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Reading Reviews for In Confidence
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Review #1, by marauderfan In Confidence

22nd July 2017:
It's Renee Appreciation Month, so I'm here to appreciate you in the form of reviews on your amazing writing.

I loved the Potter family breakfast - everything from the way they interact with one another, to the mental image of James with a pancake stuck to his face (which he deserved), to Harry trying to help his sons out with pepperup potion to ease the hangover, haha. And Ginny knowing exactly what was going on (about the hangover, and about Albus. She knows everything!)

And I loved Albus and Rose's conversation and how they confide in each other about their inferiority complexes - they were both so relatable there, and I love how you told it from both perspectives, showing how even when someone thinks they're blah or uninteresting or ugly, others don't see that about them, and we are our own worst critics. So I thought it was really important to include how each of them was surprised to hear the insecurities of the other because the things that each of them perceive about themselves are purely in their head. That's kind of a comforting thought, honestly. Anyway, the relationship and confidence between the two of them is so lovely.

Great story!

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Review #2, by Secret Valenpuff In Confidence

28th February 2017:
I'm not sure if I've ever read your take on next-gen, but either way, I'm super excited to be here on this story.

Also it`s a Christmas one, and I`ve been in a really-excited-for-Christmas mood lately. Strange? Perhaps. Regrets? None.

And, um, well Albus is a catch, isn`t he? Hahaha. What a delicate, albeit hungover, flower.

I love the way you write a morning at the Potter's. They interact effortlessly, and it's a joy to read. Especially the image of James with a pancake stuck to his cheek. I love that Ginny knows about Albus, too. You can't hide anything from your mother for long.

Oh my sweet baby Albus. You could never be blah.

I adore his insecurities. Al is so relatable, and he's going through such an emotional time (but he couldn't have a more supportive family) and I find myself hanging on every word. Same goes for Rose. Thank you for writing characters that are far from perfect.

The second letter in the last sentence is: O

Love Valenpuff ♥

Author's Response: Hello again, dear!
I'm a little anxious that you read this, though of course I always always love your reviews, bcs I definitely don't think it's my strongest writing. (and it isn't my "main" headcanon for Next Gen necessarily.) But I'm glad the insecurity and imperfection were enjoyable for you to read.

You are seriously the best valenpuff ever! ♥

xoxo Renee

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Review #3, by May In Confidence

8th December 2016:
A great read I enjoyed it a lot I loved Rose and Albus talk

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