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Reading Reviews for The Smell of Lilies
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Review #1, by Brittney 4 a.m.

8th January 2017:
This was beautiful, raw, and poignant. Bravo!

Author's Response: thank you so much!! :D

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Review #2, by marauderfan 4 a.m.

12th September 2016:
Curieee! I'm so glad to see you're still around here and still writing and posting your magnificent stories! :)

Okay, so this story was so good, and so sad. I really loved the way you did the timeline of the story, the alternating past and present. The way the reader already knows the relationship is doomed puts this sad tone over the happier scenes of them falling in love, and makes it really bittersweet.

And the second person POV! Seriously, this story has everything I like - queer Lily, bittersweet tone, unusual POV and non linear narration. And I really love how the second person perspective adds to the story here. It's far more personal than 3rd-person, and for a story about heartbreak, that's appropriate. And the fact that it's 'you' as the main character going through the heartbreak - it makes that heartbreak hurt just a little more.

And it's so sad the way she noticed too - but something small like that seemed so realistic - as simple as the perfume she used when she came home later and later. I wonder if the girl was named Rose... or even if she was Lily's cousin Rose. That would be the saddest. I mean, it's already sad, but you know. In a way, I like that you left the identity of the new girl hinted at but still a bit vague.

This was so good! I'm really glad I saw this story today :)

♥ ♥ ♥


Thank you so so much for the review man!! I really am around a lot-- mostly reading though (life's a bit hectic this year but hopefully I'll be back soon).

And thank you again! I really did want it to be vague and 2nd person was actually chosen to enhance the pain, so I'm glad you noticed that!

And honestly i have no idea who the girl lily's girlfriend was seeing is actually I didn't even write Lily's girlfriends name into it intentionally too! It was all meant to be vague and confusing and I'm glad that worked.

Thanks again for the review Kristen! You actually made my day!

Curie xx

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