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Reading Reviews for Elaborate Lives
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Review #1, by Felpata Lupin The Siege

19th March 2017:
Hello, my love! :)
I'm here for the Chalices Review Spree (sorry if I didn't come to this story any earlier, I wished to but, you know... hectic life and all that...)

As always, I'm astounded by your style and your descriptions, they are so beautiful! No, Siriusly, give me your secret!

The sole idea for this story is fascinating. You know I love Opera (even if I'm not too familiar with Aida specifically...) and I love that you took inspiration from it for a fic. Also, I think Founders is the perfect era for this, and I think you captured the mindset and atmosphere and everything else so well (but History has never been my forte, so I can't really tell...)

I know I already told you, but I think description is the strongest feature of the chapter. You have such a unique, powerful way of picturing scenes, it almost feels like looking at a painting. It's beautiful.

Are you going to write more? Because I need to know what happens to Helena now (I sort of already know, because of what you told us on Skype, but I want to read it in your wonderful writing)

Sorry I'm cutting this a bit short, I still have a lot of reviewing to do... but I really, really loved this!

Wonderful job as always!

Lots of love,

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote The Siege

23rd September 2016:
Hello! :D

So first things first, you should know that I read your story summary and immediately rubbed my hands together ominously. I don't know why but that's the reaction it elicited from me.

Second thing second (lol), This is already very near and dear to my heart knowing that It was based on Aida. My niece and arguably my entire universe and the one person I love most in the world (don't tell my husband) is my niece. So obviously excellent choice.

I can see why you might be worried about if the language is ~too~ heavy, but it definitely isn't. Honestly, I think if you had written it any other way or used any other style of language it would completely detract from the story. The language is absolutely beautiful and period appropriate.

The immediate lines comparing the light of the day to soldiers swarming the battlefield and the water to the glint of chainmail. It just really seems to portray this immediate sense of conflict and I thoroughly enjoy that.

The flow was very natural in the story. In sections where the story isn't as urgent the lines are longer and more poetic with fanciful language. In the sections where she's rushing out of the water you can feel the urgency and the suspense builds because you use choppier sentences with more action based wording "kicked" "run" and "pounding" are examples of this that you've spaced close together. I think that really makes the story so much easier to read and easier for readers to pull emotions from.

Oh, I wonder where Salazar is? I think it was a nice addition to his characterization that he taught her how to swim and gave her the dagger. He's not as blatantly miserable with that in mind. I'd really like to see more of him or at the very least his character in her eyes.

I'm very interested in Lora. She's a very compelling character even though we only get a glimpse of her here. I'd like to read more about her!

Her character is very well constructed and I genuinely love and admire the version of her that you've created here. I'd definitely like to see more of her and OMG DID YOU JUST KILL HER?


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Review #3, by MrsJaydeMalfoy The Siege

14th September 2016:
YAYYY, a new story to read!! :D I told you I'd stop by to read and review all of your new chapters soon! ♥

So, can we just talk about the description in the first two lines? Um.. OMG! 'The light spread across the lake like dye in fabric'. RENEE. Do you even realize how beautiful that is? YOU ARE SO TALENTED! *bows down*

And it's not just the description - you've already just completely pulled me in to another story with different characters, a different setting, but nevertheless, I'm already just HOOKED. There's something about your writing - I don't really even know how to describe it... it's like you pour your heart and soul into it and I can FEEL that when I read your work - each chapter and story has something that's just so uniquely YOU and it's incredible. ♥

This was already quite an intense first chapter, and you've done a great job of introducing us to the time period and quite a few of the characters - it's definitely an 'en medias res' kind of chapter and I really love that!

EXCELLENT job, and I can't wait to see where things go from here! Let me know when you update please!! ♥

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Review #4, by marauderfan The Siege

8th September 2016:
(transferred review)


At dawn, the light spread across the lake like dye in fabric. -- this is such a wonderful visual!! Honestly, ALL of your descriptions in this are beautiful. I'm just going to sum it up like that, otherwise I'd probably be quoting every other line back to you to point out how beautifully worded it is. But it is - your word choice is so deliberate and delicate, it really sets the reader into the time period so effectively.

I don't know why Founders Era is often overlooked, but to me it's one of the most interesting eras for HP fanfiction there is. It's just so different from any of the more modern eras and there's so much that you can do while still within the confines of canon since canon is pretty scant. Besides, it's just a really interesting time historically. Aside from mine, I can't think of any other Founders era stories I know of that even discuss the Vikings, when the invasions were a huge deal back then, so I'm really glad you included that in yours. I'm interested to see where that plot will go. (-:3
(the 3 is raised eyebrows :P )

You've also done a great job with Helena's character even after only one chapter, as well as Lora in the brief scene she was in. And by the way, I think that comparison between the two of them did well at explaining Helena's motives for staying around to fight in the battle, despite not liking battle the way Lora does. You've also given a pretty good indication of Helena's relationships with those around her, such as her mother, and Salazar. The glimpses of the other two Founders, even though only a glimpse, perfectly capture the personalities of those two - Godric leading a host into battle, and Helga reassuring and helping those who are preparing to fight.

The description of the battle was really cleverly done. It's blurred and vague and rushed, but in honesty that makes perfect sense, especially for someone who doesn't regularly fight in battle. It's a new thing for her, and everything is confusion and happens so fast. To me it kind of reads as if she's just there, in the midst of battle, but not necessarily fighting, if that makes sense. If you wanted, you could add detail about what Helena specifically is doing (i.e. is she holding her wand, or the dagger?) but it's not necessary. It's really good already, that's just a suggestion :)

HOW can you end the chapter with that cliff hanger though. I guess it wasn't even a cliff hanger, it was one step further than that, like falling over a cliff. aah! That's cruel of you :P but very effective as I am so eager to read the next chapter already.

If you hadn't guessed yet, I loved this chapter and I love this story! Amazing work - it really doesn't feel like your first ever Founders, it's as natural as if you'd been writing Founders forever.

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Review #5, by victoria_anne The Siege

8th September 2016:


Already I'm completely in love with your prose. I know I say it all the time, but you really do write so beautifully ♥

I'm also sucked into the time period, I love the dialogue Helena and Lora, however brief. And how much of their characters is shown in such a short space of time.

The idea of a medieval army attacking a medieval Hogwarts is just a phenomenal idea, and I think you do it perfectly (but I knew you would!)

Ahh, cliffhanger! How dare you?!

This is such an amazing start, Renee. Better than what I imagined, and I'm very excited to see how the rest turns out!

B ♥

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