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Review #1, by LeonorScott Chapter 10.

7th January 2018:
I'm really hooked, so good to read!

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Review #2, by Sushmita Chapter 10.

7th February 2017:
This was such an exciting chapter 50 shades meets Rowling's world. :D Loved it!

Author's Response: Hahaha! Thank you so much!! ♥ ♥ I'm so happy that you enjoyed this! *hugs*

xoxo Meg

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Review #3, by Sushmita Chapter 6.

7th February 2017:
This story has a great flow and is well written. It actually can be part 2 of Saving Severus Snape really well if Hermione never had the chance to go back to her future and remember everything. I find Hermione's and Severus' romance definitely very believable the way u write it.

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much!! ♥ I really enjoyed writing this one, so I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it! *squishes* Snamione is just so much fun to write. I'm glad their romance comes off as believable, because I know that this ship is difficult for a lot of people to take in.

Thanks again for another super sweet review!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 8.

16th December 2016:

(ALSO, hi, how are you, happy holidays)

ALL THE TIME TOGETHER OBVIOUSLY WE ARE FALLING IN LOVE. Severus can suck it up, buttercup. It only bugs him because it's true.

I keep pausing to reply to your tweets. OKAY i'm focused.

I love all of his cute little things like pulling the chair out or the portrait hole help. Seriously, he's the cutest. I also love smug McGonagall. She would.



WHOA THAT WAS STEAMY. And so, so, so sweet. Like he is seriously so considerate in between the good stuff.

I'm dying to know what caused him to change his mind? Just his shield faltering? Something she did? Something he thought? TELL ME MORE.

Every conversation between them, regardless of hOw tense it might be, seems to just flow so naturally between them. For two people with their character you'd think that alone would be a pretty good sign that they are meant to be!

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Review #5, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 7.

16th December 2016:
MEERY CHRISTMAS MY FAVORITE (don't tell the others)!

Yes a summer away might clear her mind. Or it might leave her pining for him and restless and sad. I have a feeling I know which one.

GO EASY ON THE BABIES. Good Hermione. If you challenge them too much they won't be able to fight the non-existent dark lord like they need to because they'll be too busy studying.

I love her response to him though. Dang, Hermione. You have really good resasoning. She's the brightest witch of her age. You write her so well.

I love the little banter with the "know it all" line. Like I'm just happily sighing even if he's being a pain.

You write him with boyish charm despite him being older. Do you have a time turner story? I feel like you do and if so I'm digging it up. Have I mentioned I don't even READ HIS CHARACTER!

10/10 Apology. lol. I'm dying.

Whatevs I'll take what I can get with the friendship because I'm certain that you'll give me a happily ever after. oH MY GOD WHAT IF YOU DON'T. you will won't you? WE ARE FALLING IN LOVE.

AS ANticipated this was a very well written chapter. The characterization was flawless, the story line was smooth, and it just left me happy even though he's still resisting her charms. HE'S NOT TOO OLD AND BROKEN WE CAN MAKE IT WORK.

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Review #6, by Emcnary Chapter 9.

2nd November 2016:
OH no! Severus, what are you thinking?? Now I'm really anxious for the next chapter:)

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Review #7, by Emcnary Chapter 8.

30th October 2016:
Hooray! Hot:) I wonder what gave him the change of heart.

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Review #8, by Emcnary Chapter 7.

30th October 2016:
Oh Severus, it's time to leave the "friend zone" behind! But, friends could be a good place to start:)
I think you've done a good job portraying Snape. I could definitely see him thinking he's not good enough for anybody.

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Review #9, by Emcnary Chapter 6.

30th October 2016:
McGonagall as matchmaker? Hmmm...I could see her wanting to see Snape happy:)

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Review #10, by pamom86 Chapter 8.

27th October 2016:
I love this story so far. Please write more chapters!

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Review #11, by victoria_anne Chapter 3.

22nd October 2016:
Oh lookee what I found!

(This is a HPFT Team Vampire Review, but as a fellow vampire I'm sure you won't object ;))

Aw Hermione's parents! WAH THAT IS SO SAD!

Oh yes, Hermione, staying at Hogwarts over Christmas has nooothing to do with a certain Severus ;)

Mistletoe! *heart eyes* As soon as they were stuck I knew that's what it would be! :D Severus isn't going to make it easy for her, is he?

*splutters* This could have been such a cute chapter but nooo you're going to torture us, Meg! I'm going to pretend Severus felt something during that kiss, because he did. Right? RIGHT?!

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Review #12, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 6.

21st October 2016:
Hi lovely!

I'm here for HPFT's Werewolf vs. Vampire reviewing event for HPFT Team Werewolf Review (but mostly because I had to be back ASAP even if Iím a bit jammed up at the moment).

I can 100% see Hermione absolutely obsessing over the conversation, trying to break down every single word to make sense of it. I also like that she has this self doubt in the form of considering herself a fool because I think that's very in line with Hermione's character in the books. She's always been one to expect people to suddenly feel the way she wants (ie Winky after being kicked out of the family/enslavement).

And I love this whole I'm old, I'm broken, I've seen too much thing with Severus because of course he must feel that way! I think if he survived after all the years of lying and espionage and the truth of his youth he'd be absolutely terrified to burden someone else with all of that. And then of course she would argue with him. Like what was he expecting?

Oh man. Now Hermione Jean Granger has a challenge in her head and she canít give up.

Also your McGonagall characterization would qualify as three fire emojis. Sheís the McGonagall that gives Harry a biscuit for talking back. My favorite. The snort of all things sealed the deal for me.

This was such a good chapter, but unfortunately it left me wanting much more. Not that there was anything wrong with the content (QUITE THE OPPOSITE) and double checking the length is perfectly fine (generous even), but Iím sitting here wishing I had four more chapters. I know that youíre busy with life and the likes of it...but...but...what if...and hear me post another chapter by the time I blink my eye? No? Well it was worth a shot.

The plot is so addicting and your characterizations are through the roof brilliant. The dialogue flows so smoothly and naturally that itís difficult for me to remember that Iím reading and not witnessing the story firsthand. Itís just such a good chapter (and entire story).

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Review #13, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 5.

18th October 2016:
Hello lovely!

You know when you put it like paragraph two I donít know why I didnít ship them all along. OF COURSE THEY BELONG TOGETHER WHO ARE WE KIDDING.

Youíre a cruel, cruel person. A DREAM? Seriously. Youíre vicious.

Thank you Hagrid for making things significantly more awkward. Heís seriously the best and I love him so much and his dialogue in your story is on fire (fire emoji times three).

Lines like this one is what takes your writing to the next level: ďSomewhat scaly, like a lizard, but also with a small amount of fuzz, sort of like a peachĒ because who would think to add that kind of detail and now I can feel the poor babies and itís just such a good touch.

I love this Severus because who he is such a complex character to love. This hot and cold must be from his past, right? I mean like she said Lily really did a number on him and that was his one true love but was it really? One could argue that it was just a silly crush that took on wicked roots. And really Hermione and Lily are so much alike in so many ways. Okay, Iím done explaining to myself and trying to convince me/you/her/him that THIS LOVE IS GOING TO HAPPEN WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT. Well, youíre really in charge of that but this is also the last chapter youíve given me so now Iím waiting on you to make the magic happen!

Minor (read: major serious super) pressure for the next chapter so I can leave more recipes!

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Review #14, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 4.

18th October 2016:
Hello again lovely!

When I say youíve perfectly captured the essence of Hermione Granger I mean amazing lines like this one: ďShe felt as if she were just as worried about the students performing well on their exams as they were, which was why she was so focused on making sure her entire lesson plan was perfect.Ē WHOA. Thatís about as Hermione as it can get. Youíve seriously nailed all of your characterizations in this story.

The paragraph about how soothing coffee is for her is easily the most relatable thing Iíve ever read. That paragraph belongs in my biography.

Stress will certainly eat away at a person. I always like when the signs of stress appear in stories because itís my current field of study.

I like that you compare Neville to Dumbledore because I always thought that he could have Dumbledore vibes. Like he could be the next great but everyone super underestimated him and then WHAM Dumbledore vibes.

SEVERUS ARNOLD SNAPE, WHAT WERE YOU TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH WITH THAT LITTLE STUNT? UGh. Yeah, okay heís trying to protect her from his brokenness and all that but I swear if he wasnít inside my computer and completely fictional Iíd smack him upside the head.

Despite my heartbreak I still love it and itís going to happen dang it I read the prologue itís going to happen.

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Review #15, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 3.

18th October 2016:
Hello again lovely!

Poor Hermione and the loss of her family. I always got the vibe that she was very close to her parents despite the fact that she wasnít around for most of the year from 11 onward.

That might be me projecting but that makes it hurt much more. And on top of that their deaths were senseless and all at once. No chance to say goodbye.

ďEven the sound of Severus walking had started to become very familiar to her.Ē I swear this is also true for me and my husband. I know when itís him coming up the stairs instead of his friends and I can hear him when he wakes up in the morning even if Iím in the living room. I think you just become acutely aware of things like that when you love someone.

The mistletoe! Oh my heart. You do this to me on purpose. I think the Professor doth protest too much.

THAT KISS. THAT KISS WAS SO AMAZING. And then dang it Severus what the what that was so mean and poor Hermione and I donít care that heís deep and complex (even though I love that heís deep and complex) because my poor sweet Hermione baby!

This chapter definitely packed the most punch. I loved it so much!

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Review #16, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 2.

18th October 2016:
I love this idea of some kind of understanding between Hermione and Severus and him taking care of her problem (through whatever questionable method) of those rowdy jerkface students. Although I do understand why they were annoying it was still ridiculous because sheís just as important.

Hermione is so good at perceiving things and it really popped out with Clementine and her paying attention to something as small as a single word "was" but I also think she really grilled her chops when she dealt with such an emotional topic. Professors should be more than just instructors. They should be mentors and that's what she just became. And my heart and my eyes and oh that was just so so sweet.

I never even thought about how hard it would be for them to come back to Hogwarts. To see the spots where her friends and loved ones died. I think that might make even more sense why Ron and Harry wouldnít want to go back to school.

WHOAHOHO We are going to his chambers! (my eyebrows are wiggling vigorously).

NO SHE CANíT SLEEP AFTER ALL THIS! MY HEART! Oh, all of it. I could crawl inside this story and live in it. I canít believe that youíve written Snape (and Hermione) so well that Iím here, in love with this story, and shipping them hardcore. Youíve done this!

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Review #17, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 1.

18th October 2016:
NOW IT MAKES SENSE HOW THE WHOLE THING CAME ABOUT OMG I'M SO EXCITED. I was wondering how this could have started and her being a professor absolutely fits. Honestly, I feel like I could buy her being a professor way more than magical law or whatever it was she ended up doing. Definitely over the boring politics of being Minister.

Honestly I'd be surprised if kids didn't take her seriously. I mean she's the brains (and possibly the most important part) of the golden trio (don't tell Harry). Like they better respect her or I'll hang them by their toes Filch style.

ďDid you need something, Severus?Ē THIS. This is why I knew I should start with yours. Actually, I think you should just write a few more of these so that when the urge hits I only have yours to read. No pressure but also a little pressure.

Iím dying to see this progression from prologue relationship to this icy start. AND IN SUCH A SHORT SPAN TOO!

The professors sitting in the lounge venting frustrations and all that just is my favorite and it just again feels so realistic. I love love love Hagrid advising her too. That is just beautiful for me.

Not only did she catch him off guard but she caught me off guard. Iíd like to think that years of pointless fighting with Ron probably benefited her in this situation. I also completely adore Severusís snark. I said this before but I donít think Iíve ever popped open a Snape fic Iíve enjoyed this much.

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Review #18, by PaulaTheProkaryote Prologue

18th October 2016:
Hello lovely!

I'm starting with you for a project I've been working on for the past few months. Every week or so I'm trying to post reviews (prewritten) for some of my favorite people in the world. Iím mostly starting with you because youíre the sweetest (shh, donít tell the others).

You have a lot to stories to choose from and I donít typically read Snape stories for a number of reasons. Mainly oh my goodness some of the characterizations Iíve read are the most ridiculous things I could imagine. Iíve also never read a Snamione (is that what they are called?) but I saw this and I knew that if there was ever one to be my first, it should be yours. (I was right ny the way).

The prologue, while short in words, is not short in substance. You paint this just absolutely amazing scene here and maintain it. This is a thing I can't seem to do. I'm okay with writing pretty imagery for the first few lines and then just drop it. You've kept it alive and it makes your writing next level. I swear I could smell the river and hear the pop of her apparating. I could almost see him in the window and I can definitely feel the beat of her heart in my own. You're one of those writers that should absolutely be doing this for a living.

Weíve only got a glimpse of characterization but your Hermione feels so organic. Especially with the bit about her almost losing her nerve but then doing it anyway because she'd been working up the courage all too long and needed it get it over with. Your Severus is also mighty seductive for someone like me who isnít always keen on him.

I had decided if I absolutely wasnít into Snamione I wouldnít post this review and Iíd just pretend I never read it and youíd never ever know, but I am posting it and going to the next chapter.

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Review #19, by Emcnary Chapter 5.

2nd October 2016:
Ooooh nice dream:) Too bad for her it was just that. I think so far you've done a great job capturing Severus' character very well. Can't wait for more!

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Review #20, by Emcnary Chapter 4.

2nd October 2016:
I could definitely see Neville being an intuitive person. He definitely would be one to sit back and observe. Poor Hermione:(

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Review #21, by Emcnary Chapter 3.

2nd October 2016:
Oh Severus, be nice and kiss the pretty lady:)

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Review #22, by Emcnary Chapter 2.

17th September 2016:
Great start to this story! I never thought I would love the idea of Snape/Hermione, but I love it in your story! I can't wait to read more:)

Author's Response: Eep! Thank you!! I know it's not a hugely popular ship, but I adore Snamione. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, and I love getting new people into it. I'm currently working on the next chapter, so this should be updated soon! :D

Thank you for reading and taking the time to review!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #23, by beyond the rain Chapter 1.

12th September 2016:
ah the tension between these two is amazing already! As soon as Severus tried belittling them, Hermione was having none of it and I loved that! I really like how initially there's no spark. It makes the whole fic seem so much more realistic!

However as he calls her by her first name at the end, that was a great touch! That doesn't suggest that he fancies her /right/ now, but just that he's starting to see her as more of his equal a little bit. Not completely, but he respects her a bit and empathises with her.

I've already read chapter three on Ao3 (which is amazing as well btw) so I know where it goes from here, but the point you left this chapter was so heart wrenching. Like I just imagined Hermione doing her little smirk like she does in the films (cue my favourite snamione gif somewhere pls).

As well, you made me consider how difficult it must've been for Severus when he first started teaching, for all those reasons you listed. I couldn't imagine going back to school a few years after and teaching kids I'd gone to school with, some of them being bullies and having 0 respect for anyone, especially people who are only a few years older than themselves. It must've been so difficult for him; it was a great way of implementing his reasons for docking so many points all the time, it used to be how he coped, and eventually became the norm for him.

Seriously meg, this is amazing, and you're amazing! Love this story so much!!


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Review #24, by beyond the rain Prologue

12th September 2016:
the best start to a story!

Already I have to know more!

There's a really simple thing you did that I loved: the way you italicised almost. It reminds me of what always means to snily fans. Like if she didn't have the nerve, or the emotions for snape she could've, in fact she /almost/ left - but she didn't. I don't know just the simplicity of that means so much to me!!!

Snape is so difficult to read, and you've portrayed that so well - like I pictured him being so sarcastic and impatient with her - but now I've reread it a few times and he says it so differently. I love a fic where there's a lot open to interpretation, like I get so many different vibes from this opening chapter.

Have they fought? Does Hermione just need to get her feelings of her chest at such a ridiculous hour, has Snape upset her and she's calling him out on it??? I don't know! But I can't wait to find out!!


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