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Review #1, by anon eighteen.

4th March 2018:
love love love love it! can't wait for the next one!

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Review #2, by Effervescence eighteen.

9th February 2018:
This is totally insane! I've binged this story in a day, and honestly now I'm kicking myself that I didn't pace myself because I have to wait for an update. The end of this chapter was so gripping, and I love the subtle build up thats been happening throughout the story - something shifty is going on, and I cant wait for it to unravel!

I'm in love with the characterisation of Cassie, especially how she feels about her father. Theres just something so tragic about seeing her faith in her father diminish every chapter, especially after being confronted with seeing one of his victims.

This chapter was great and I cant wait for the next update!

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Review #3, by Spyci eighteen.

23rd December 2017:
Iíve been so apprehensive the past few years of starting any new fics because Iíd convinced myself Iíd read everything good on this website. You proved me so wrong and Iím so glad. This story is amazing, gripping, convincing and well written - Iím smitten with every single character and every plot line excites me about what to come. Iíve read this whole thing in a few hours and reaching this most recent chapter has caused me some sadness I will admit. Please update! 10/10

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Review #4, by astoryending eighteen.

6th December 2017:
Yay, new chapter (but so sorry to hear you've had such a rubbish time, hoping life is starting to look brighter)!

Things are really getting interesting now, aren't they. Really looking forward to see what the aftermath of that attack is going to be.

It's so great to see the dynamics between the characters develop, not to mention Cass' own development. I think I said this in my last review but she is such a well thought out character and I just adore her! And even though I'm desperate for her and James to end up together, I think the approach towards it is really realistic. I mean, I don't like Pia on principle but it's really hard not to like her you know? Maybe that doesn't make sense, haha, I just mean that I get why Cass is finding her quite nice and not really that bad a person (yet atleast ;)) just because she happens to be with her crush.

This is a crappy review but I love your writing, I love this story and all the ideas that you put into it, and have I mentioned that I think you're brill for sharing this with the world? :)

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Review #5, by Eyo eighteen.

4th December 2017:

But also


Iím so happy to see an update and that we are going to have some development within the plot. We didnít see much of James but atleast now Cass is getting to the point where sheíll have to take matter in her hands if she wants James and her to develop something and I hope she will have the guts to flirt a bit more openly with him. Against Pia!

Ah Pia i love to hate her, really when you introduce her you gave a vibe of her that I would like her personality but then you make us understand that she has some issue with James maybe itís good maybe itís bad we donít know but you make her likeable and I think thatís a good point.

Of course I hope Cass will kick her ass and grab James and in my mind itís possible thatís actually what they need James and Pia I mean, someone who will be able to finally split them. Sometimes we are stuck in a relationship even if we donít totally want it and a third person is what needed to be able to continue.

Anyway cheers and thanks for this chapter, canít wait for the next one.

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Review #6, by Scose eighteen.

29th November 2017:
You, my dear writer, saved me. I have been lying sick in bed for a week, nearly dying of boredom. But I reread the story making me laugh out loud and unable to sleep until I read all of it. I am in love. Freddie is such a sweetheart. Currently a bit on the fence about Ama. Why isn't Goyle answering? But James, oh James. I simply cannot wait for the next chapter. I am sitting here, and all I can think about is what will happen next. Did Cass and Harry get the others out safely? What is the aftermath going to be? Where are they going? What was the threat? Who sent it? Ah, so many things I hope to read very soon. A chapter from James' or Freddie's perspective would be very interesting! Sending you lots of good vibes and hopefully inspiration!

Hopefully everything goes well in your personal life x

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Review #7, by PLUM eighteen.

28th November 2017:
AH okay being the lazy s**t that I am I saw your bloomin wonderful reviews (so freaking happy you're back!) and instead of replying, I read your new chapter.

I need to just say, your writing is incredible. You've improved so much - the description of Diurn Alley and the insane wizarding society thing at the end like ... wow. It took my breath away. Also your imagination is incredible. And I know I've said incredible twice LOL. But you really are.

Cass is just the most heart wrenchingly relatable character I've ever stumbled across. Her conscious inability to think about James as someone she knows she likes (BECAUSE SHE KNOWS SHE DOES) and her acquiescence to Pia's presence - of course every normal human girl would act like Cass and be friendly and polite and even like the girl that her crush is dating, that's the horrifically cruel part of love - it's just so freaking relatable.

I love your characters, I love your story, and I love that James is this elusive, intangible person which is so so perfect because that's exactly what he is Cass. Like, does she really know him? She's hardly his friend but when you have a crush, it's a magnetic pull that wildly asserts that you do - you know this person to bone.

I'm so sorry that your personal life is so hectic :( I hope things settle down soon. You really are so loved on HPFF! I can't wait for the next update! Also I will respond to all your lovely reviews once schools stops handed me my a**.

Love always, P xxx

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Review #8, by Anonymus eighteen.

27th November 2017:
This was bloody hilarious and so tense!!! Cassie's drunk personality is quite probably the funniest thing on this earth and James was absolutely adorable this chapter! Now Pia, what to say about her except I DON'TLIKE HER! She's got the nice girl attitude but I'm sure she's secretly evil.

But moving onto lighter topics...

Great chapter! No joke, I was thinking yesterday if this would be updated soon and come forth morning and a new chapter prevailed - I was so happy!!! Keep up the great work and update soon!

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Review #9, by mykk47 eighteen.

27th November 2017:
So glad you updated! This chapter was really exciting and I can't wait for the next part.

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Review #10, by Grace3 eighteen.

27th November 2017:
I can't believe you are back! it's so great to see another chapter. I love this story! Please, please add another chapter soon. Much love!

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Review #11, by EllieStrange seventeen.

25th November 2017:
I really enjoy this story! The main reason I wanted to leave a review, however, was to say how much I appreciate the characters, especially Pia Patel. I feel like it's so much more believable that James has a thing with this girl who is actually cool. In a lot of other stories, he (or Albus) date girls who are basically Umbridge but better looking, and I've never found it believable. So its very refreshing that I think you've made James a bit more human and well-rounded as a person.

I am really looking forward to the next chapter, and the next, so please update soon! This has become one of my favorites.

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Review #12, by astoryending seventeen.

6th September 2017:
*applauds and throws confetti* holy c r a p do I love this!! I read the first chapter of this ages ago and then somehow forgot about it!? So I came back to it and kinda sorta binge read this in an embarrassingly short amount of time (SORRY NOT SORRY).

It's so nuanced and your writing flows sooo well and the story arch is amazing! I love how the curve balls you've thrown in come natural but are still kinda surprising and not forced, does that make sense haha? It just so easy to read and follow, and youíve put in so many unique tidbits and details (THE SONG NAMES!!). There have been several moments where Iíve actually chuckled out loud (the medicine induced ďhallucinationsĒ? Died.) :D The interactions between James and Cassie are just so darn cute that I just wanna bump them together like dolls and make them kiss! You have a good dynamic going between all the characters and it will be interesting to see that develop even further as the story progresses. :)

I feel like I know Cassie, like she is one of my friends and I am so invested in her! Like I genuinely care about what happens to her so my heart both bursts and aches with ALL THE FEELS. I find her (and pretty much all of your other characters) so relatable. Addie is just bad*ss and Freddie is massive goals. I was a bit on the fence regarding Grayson at first, but now Iím not so sure he actually is bad news at all. Pia though, now thatís a shady character who I do NOT trust. Stupid Pia with her perfect hair and perfect teeth and touching James. Pfft.

Iíve had a fishy feeling about everything surrounding Cassies dad from the very first chapters, and that feeling of it just not making any sense is just growing. But I canít figure out the who/what/why so Iím very intrigued to see where that leads. :)

Thereís probably tones more stuff I wanna say but Iím not going to ramble on any more, but just know that this is definitely one of the BEST stories Iíve read in such a long time and I am slightly obsessed!


Author's Response: Wow! How awful am I for letting this wonderful, amazing, and lovely review sit here for 2 plus months?? This is absolutely great - and you made me feel so, so good. Wow! I'm so happy you enjoyed my story. I've been feeling super down lately and just got back into writing and you've just reminded me why I find time to write. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

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Review #13, by Anonymous seventeen.

4th September 2017:
This story is AMAZING and if you don't update I think I might just die. You are a really talented writer and I am looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I've updated! Please don't die :). I'm hoping it gets posted pretty soon (aka - hoping I didn't break any rules lol - it has been awhile). Thank you so much for reviewing. And so glad you enjoy!!

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Review #14, by Crescent Moon  seventeen.

7th August 2017:
Can't believe I've only just found this story!
Just binged it all and am now desperate for another chapter, so please update soon!
Seriously love Cassie, though Freddie has to be my favourite. I really can't wait to find out what happens with all the drama that is going on in her life at the moment!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the kind review :). I finally updated! So I hope it gets posted soon. Thanks for the love!

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Review #15, by Eyo seventeen.

2nd August 2017:
Hey just finish to read your story and though right away was as good as ever to give you a proper review!

Firstly thanks because I had a good time reading it and I'm sure it's gonna continu in the next chapters.

I'm in love with Cass, her character is so nice and she's one of the best mc I read about. I love the way you make her appear like a really nice girl, smart and all when actualy yes she is that but she is also quite egocentric, kind of arrogant and definitely not always bright. To be honest with you she is the reason I stick to your story.

When I began it was really good and quite original actualy. Gryffondor paria from Nott and not Malloy for once, having from the start a strong liking for James Quidditch captain and they were going to bond over Quidditch. Nice, easy but then you began your plot and I have this strong dislike that Nott father was actualy framed injustly by the Auror for I don't know which reason. And her family didn't know and gosh I hated that because it's so wrong morally and legally.

And then we saw of James and he was so lame, so useless, his sister was harassed he did practically nothing, just hanging out while the girl who saved her sister was being roasted in front of him, didn't say shit for Quidditch and the worst maybe the moment when V was pushed into the lake and no one gave a f***. I was going to drop the story but I though "the beginning was good I should atleast try to catch up on the story"

Well it was definitely a good idea because from this point it gets better and better and at the moment of this chapter I have to say I love your story. The "new" James is much more likeable, now Wembley understand why Quidditch went like that, I love how jealous he appears that he has to go back to Pia an de his friends aren't very about it. The sweet scenes were for sure extremely sweet and nice. I can't wait to see what's going to happen in this quadrangle situation :p and even if I'm rooting for James Cass I can say I love the little we saw of Pia. Goyle I don't really care he seems a bit useless and weak, which is sad knowing he is actualy going against all his family is telling him but I guess I feel like that because I saw him from Cassie's eyes who don't seem to give a flying f*** of him.

I'm happier with the characterization of the others characters and also of Oliver becoming more important as Dom. Though I wonder what's up with V Oliver Mimie and James. You didn't suggest anything much but is Mimie ostracize now? Because to be honest a girl like that who was close to kill or have her friend suffer severe brain damage, slept with half the boys and is a bi*** overall in her attitudes, well it's hard to imagine James sticks with her in one way or an other and same for her "friends". Without speaking about the fact that if you sleep with her you wake up seeing someone else behind all the make up haha. So why did James forbidden Oliver to see Dominique. I can't understand why he will do that when you look at his personality being really nice and all but after all they too their break even before Mimi got to know so.

Pia is a nice character and from the little you say about her I would imagine her a Slytherin and muggleborn I'm not sure if i missed some elements or if you simply didn't say. Can't wait to see much from Pia but I hope she isn't gonna be the biggest block between Cass and James.

From the last chapters I'm beginning to wonder if Nott father didn't simply become good as Malfoy for example and after all they were good friends. So maybe he's working with the Auror in the goal to get to his own father the Granfather Nott and for whatever reason he needs to act bad. That would explain why Addie and her mother seem to know something about her father and why you try to tell us that's he doesn't really appear bad from Cassie's memory.

Anyway very good reading thank you and I hope you gonna keep to this level.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! It was clearly well thought out and you took so much time to write this which I really, truly appreciate. I'm so happy you stuck with the story and that it sounds like you came out enjoying it so far! I really hope you continue to like it and I promise to do my best to make sure you continue to like it :).

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Review #16, by HarryGinnyLove88 seventeen.

26th July 2017:
Why you havent mentioned Pia before?

When you update again?

Author's Response: Pia has actually been mentioned before ;). It just took me FOREVER to write the scene where she actually materializes fully :D. I just updated so hopefully the chapter is posted soon! Thank you!

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Review #17, by PLUM seventeen.

17th July 2017:
Sorry in advance for the short and crap review! I'm in the car and my LTE is spotty! Just had to say what a wonderful chapter! Can't wait for the update!

(Again, wow, annoyingly short reviewófeels twice as crap because of all your long in-depth ones!! Promise the next one will be longer!!) xx

Author's Response: Hi friend! Your story is literally my next stop!!! Thank you for reviewing - sorry it has literally taken me MONTHS to respond lol.

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Review #18, by Violet Potter 434 seventeen.

12th July 2017:
lava it!!!

this story always makes me want to read it till the end immediately

i'm like addicted

please write quickly cause this is so great

love from me xxx

Author's Response: Hi Violet Potter 434!! Thank you for another kind, amazing review :). Yours always puts a smile on my face!! And I promise to get eighteen out as soon as I can!! Work is a little crazy but I do promise that I am still writing!!

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Review #19, by Freddie Rindklip seventeen.

11th July 2017:
17 chapters & I am still reading. Obviously I like it. Will it comtinue?

Author's Response: Hi!! YAY! I'm so glad you're still reading!! Thank you for liking it and telling me you like it :). It will definitely continue :D!

Thanks for the review!!

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Review #20, by Rosie_Posie seventeen.

11th July 2017:
Great chapter! I loved seeing how with all Cassie's life upheaval her friends lives have continued - cause at the end of the day that's how life goes. It is weird though that Dixon exists and we (Cassie) didn't even KNOW that Ama and him had a thing.

Also kinda loved Pia? She sounds so kick-a** (hehe 12+ review) definitely keen to learn more about her. So far super nice to Cassie (although is she now wanting james now he might like someone else - reading from Ollie and Freddie's look at the end - which is not so cool). Grayson and her fall in the same camp I guess with them being nice and lovely and fine for our main characters but we still really want James/Cassie to happen.

Looking forward to seeing more at the camp and then her later new bar job! And will Cassie "think" on her relationship status with Grayson and date him? So far in her thoughts he is more a distraction than that she likes him that much.

Bill/Fleur seem cool and it's nice that Cassie has a supportive (ish) extended family to help out!

Can't wait for more as always you're spoiling me with the quick updates hehe,
RP xx

Author's Response: This is such a long, lovely review! Thank you, thank you so much :).

I'm so glad you enjoyed that! I felt like the story should reflect a little bit of the emotion I went through when I lost someone which really felt like "wow... life really is going on for everyone else" and "wow, my friends are just... living life."

Aw, yay! I kinda love Pia too! And I keep flirting with the idea of writing a separate fic about her because she's just so cool in my mind and I want her to be a complicated character. i think Cass may wear how she feels out in the open a bit in some respects and I imagine Pia being slightly more guarded about her feelings and motives.

Yay! I'm very excited to see how you like her bar job - I've already started writing that cause I'm so pumped for it.

And yes, I always imagined Bill and Fleur being cool/supportive! They did let the Golden Trio crash at their home for a bit hehe.

Your reviews always make me happy/excited to keep writing! Thank you so, so much for the reviews and the kind words!!

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Review #21, by leannadrobis seventeen.

11th July 2017:
Like at this point I dont even kno wwhat to think. I really want James and C (they wont let me use her actualy name) to be together but non of them have really said anything but their actions suggest other wise but then there is is PIA. I Just need the next CHAPTER!!!

Author's Response: Aw yay! Hello again! So nice to see your review!! I promise to get the next chapter out as soon as possible! And yes! There's def something brewing between James and Cassie :) - one of them will have to speak up soon-ish. Ah, thanks so much for reviewing!! It makes me so, so happy that you're still reading :D!

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Review #22, by Tecla Sunrise seventeen.

11th July 2017:
THE 200TH REVIEW I CAN'T LOSE THE CHANCE I'LL COMMENT ON THE CHAPTER ON THE NEXT ONE BUT HELLOOO AGAIN - i read about half but i'm sooo sad that Cass feels like she's drifting away from her friends. :(
And Pia is a bit too perfect to be liked atm, we'll see in the future

Author's Response: AH! Thank you so much for the 200th review! Excuse me while I do a super embarrassing happy dance :D!! And yes - this chapter was a bit of a downer and do keep your eye on Pia. She's been a joy to write because she throws an even bigger wrench into what's happening and I do love throwing wrenches into things :D.

Ah thank you, thank you so much! Please update soon!! I really want to see Elizabeth and James get together!!!

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Review #23, by Tecla Sunrise sixteen.

11th July 2017:
You need to put that thing away.Ē

He let out a deep, raspy laugh from the back of his throat that made my toes tingle and my cheeks burn. ďIsnít this the pot calling the cauldron black?Ē he muttered.


Author's Response: hahahah - i'm sorry but I was just like this is a lovely, lovely opportunity for fluff and I'm just gonna run with it! hehe. And now I'm going to go listen to the BackStreet Boys because how can I not after you so pleasantly reminded me of "Quit Playing Game with my Heart"??? hehe- thanks so much for your reviews!!

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Review #24, by Tecla Sunrise fifteen.

11th July 2017:
This was so intense and heartbreaking, but in a quiet way - i really like how you described her feelings, it felt real and now I'm a bit uneasy myself. I particularly loved the moment in which Dom meets her and asks if she wants to get a pie and god you can FEEL Cass' helplessness because she doesn't want to do that, or anything else, and she doesn't know how to feel good again - and then, Dom is Dom and something gets a little bit better.
It was honest and real and raw and i'm in awe of your writing!

Author's Response: Aw yay! I'm so glad you like the description of her feelings. I turned over in my head how I wanted to describe her feelings here for a while. I didn't want this story to be a complete drag but it did feel like I needed to write how she was coping. And oh my, I'm just so thrilled with your review :). It really made me happy/smile on a particularly rough day at work!

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Review #25, by Tecla Sunrise fourteen.

11th July 2017:
What a rollercoaster! Man, McLaggen is one annoying son of a gun, isn't he? I hope he chokes on that smoke!
And Cass made the team, yay!!! where's Grayson, THOO?

Author's Response: :) I will not say anything about whether Theodore Nott is innocent or not EXCEPT to say that I think you're the only one to put forth this theory!

And yesss, Cassie is finally, FINALLY on the team hahah. It only took us 14 chapters *rolls eyes at James - even though I wrote James* hehe.

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