, thank you! What do they want from Xander??? I mean, I can imagine, but I need to know! And Lily needs to know ASAP!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!

Xander's obviously cares about Lily, and you're right, he tries to be there for her when she really needs him, so he's growing up lol a little slowly, but he's getting there.

And Lily's growing up too. She's always been rather self-absorbed, but she's having people she cares about in danger is definitely putting things in perspective.

Lol yeah I totally wanted to kick Lucy and Caroline as well - and I think maybe Lily did as well hehe

I'm working on the next chapter already! Life's been crazy so I have no idea when it'll actually be posted but I'm trying to work on it a little bit every day, so I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later lol

Thank you for the review, love! You're always so amazing to me, and it means the world to me that you've kept up with this story for so long!

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Review #7, by victoria_anne Chapter Eighteen

14th August 2017:
Hello! ♥

Look, I don't care if you're tired of me praising those opening paragraphs, ...but here it comes again. I love this especially: had been pleased to find the woodfire in the headís common room every bit as awake as him...

Omg I'm dying over the relationship between Hugo and Hannah. They are so adorable, and I love the little system they have to learn more about each other.

Hannah, however, was completely transparent, and that was, in Hugoís opinion, an approach to life that required a great deal more of courage. WHY HAVE YOU MADE US WAIT SO LONG FOR THE BEAUTY THAT IS HUGO/HANNAH?! More please!

OH MY GOD and that child they're looking for is Xander, isn't it? It has to be.

I'm sorry if this review is just me quoting the entire chapter back to you, but: It was as if her heart was big enough to hold on to the problems of all seven continents while Hugo could only barely handle his own. LOVE IT ♥

I love the Snow White reference :D

I absolutely loved this Hugo-centric chapter. We seriously need more of them.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Lol I could never get tired of it! I'm so happy you enjoy them!

Haha Hugo/Hannah is always going on in my head, and I've so little chance to place them in the story. Lily/Xander sort of take over but I promise I'll try my best to add them more often.

Thank you so much for your review, B. You always make my day :)

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Review #8, by Drummergirlred Chapter Nineteen

11th August 2017:
Loving this story. I am not a next gen fan AT ALL. I can't remember why/how I started reading this but I am glad I did. I think perhaps the war going on in the background makes this story int interesting instead of just romance/fluff. I also really love your OC, Xander. Seem to only read/find OC females (guilty myself in my limited writing). I enjoy his PoV. Things are really starting to get good with this and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm so glad you're enjoying Xander. He's definitely special to me so it means a lot :)

I'll be working on a new update soon! I hope you enjoy it!

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Review #9, by Glisten  Chapter Nineteen

7th August 2017:
Stupid, stupid Caroline! She just had to interrupt at the very wrong moment didn't she? How utterly infuriating! I'm so happy that Lily was kind of opening up to him now, though. Of course she's going to be worried about losing another person who's close to her and if he hadn't pushed for her to share what was wrong with him she probably would've kept bottling her emotions up.

I love Xander's response to Lily's comment about him being bigheaded (I make sure my body is fit enough to support it) that was absolutely priceless! Xander is so clever with the stuff he says! I love how Lily tried to hide her nose from him! That was so adorable and Xander saw right through her attempts.

You know, with most stories I find myself imagining it all happening with the people on their banner but that's not the case with this one. You describe the characters so well that I see past the banner images and have perfectly clear pictures of your characters. Obviously it's difficult to find people to put on the banner that look exactly like how you imagine your characters to be but your writing makes up for that by describing the vivid red hair and bright green eyes of Lily or the brooding masculinity and turquiose eyes of Xander.

I can't believe it's already been nineteen chapters! I've been enjoying them so much that I could swear it was less than that! I can't tell you enough how much I love your story! Of course I should get to the end one of the only times you leave a cliffhanger! How could you do this to your poor readers? Haha, I'm going to be waiting rather impatiently for your next update, you can believe me on that one. By the way I'm kind of sad that this is the last published chapter because if there was one more I'd be able to be your 123rd review. I guess I'll have to be the first person to review the next chapter! Dumb things like that make me happy for some reason lol.

But seriously, thank you for continuing to write. As much as Lily and Xander stress me out it relaxes me to read this fanfiction. I've probably said it a million times now, but astounding work. See you soon!

Author's Response: Yeah, Caroline seriously came in at the worst moment, didn't she? You know, I don't think Xander's the easiest person to open up to lol He can be hard to read and unsympathetic, but he definitely cares about her enough to try, and I think it paid off with Lily finally sharing a bit of what's been going on with her.

Oh my gosh that's a huge compliment! I'm so happy you can envision the characters! Especially Lily and Xander who are so perfectly well formed in my mind lol

I can't believe it's been nineteen chapters either! Lol I'm working on chapter twenty already. It still has loads to come, but I promise it's in progress.

Seriously, Glisten. Thank you so much for supporting this story and for taking the time to leave such detailed reviews in each chapter. It means so much to me, and I can't say it enough.

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Review #10, by Glisten  Chapter Eighteen

7th August 2017:
I like how you added a part with Hannah and Hugo since it's been awhile. I always love reading about them. I guess I keep saying that with all of your characters though so I'm pretty sure the phrase is losing it's worth at this point haha.

The clarifiers killed an entire year of students at the school in the States? That's crazy! And, of course, we know who they were looking for. Does Xander know about all of that? Are the Clarifiers going to come to Hogwarts? Aughhh I'm on the edge of my seat here! Oh, by the way your spellcheck or autocorrect corrected a few of them from "Clarifiers" to Clarifies", I thought you'd like to know. Even while I'm typing this it keeps trying to correct the word.

I'm really hoping that Hannah is going to tell Lily about Xanders' bruises. I really feel like Hugo trying to keep it from her is the wrong choice. If they could just get over their silly feud! I'm surprised that Xander is still going through with this. It makes me feel that maybe my initial assumption, which is that he was in it for the knowledge, may not be his only motivator here. Perhaps this is the Slytherin's qualities showing?

I love Don Quixote, a beautiful classic! Whenever I talk with my friends about him they never know what I'm talking about though, since none of them read Spanish literature or speak Spanish at all. I'm sure there's a version translated into English but I don't think it's very popular because nobody seems to have read it.

Your story is so addicting! I know the next chapter is the last one and I'm very saddened by that. I'm going to go read that now!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed Hannah and Hugo. They're definitely fun to write - and a nice break for Lily and Xander hehe :)

The Clarifier questions... I can't say too much without giving it away :X But they will be playing a bigger role as the story progresses.

Xander does have Slytherin qualities, and they show through from time to time, but I'll let you judge his reasoning later on... :)

Oh I love Don Quixote. Classics in general, but Spanish is my first language so that one is special to me. It has been translated in many languages but, you're right, it's not as popular in English-speaking countries. For Spanish-speakers, it's up there with Shakespeare in popularity lol

Thanks for the review, love! I can't believe how quickly you've read the entire thing!

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Review #11, by Glisten  Chapter Seventeen

7th August 2017:
Well it looks like Edward has finally become tired of the way Lily has been using him. I actually feel really bad for him because even though he was portrayed at first to have that materialistic view of girls and narrow minded beliefs of the world I really feel like he was truly infatuated with her. He even apologized for his father's foul play in the election and I just feel like that really shows that he was opening up a new part of himself for her. Yes, I believe he has every right to ditch Lily the way he did. When is she going to learn her lesson? First Andrew, now Edward. Hopefully there's nobody next.

So he went into Slytherin's to keep up with her! It makes sense now, I knew it couldn't be for the greatness! It makes a lot of sense now that i think about it. Everyones talking about how amazing Lily Potter is going to be and Xander only wanted to keep up to her pace.

And then. They. KISSED! I don't think Xander has ever completely lost control of his words and actions like that, has he? He always thinks, he's always clever with his words,but all of that was raw feeling. I like how it didn't get all sweet and happy after that because that's where a lot of fics go wrong. You didn't turn down Lily/Xander completely because you had the left nose twitch thing and the very last words from Lily was that she knew she wouldn't be able to just drop him from her mind. I feel all giddy inside! I can't believe that just happened! Although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried what with Reagon's lessons and the war that's anticipated... I just hope nothing bad happens to them!

I know I had that one chapter a day rule but I figured that since I had to miss all those days since I didn't have internet I deserved to treat myself, lol. I just reminded myself that there's only two or three published chapters left and to click off but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen ;)

Author's Response: I totally agree. Edward had every right. And I'm not saying he's perfect, but, yeah, nobody deserves to be treated that way. And I think Andrew was always pretty easy for Lily to handle, so she doesn't really have that much experience with guys calling her out on things - other than Xander, but they have a sort of different dynamic all together - so, yeah, I think this was a growing up moment for her.

I think that the train ride was the first time Xander realized how big Harry Potter really was and, thus, how big of a deal Lily was, and, yeah, he wanted to keep up. Although I wouldn't say it was 100% unselfish. After all, Lily never thought it was a big deal, so, in some ways, it was more for his own ego.

Lol no, you're right. Xander is always very put together. Lily and Xander are both too stubborn to let go of it all that fast so it'd be impossible for either of them to just let go of the past and move on from that.

Lol I'm so glad you have your internet back! It's honestly so hard to live without it! hehe

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Glisten  Chapter Sixteen

7th August 2017:
Omigosh the quote had an effect on him! He stopped flirting with that Katherine girl! My heart literally (but figuratively) stopped beating when you said that Xander's favourite colour was Lily's auborn hair! I literally felt like I was melting when I read that! I think I'm fangirling more over your original characters than the ones JK created... well except maybe Hugo... and Lily. ugh nevermind I love them all. You're fantastic!

I love that you brought Scorpius into the story. James and Albus's editions to the note were great! He proposed! If that had happened before she started liking Xander I'm sure she would throw a fit but not anymore.

Maya is an interesting addition to the story. I mean, it makes sense that she would have become obsessed with Witch Weekly since she didn't really have any contact with the outside world as much as other kids her age so that was really her only source of what was going on. It would be much easier to dislike a character that chose to gossip but for Maya that is really all she knows. Their heart to heart with the mother thing was sweet and I feel like Xander doesn't necessarily see her as just annoying anymore, and maybe feels a little sorry for her.

This was a sad, sweet chapter but lightened up slightly by the things Xander learned his friends said to Maya like how Hugo told her to picture him in a feathered hat and her grandmothers clothes and how Lily said pictures couldn't be taken of him because he is so ugly the camera would melt. So funny!

Originally this review was a lot longer but I took so long writing it and HPFF logged me out. I tried to remember everything I wrote but I'm pretty sure there was more. Bottom line is you did a spectacular job and I give a big thumbs up to you!

Author's Response: Lol I remember you bringing the quote up, and I was amazed because it comes up later on, so kudos on that! And, you know, Xander loses his chance with Katherine but he remains in this sort of denial.

Lol I do picture Maya as a sort of lonely girl and she just sort of read about the Potters, the way some girls read about fairytales. It's hard for Xander to be patient at first but, yes, once he starts to see her as a little girl who just lost her mother - because she was murdered, no less - then he starts to feel more compassionate.

Thank you so much for reviewing this, Glisten! I really love hearing from you! You are amazing, and I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying the story so far :)

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Review #13, by Glisten  Chapter Fifteen

7th August 2017:
I know I've said it before but it's just so cute how Xander does all these little things out of his genuine care for Lily! Of course he'd be one of the first to notice her absence, since, as you said before, his eyes always go to her first when he walks into the room.

I was right about the Herbology thing then! He hates the class but joined it to be with Lily! Gah that makes me so happy! He knew he wouldn't get an O in it yet he chose to do it anyway just for her. So sweet!

They're so sarcastic with Slughorn and the guy doesn't even realize! So funny. He's probably quite old by now isn't he?

I know, I know, my last review had a quote to but this one is too good for me to resist commenting on it! "Some girls were like flowers, and they allowed themselves to be picked and held, but Lily was more like those dragons she liked to read about; beautiful from far away, far too dangerous up close, and with a savage fire inside of her capable of burning even the strongest wizard down to ashes if she so willed." Its a true, wonderfully poetic comparrison and I just wanted to point out how ironic it is that her name is "Lily".

I could go on forever about how well the story was written (like how you were describing the impending storm), but I am pretty sure I'd exceed the character max.

It's so weird that Xander was being considered for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw yet chose Slytherin despite the fact that Lily wanted him to be in the same house as her. It just seems so strange and out of character! I find it hard believing he did that because he wanted greatness, like he said. He's shown he has compassion and bravery but I haven't really ever seen a craving for greatness. Although, I suppose, accepting Reagon's offer was a little bit reckless I feel it was more for the pursuit of knowledge than the "great" aspect. I hope it says more on his decision in the future because I'm really stumped by that. Or maybe I'm just not judging his character very well and that wasn't meant to be that big of a thing. I'm probably overthinking it, haha.

Wonderful, stupendous, fabulous chapter! And story! You're so talented! :)

Author's Response: Lol yes you were right about the Herbology thing! There are a few things that Xander does that are un-Slytherin, and I think this was one of the biggest because there was, literally, almost no self-gain in taking Herbology.

I love when you share the quotes you enjoyed the most! Thank you so much for doing so!

I do think Xander craves greatness - but I think there are different kinds of greatness, and he's going to have to decide which one applies to him.

They are sarcastic with Slughorn, but I think they do it because they're all bitter for their own reasons. Lily wanted to sit with Hannah, Xander hates wasting lesson time, and Hugo's just being Hugo ;p Lol I feel a little sorry for Slughorn, but those three are hard to handle.

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Review #14, by Glisten  Chapter Fourteen

7th August 2017:
ďIíll take your frustration too, Lily, and your loathing. Because that look of fury you give me is still one hundred times better than the look of utter apathy you give Ballard. At least I get emotions out of you; Ballard only bores you, and you know it.Ē Ahh you are just the master of powerful quotes, aren't you? It's a sad, selfless thing to say. He obviously likes Lily, but he's willing to face her anger than see her toying with Ballard. And then her response totally showed she didn't see the meaning behind his words... so heartbreaking!

Hermione Granger vs Fabian Ballard... that complicates things a little. Maybe that'll force them apart because Fabian will tell him not to hang out with Lily anymore? I'm hoping there's something about the election in upcoming chapters because I want to see how things go down. I can't help but compare what this election will be like to the election that just went on in the States. A person who wanted to be (and was) elected to power for...er PERSONAL benefit (which is what Ballard would be like I assume) running against a man who was campaigning for all citizens (Hermione's mindset). I'm not meaning to get politics involved that was just something on my mind that I wanted to share.

Ohmigosh! Lily was brilliant with that little girl! She should be really proud of herself, convincing a young kid to go to school. Going back to drawing parallels, this really reminds me of how Dumbledore brought Harry to Slughorn to convince him to go to school. Random thought, Maya sounds like she's going to be a Hufflepuff (or maybe even Gryffindor?), but my prediction is that she'll be a Puff. Mr. Creevey's story is so sad. First he lost his brother, then his wife... and now he's going to be alone while his daughter goes to school. If I were his kid I probably wouldn't be able to go back to school because I'd find it very hard to leave someone who has lost so much but Maya is eleven and it's, of course, very important she gets her education.

I loved this chapter so much (it might even be one of my favourites!) Reading about Lily's obliviousness about Xander's feelings towards her is frustrating but this is a good reminder that, like her parents, she's intelligent and compassionate. A great way to advance her character, I feel! Great work.

Author's Response: Aw it means the world to me that you like the quotes!

I've been told that before, about the election reminding them of the one that happened in the States, and though I didn't mean to mirror them to each other - I don't want to get involved with politics either - I will say that the election race between Hermione Granger and Fabian Ballard is not one that is foreign to our actual world. I do think that some politicians are definitely more self-involved than others. But things are never black and white, and there are always two sides to a story, so I hope that I can show that through here as well. I'm not big on making one character completely good or evil - as you might have noticed - so things will get messy with the election, there will be gray areas, and I hope that I'm able to present both sides (even though, you know, it's hard/impossible not to root in favor of Hermione hehe)

Oh my gosh, I've told you that I'm impressed by your character analysis but you nailed Maya, and she will be Puff. Lol I hate to spoil this for you but I don't feel like it's a big spoiler, and I'm just so beyond amazed that you were able to guess that from that one scene lol

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Review #15, by Glisten  Chapter Thirteen

5th August 2017:
I don't like the sound of this Reagan guy! I still haven't forgotten that first chapter where they were talking about what extrodinary, possibly evil powers he possesses. And then for him to start learning illegal magic against McGonagall's will with this creepy professor (who sounds like a total Slytherin?) I'm just getting weird feelings about it and I hope that someone figures out and stops him before something bad happens!

Edward Ballard sounds like such a jerk! Talking about his mansions and pureblood supremacy. They literally have like 0% compatability! And I guess his eyes are blue sadly... and Xander noticed since he thought about how big and dull they were. Lily needs to stop stringing him along before he starts pushing for an actual relationship! I'm worried for her just like Hugo and Xander are. She just has to stop being involved with him and then I'll be happy!

I guess it's kind of impossible to hate Edward Ballard though and much easier to just feel bad for him. He's not really evil he's just been taught backwards ways of thinking. He's not BAD for liking Lily... annoying, yes, but not bad. I don't want him to be hurt I just want him to retreat into some corner of Hogwarts and live his life away from Lily you know what I mean?

I wonder if this is the end of Xander/Caroline and tLily and Xander will finally realize their feelings for eachother or if Xander is just going to keep on being stubborn and prideful and get back together with her. I guess I'll have to see, huh?

I'm going to try and read and review the next chapter but if I can't finish I'll come back tomorrow to do it. Great chapter I'm kind of scared for both of them at this point and I'm defiately on the edge of my seat!

Author's Response: You know, I'm always super impressed by your character analysis. I feel like you're reading my mind when you write these reviews. Hehe Like you're right, it is kind of hard to hate Edward Ballard. He has his faults - as do most people - but Lily strings him along, and it isn't fair.

Reagan is creepy! Hehe and a total Slytherin. There's so much more to him, and I wish I could say! but it'll all be revealed in due time :)

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Review #16, by Glisten  Chapter Twelve

5th August 2017:
Oh my gosh poor Lily!! That was so cruel of Xander to just drop her like that. I would totally be mad at him and start to hate him for it if i didn't understand what feelings led him to do that. Ugh if Lily could just think for a minute she'd be able to see why he got so upset!

I started flipping out when Xander thought she was talking about Edward's eyes. I feel like it really shows that he's not as secure and confident as he always makes himself out to be, you know? His mind didn't immediately go to his own blue eyes but rather someone else's. It's so painful to read him believe she actually likes Ballard! Gah!

I like how you described all the Delacours to look like different versions of eachother! I suppose it would be like that since all veela look the same and they're all probably part veela.

I guess the question in my last review has been confirmed, though! Lily never liked Xander until recently, as she accidentally let slip. I hope Edward's eyes aren't blue that way Xander can realize she was talking about him although I'm pretty sure you mentioned earlier that they were, but maybe (and hopefully) I'm mistaken.

You know, they say that redheads look good in green but I really don't think so. I just feel like if it's not the Holiday season then it just doesn't work very well and perhaps a Weasley would look flattering in a yellow, black, white, or purple dress. Although, Xander probably doesn't even care what her dress looks like of course because even though he comes off as a materialistic player we all know he has the EYES for Lily (pun 100% intended.)

Fabulous chapter! I love reading about interactions between Lily and Xander and Hugo. 10/10 as always for your stunning work!

Author's Response: Lol you're totally right! Xander has some insecurities he has to deal with! I'm impressed that you saw through that this early on lol And I think that in his mind, the possibility of Lily even liking him in that way was non-existent so he never even considered his own eyes.

Lol I think Lily might have viewed all the Delacours as similar to one another because she's not the nicest when it comes to female competition but, yes, they're all part veela, and they might have looked similar to one another, but the fact that the chapter was in Lily's POV also probably played some part in that description hehe

Lol I don't think Xander cares about the dress either. He just likes to poke at her, and he knows how to rile her up.

Thank you for this amazing review!

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Review #17, by Glisten  Chapter Eleven

4th August 2017:
Oh my gosh! The "Lily Luna-tic Potter" part ACTUALLY made me laugh a really stupid laugh that made everyone in the library look at me oddly ( I'm in the library because my own internet has been out for like a week). That was so clever of you!

I love the friendship between Lily and Hugo! It's like it would never go romantic but it's not a brother-sister thing either. Usually it's one of those two things, but you've had a boy and a girl be just friends, which I really like because most of the time it's not that way with stories.

Hugo has to be my favourite character. Just the fact that he let Lily do her beautifying routines on him shows how much he cares for her. I adore him so much as a character and I really enjoyed reading that friendship scene between the two of them at the beginning of the chapter.

It's so strange because Hugo is really awkward in social situations yet he seems to know really well how people work. Like with Xander he knew the best way to mention Lily with him was to use reverse psychology. I don't think Lily would be an easy friend to have at all, defiately one that only a select number would have the patience for. I think Hugo perseveres through her angry and rash moments because he cherishes the good ones which is super wise. He seems to know his friends so well and I love that he's kind of subtly trying to help them admit that they don't really hate eachother.

"How I feel about her..." omigosh he literally said it! Why is he in such denial?? Like, shouldn't the way he got angry at Hugo when he mentioned Edward's list be enough for him to understand his feelings towards her? Then again, it's defiately not an easy thing to be attracted to the person you grew up with after years of conflict. I feel like I understand the characters pretty well but there's still a question in my mind. Did their rivalry start when they started liking eachother and they got scared and retracted from their friendship or did their feeling only begin now? Then again, she has described the eight year old scrawny boy as like a separate person than the seventeen year old one, which makes me think that maybe this has just started. H M M

It's been terrible having to wait for a time that I could go to the library to use their internet. I have to walk a few miles to get here. Lovely chapter in case I didn't say so yet! I liked reading from Hugo's POV :)

Author's Response: Awe I'm so happy you enjoyed Hugo's POV. It's funny that you mention that it's not brother-sister like because even though I think Lily loves him, I would agree that she doesn't see him the same way she sees James, Albus, or even Teddy. I would say she views him as a friend first and a cousin second.

I think Hugo is awkward when he doesn't feel comfortable, and he definitely feels comfortable with Lily and Xander, so he's different with them than with other people.

As far as when their rivalry started... You will get a better understanding in later chapters, but I don't really see it as the 'oh they have a crush on each other so now they'll pretend to hate each other kind of thing' especially not at first. I think there were things they genuinely disliked about each other, and they each had their reasons for reacting the way they did.

As far as when their feelings began, I also wouldn't necessarily say they started at the same time. Like you said, Lily had always sort of just boxed him as this little eight year old boy, and she only just realized that he grew up, and Xander -- Well, you'll see more on that later ;)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #18, by Rosie_Posie Chapter Nineteen

4th August 2017:
I love how you have incorporated Xanderís change in attitude! We havenít seen into Lilyís POV post kiss but seeing how Xander has now allowed himself to admit how much he does care about Lily and is attracted to her. It is also not a massive change but subtle and you are bringing out his feelings for Lily.

I also liked how you have stated to integrate how Lily is worried about Harry. Of course she is concerned she could lose another parent after losing Ginny. Her SASS at ďI would never skip class to avoid a boy. Iím not that kind of girl. There are other things in my life far more important than the pair of you.Ē YOU TELL HIM LILS! Her development from being a little too vapid to letting her real feelings come out has been so nice to see and so well done.

Oh my also her hiding her nose so he couldnít see she was lying about not caring he ended things with Katherine was too perfect! Not impressed at how right when Xander was finally going to come clean and confess something truly personal to Lily stupid Caroline gets in the way. However it was good to see a bit more jealously from Lily.

Interesting little cliffhanger at the end developing the Ballard/Election/Clarifiers storyline!

As always desperate for more and I do hope we get Lilyís POV next chapter and also some more Xily conversations!

RP x

Author's Response: Rosie!

I'm so glad you are seeing a change in Xander, and that you find it subtle. I think Lily and Xander are both so stubborn in their ways, so I didn't think it'd be believable if they changed drastically but, yes, things are definitely changing. Lily's maturing and some of it is because she has bigger things to worry about, and some of it is just her getting older, but I'm happy that you see the development.

We will be seeing more of the whole ballard/election/clarifier storyline very soon! It's hard to include much on that because they're a) at Hogwarts and b) so self-involved but it'll play up soon. :)

Thank you for reviewing. You are so wonderful :)

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Review #19, by Hufflepuff_girl Chapter Nineteen

2nd August 2017:
As always your updates make my day! I wish it was a bit longer tough. As I always do.
Every single line of xanders and Lyly's chat was as it was supposed to be.even the length of the conversation was very thought through. Caroline simply had to show up at that very moment in order to cool down the scene ( and readers too). Not the less It was a major development in the way both Lyly and Xander think of each other. She can glimpse now underneath all that cockyness, remember that deep down he is the same guy she loves ad a child. And...HE'S OUT OF DENIAL!yes!!!
Awesome! I love you!
Bad guys are worse and worse so I hope the overall plot will progress too. This chapter made me speculate about what may be going on between Xander/Clarifyers/ Professor creep. And that's why I loved it so much. It was so well balanced!I think Professor creep knows who Xander really is. And I think Sanders will realise soon enough about the memory charm. And THAT is when hell break lose!
I can't wait!please please update!

Author's Response: H_Girl,

Thank you for your review!

I was worried it was too long so I'm glad it wasn't so. Lol

Aw I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter! Lily and Xander both really needed the opportunity to show each other that there can be more to them than bickering.

And the bad guys are the worse - and we'll be learning more about them soon! I love hearing all your speculations!

Thank you once again!

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Review #20, by Glisten  Chapter Ten: Seventeen

30th July 2017:
I love how you used this chapter to make some characters out of Victoire and Teddy. It's clear that Lily is so happy for her big brother figure thing. Victorie seems like a really sweet woman and will be a good sister in law. I like how Teddy was having a hard time adjusting to the fact that Lily likes boys. They have such a nice relationship. It gave me the feels when she thought she could wear the awful dress forever if it made him happy.

What was he going to tell her? He changed the subject to people waiting downstairs but he was going to say something! Was he going to apologize for what he said when they were caught being in the closet? Was he going to say something about the fact that they would be parting ways in a matter of months? It was sad to read about Lily's realization he might not even be able to wish her a happy birthday the next year.

I want to know what he gave her for her birthday!! But no! I said I would wait and I must do so! I'm going to submit this review and click off the story! No more cheating on my rule! I'll wait until tomorrow. It can be no other way!

I hope the fact I'm reviewing on everything isn't annoying and excessive. I just love feedback on such wonderful hard work! You're really talented at making it addicting, for sure. Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Oh I love Victoire and Teddy as a couple.

Hehe he was going to tell her something else, you're right about that but I won't ruin the what just yet.

I love the fact that you're reviewing on everything! I really, really appreciate you taking the time to do that! You're amazing!

Thank you for all the wonderful back-to-back reviews. I can't wait to see what you think of the rest of the chapters. :)

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Review #21, by Glisten  Chapter Nine: Inside the Broomcloset

30th July 2017:
Aww he CAARREESS!!! Xander was literally willing to face his first detention than allow Lily to go meet Edward, who he felt would take advantage of her. She's mad at him and it makes me so angry because she's not seeing his intentions at all! He was doing it because he cares about her and doesn't want to see her got hurt. Oh and the way he got mad when she said he could never wait for a girl was so cuteIt's just so sweet.

"The next morning they still don't know your favourite color is red." is a really strong quote (by the way you skipped over the word "know" by accident, just thought I'd let you know if you were planning on editing later). Very strong quote for sure though if I were him that would hit me hard.

Sometimes it's frustrating to read this because Xander can be so oblivious sometimes! Like when she made up the "I'm cold" excuse and he was concerned for her temperature and told her she could go back inside it was so infuriatingly sweet!! It's also frustrating that Lily gets so angry at his sweetness sometimes! Ugh it's so hard to read but I can't stop!! What HAVE you done to me?

Okay. . . just ONE more chapter! One more and then I have to wait until tomorrow. Yes, another chapter sounds very wonderful at the moment, indeed.

As always you get a big thumbs up from me!

Author's Response: He DOES! Lol in his own, stubborn way.

I'm so happy you picked up on that quote. You're right. It's strong, and Lily's sometimes a little too brutal especially when she's angry.

Thank you for letting know about 'know' lol I've gone ahead and made the correction! I appreciate the help! :)

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Review #22, by Glisten  Chapter Eight: Midnight Escapades

30th July 2017:
You know. . . I TRIED to click off the story but then I saw the words "Chapter Eight" radiating beautiful sunrays towards my eyes and making angel singing noises and I knew I had to go onto the next one. So much for one a day, huh? I guess it's going to have to start after this chapter. . . or maybe the next one. . . I mean come on how am I supposed to stop when they just went into the broom cupboard together? I'm defiately expecting too much of myself.

This chapter was so cute I loved it! I actually snorted when I read her asking him if he was a bad boy. And trust me I do not snort!! They are honestly just so adorable together I could read about them interacting everyday for the rest of my life without getting bored! The way he caught her smelling his jacket was hilarious.

He was still the guy that Nia, Donna, and Caroline had all noticed and the one that Lily was only beginning to see." IS SHE REALIZING HER LOVE FOR HIM? Or maybe her crush isn't completely developed yet and she's actually starting to notice him as a person. Either way I'm still excited!

It's kind of silly that Nia actually sees him as the leatherjacket-cigarette-justgotoffamotercycle kind of guy. It's true what Xander said though, people will see what they want to see.

It was really caring of them to go help that poor creature. I wonder if they're going to get in trouble for saving it? I mean, I guess nobody really has any proof it was them so probably not. Anyways, it's time for me to discover the lovely writing that chapter nine has to offer! Great work on this one!

Author's Response: Haha I'm glad you listened to those angel singing noises and decided to click ;)

This chapter was lots of fun to write. Lily's not very good at wording things, and Xander never lets her off the hook, does he? Hehe

Nia obviously doesn't know him that well so she just sort of boxes him into a stereotype, and you're totally right, it is rather silly.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #23, by Glisten  Chapter Seven: Roommates

30th July 2017:
I don't know what to think about Nia! In one hand she can try to be sweet and understanding but on the other I feel like she has that selfish, gossipy, jealous side to her. I can't stand people like that in real life, and I think Lily is kind of realizing here how shallow her friends can be.

Nia likes Xander!? Ugh this makes things so much more complicated! Obviously Xander wouldn't TRULY like her back. He would probably flirt with her or whatever but Xander would never LIKE her. No, something tells me that his heart is on Lily and Lily alone, no matter how much he snogs Caroline.

Her friends may be a bit shallow at times but what other choice does she have than to talk to them, really? They literally live together!

I'm starting to feel kind of bad about this Edward guy. I mean, I feel like he REALLY likes Lily and even though he says nasty things about girls in the Common Room I feel like he's very taken with her. Lily is doing another Andrew! Stringing the guy along and letting them think it's love before crushing their hopes.

I might've said this before but I like the fact that you make your characters realistically flawed. Lily isnt perfect. Xander isn't perfect. Hugo isn't perfect. Nobody is perfect, which makes everyone more likeable in my opinion.

I'm honestly tired of trying to stop myself from reading your story! I don't think I can wait like this anymore! Your writing is too good and I think I'm going to have to break my rule for it. My suffering is unessesary and I guess I'll face the concequences when I get to the end of the published chapters.

I'm still going to try to spread it out a little bit though. I think I'll change my rule to one chapter a day. Yes, that sounds doable.

Anyways, fabulous work! You're amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

I love how you well you seem to know the characters already, Glisten! I feel like you really get them and that makes me super happy!

I'm glad you think they're realistically flawed! I really wanted them to appear human.

Hehe one a day sounds like a good idea! I'm so happy that you're enjoying the fic :) Thank you once again!

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Review #24, by victoria_anne Chapter Seventeen

28th July 2017:

No way was I staying away for so long again, haha!

I seriously just want to collect all your opening paragraphs and keep them bundled together for me to read over because I just love them so much. They're always so well written and I'm drawn in straight away (more than I already am, anyway!)

Aw, I love the reason Hannah and Lily grew so close ♥

Lily felt the fluttering in her ribcage start again as his eyes momentarily met hers. CAN YOU HEAR ME FANGIRLING?! *flails*

...annoyingly handsome in his Slytherin robes... And here we have a description of my perfect man.

I also really love when you mention the media. It makes it all so realistic and some of the things that the journalists come up with are ridiculous, but it really does happen, and I find I'm really empathetic towards Lily.

I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW I CAN ONLY EXPRESS IN CAPSLOCK!!! Usually, I review as I read but from Edward and Lily's conversation, I could tear my eyes away. I was glued to my screen. And then Xander and Lily yelling at each other actually felt so good because they have so much pent up emotion AND THEY KISSED AND I GOT BUTTERFLIES but ughhh we're back to normal again.

*takes deep breath*

Man, that was intense. I love this story so freaking much.

Also, to answer your last review response, yasss I'm a Hufflepuff! And OH MY GOD you have no idea how perfect that idea is - a dragon party with Finn and Xander. I just *dies* That's the dream :D

(I had withdrawals too, so it's funny you should mention because I have just posted a little something! I hope you like it! I also have something in Brindley's POV so I can link you to that if you want, but right now I feel terrible talking about myself on a review for your story!)

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: B! It's good to see you back soon soon, love!

I'm so happy you are enjoying the opening paragraphs. They're usually the part I struggle writing the most, but I can't do that thing most people do where they write from the middle and then go back to set up the scene. I always have to have an opening I'm comfortable with or else I can't get into the flow of things.

Ridiculous journalist are very much a part of our world, and I thought the wizarding one wouldn't be quite so different. After all, there are Rita Skeeters everywhere.

Xander and Lily are both a little too good at holding grudges and placing blame but neither humble enough to accept their own faults. I rarely ever agree with the way they go about things, but that's what makes them both so much fun to write hehe

(I just saw the new Finn one-shot on the recently added page, and it was seriously the best news I could have gotten all morning. I'm super excited, and I can't wait to read it! And yes, yes, yes to anything Brindley. Please do link! And don't feel terrible. You know I'm a huge fan of yours.)

XO Quilly

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Review #25, by victoria_anne Chapter Sixteen

25th July 2017:
Phew, you are updating like crazy, my friend! But it's so nice to come back to this story and see I have plenty left to read :)

(Also, did you remove it from the other archive? No biggie, just wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy! :P)

Cantankerous really is an excellent word.

Ooh a new purist group. I don't think I like where this is going. Scary stuff.

My little cinnamon bun Xander is so worried that Lily is sick! Argh, he melts my heart! But he just isn't dealing with his feelings in a very healthy way *shakes head*

Yay Maya's a Hufflepuff! House pride!

It's the little descriptions, Quilly, that make this story so freaking enjoyable. I just love that the librarian is busy reading a romance novel.

"Lily says itís because youíre so ugly, youíd melt whatever camera tried photographing you" OMG THAT IS HILARIOUS! XD

Maya is seriously the cutest. AND I LOVE DRAGONS TOO! I need to be besties with this tiny girl.

Aw and Scorpius and Rose got engaged!!! ♥

Oh gosh this chapter was so adorable. I LOVE that we saw such a softer side of Xander. I always knew it was there, but to see it come out with a young girl who also doesn't have a mother is really wonderful to read. I loved it.

I hope you're well, my dear, wherever you are in the world! ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: I did delete it! It was an accident, and I still can't believe myself :( I'm debating posting it again there... I'll probably get around to it sooner or later, tbh.

Xander never deals with things in a healthy way hehe

Are you a Huffie?? That would make so much sense! You're definitely all kindness! And yeah, the moment I thought up Maya, she was always going to be a Huffie.

Oh and I adore Dragons as well! If I lived in the HP universe, I would be Hagrid, making all sorts of bad decisions with dragon eggs. We should have a dragon theme party. (and we can bring Finn and Xander and have gorgeous Slytherin boys there while we're at it ;P)

Thank you so much for your review! You're actually almost all caught up so that's exciting! I feel like I take forever to update, so I'm always to hear that it's the opposite, and I can't thank you enough for always taking the time to leave such wonderful reviews.

(By the way, I honestly have THTF withdrawals. I miss those guys so much. Let me know if you ever post something new!)

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