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Reading Reviews for There's Always a Price
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Review #1, by Lady Asphodel The Task

3rd April 2017:
(For CTF: Gryffindor - jailbreak review.)

Just so you know, I'm in complete love with your writing style. It's so well-descripted and elegant. I'd say, just from reading the first few lines really draw me in, but every word draws me in. I can just drink this in.

I love the way how you wrote Narcissa here. She is different from her sisters Bellatrix and Andromeda. You wrote her contrast to them so well, that I can just feel it in her character - which I feel you add more to her as a character in general. She does have a graceful aura about her. I can imagine with great vividness of the picture you painted with the brush, the robes, her hair, the bracelet, the room to the Department of Mysteries. It's so alluring. I got to start reading more of your stories again.

As an individual, you made her character quite clear, and then to add to her motivation of being a wife and a mother that will drive her to do what she needs to do.

I'm also in love with the scene of Lucius 'encouraging' her to move forward with the task Voldemort set upon them - knowing really they have no choice - but dang - it's just so good - reading some evilness. I'm curious as to what she has to do. I never considered that Voldemort set Narcissa to do something just so that Malfoy family can return to his good graces. This is a really good story plot.

I will come back to read the rest - whether through CTF or on my own time.

Amazing! Wonderful! I enjoyed reading this!

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Task

3rd April 2017:
This chapter doesn't give us much to go on but I actually like that. Thinking of when you wrote this it's amazing how on character you are with Narcissa. I understand we knew more of her story before the Deathly Hallows and didn't know what an important part she was going to play in the last chapter but you really have her characterization down.

admired the quiet strength within the cool, elegant beauty of his wife.

I like this line because it nails Narcissa to a T. She's beautiful but she's also deadly. Unlike Bellatrix Narcissa is a strong, stable woman, in her own way I think she is the strongest Black, after Sirius.

Narcissa was the perfect balance of devotion, quiet strength, and beauty.

I really like this line because it gives us some insight into their relationship. Though it's just a sentence it packs a punch. You kind of get this feeling that Lucius has this unwavering devotion to his wife. Yes, I think he's a bit of a mad man and fool following the Dark Lord but I think Narcissa or at least love for her was his weakness. I love that you mention her quiet strength. It is that quiet strength that saves her family. She too is devoted to him but her love is greater as is her strength which is the only reason they perserve in the end.

I think the sentences really flowed together here in just a mere 700 words and you paint an interesting info to a character that is never given enough credit.

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