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Review #1, by MotekElm The Golden Trio

27th December 2016:
Great start. The story drew me in. Now I want to read more.

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Review #2, by Serpendor Some Things Never Change

19th November 2016:
This chapter was so cute! I'm glad to see that you post so fast... I guess that's because you've already written the first several chapters, huh? Anyways this definitely looks like it's shaping out to be a great Dramione! I'll be watching for updates and reviewing every now and then :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, I've already written 19 chapters, so the updates are coming in faster than usual. I hope you get to enjoy the next chapters as well. I'll be looking forward to your reviews. Just tell me if it starts to get boring. :)

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Review #3, by GeekMom13 The Golden Trio

16th November 2016:
I live the bouncing ferret visual. It reminded me so much of fake mad eye Moody with Draco! Definitely giggled as I thought of a ginger ferret flying in the air

Author's Response: I love that scene in GoF, too! And I thought Ron would've looked cute as a ferret! hahaha

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Review #4, by GeekMom13 Some Things Never Change

15th November 2016:
That was awesome. I love the third person style that lets us know what both are thinking! Great sorry so far I look forward to more chapters!

Author's Response: Thank you! Will try to post every day. I've done 19 chapters already. :)

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Review #5, by GeekMom13 A Brand New Day

14th November 2016:
Nice setup! I'm definitely glad to have stumbled on this one in it's early phase. I look forward to watching it develop.
I think so far you've definitely captured their personalities! Really easy to read and imagine.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the story so far.

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Review #6, by Serpendor A Brand New Day

12th November 2016:
Hey! Just letting you know that your story is interesting so far! My only advice is that you make the chapters a bit longer, maybe. Very nice work, keep it up! :)

Author's Response: Hey, Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'll try to make the chapters longer. However, I've already written 17 chapters that are more or less of the same length as Ch1. I've made Ch18 longer, though. Anyway, I hope you still keep on reading. And let me know if there are other things that need changing. :)

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Review #7, by GeekMom13 Prologue

6th November 2016:
I look forward to future chapters

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll be updating regularly for the next two weeks. I hope you enjoy the next chapters.

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