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Review #1, by Kristina1990 tentative friends

7th December 2016:
The joke is going to be on him in the end. Jealousy is a really, really dangerous thing.

I'm sorry Riley has to deal with this crap now, but honestly - better for her in the long-term.

Author's Response: Better for her in the long-term (and better for me because it kicks off the story quicker)

And yes, you are absolutely right.

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Review #2, by whatsthetimemrwolf tentative friends

7th December 2016:
WOW, Ben is one insecure dude! I feel sorry about the rumours Riley is probably going to face now!

Author's Response: ahahah, yeah
let's see what happens :)

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Review #3, by Violet Potter 434 procrastination comes for everyone

27th November 2016:
love this so far

cant wait for the next chapter

bit confused about who William is? and also how Ciara didn't get a letter but is at the school now?

anyway it was great

from me xx

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for your review - please check the first chapter for more info on your questions :)
William is Ciara and Riley's brother, and Ciara had gotten the letter, she just hadn't gotten the position of prefect.

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Review #4, by whatsthetimemrwolf camels and ferrets

6th November 2016:
Cute chapter, can't wait to see how Riley does co-captaining the quidditch team!

Author's Response: thank you!
it might be a couple chapters until then but me too, man

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Review #5, by whatsthetimemrwolf signed, perfection

24th October 2016:
I love, love, love this so far! I'm excited to see where this goes!

Author's Response: thank you!
(tbh so am i)

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