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Reading Reviews for That Morning
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Review #1, by Felpata Lupin That Morning

24th April 2017:
Hello! Here to free Sam! #CTF

Oh, this was so sad... :( It's always sad to think about James and Lily's death, but somehow seeing it through the perspective of neighbours who didn't necessarily know them well, just that they were young and nice people who should've had a long and happy life ahead... well, it's heartbreaking.

It was sort of strange, seeing the Potters as just "common people" and Harry as a nameless baby. Of course, it makes total sense that it would be like that when the news first started to spread and nobody knew for sure what had happened. I also loved the contrast between the joy for Voldemort's disappearence away from Godric's Hollow and the sadness in the village for the Potters' tragic death. I've always found so hard to think that the freedom from Voldemort's terror had to come with such a price...

It was really interesting reading this, I loved Doris' perspective. It was really refreshing and thought-provoking and I loved reading it so much. I also found very sweet the friendship between Doris and Matilda, it gave a sweet addiction to the story.

Really lovely job, thanks for sharing this!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hi, Chiara.

Thank you so much for this lovely review for my little slice-of-life missing moment.

Godric's Hollow was just a tiny outpost of the wizarding community in the West Country, far away from the centers of wizarding power, a town where everybody knew everybody, at least a little, and two tragic deaths in a house explosion would be the big news, not only of the day, but probably of the year. So it must have been that everyone came out to see it.

And they probably realized, standing there in the cold early morning, that they had not really known the inhabitants of the house very well, although they could not really put their finger on why that was the case, but they regretted it anyway. Small towns are supposed to be like family.

I have always been struck by the fact that the wizards in the metropolitan areas were overjoyed and celebrating when Voldemort was defeated, without apparently thinking about the Potters. As you say, to most people they were just "common people".

Glad that Sam was freed!


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Review #2, by Dojh167 That Morning

24th April 2017:
Hufllepuff CtF Review

Because of your summary I honestly expected this story to be about Vernon, which would have been an interested and rare choice. Instead you’re focusing on a different and more minor character, which I cannot complain about.

I really like the tiny detail that Dorcas had been planning on working in her garden that day. That really highlights the fact that this was just supposed to be another ordinary day, but instead something extraordinary and world-changing happened.

I like that you focus on the gossip and uncertainty about what happened here. In the books we see this event first through Dumbledore, Minerva, and Hagrid, all of whom know what has happened with certainty, but there were far more people like Dorcas and her neighbors who were entirely reliant on rumors.

And that’s a good point that a lot of people might not have known that it had happened in Godrics Hollow unless they had a line of gossip to the town, or even that the Potters had been involved. I wonder how people even figured out that Voldemort was involved.

It does seem a little odd that everyone in the neighborhood would know that was the Potters’ house, since it was supposed to be a secret.

Ow, that’s probably one of the last days someone will ask “Who are the Potters?” They really were just a young couple, and now they’re both famous and dead.

Haha at “they’re being very closed mouth about it,” when there’s gossip all over the wizarding world and beyond

Ouch. Somehow I had never considered the removal of James and Lily’s bodies. In my mind they died there and then they were just gone.

This was an interesting mix of exciting and sad, all in line with Doris’ perspective. It was a very interesting missing moment from a fresh perspective! Well done.


Author's Response: Hi, Sam.

Thank you for writing a review for my little story. Please forgive me for taking so long to respond; I just recently checked this site for new reviews.

As you say, the wizarding world would have been aswirl with rumors, speculations, tiny snippets of information passed by word of mouth, and unanswered questions. Like you, I have wondered how people found out that Voldemort was involved.

The business about the cottage has always been a little vague in my mind. Godric's Hollow was half-Muggle, half-wizard, and I assumed that the cottage was standing before James and Lily moved into it, and that the Muggle citizens could see their wizarding neighbors and the cottages they lived in (without realizing that they were wizards, of course). How this all changes when a house is put under a Fidelius Charm is not clear to me. A good question.

The books are full of missing moments and tiny characters just waiting to be expanded. I have wanted to write Doris Crockford for a long time. Why was she so eager to make a connection with Harry when she met him in The Leaky Cauldron with Hagrid in the summer of 1991?

Thank you again for your kindness in reading my story and leaving such a thoughtful, detailed review!


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Review #3, by May That Morning

28th November 2016:
I really enjoyed this story although it was very sad

Author's Response: Thank you for writing a review, May. I am glad that you enjoyed it. This story arose from my observation, when I first read about the events of this day, that everyone was rejoicing about the defeat of Lord Voldemort, but almost nobody was reacting to the tragic deaths of James and Lily Potter. Of course, James and Lily were not, at that time, famous in the wizarding world; perhaps their neighbors in Godric's Hollow were among the few people who had known them well.

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