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Review #1, by Rumpelstiltskin Percy Weasley

18th September 2017:
Hello! I'm back for the final piece of this!

Percy's one of those characters that's usually hit-or-miss for me. I think sometimes that people don't quite get just who Percy is (and usually wield him as a secondary character, anyway). In this, I think you've captured him nicely.

What I liked most was that not only did you capture his work-ethic and worry, but you were able to show his thought process behind why he distanced himself from his family and buried himself in his work. He doesn't want to be like his family -- he wants so much more. At least, that's what he thinks at this point in canon.

Standing alone, and once again, this is a great little vignette on Percy. As a companion to the other two pieces, I thought this did a nice job carrying the theme of 'glory' and snippets of characterization/motivation of three different people.

Great job!

Once I've finished reviewing and filling out the rubrics of all the entrants, I will be posting the results on the Forums (and possibly through Twitter/Tumblr as well).

Thanks so much for entering!


Author's Response: Thank you! And thanks for hosting such an awesome challenge!

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Review #2, by Rumpelstiltskin Gilderoy Lockhart

15th September 2017:
Hello again! :)

I adore how Gilderoy's penchant for lying and exaggeration pops right out at the reader right from the beginning. His gasconading tale of his first accidental magical happening in combination with his mother's response of throwing him a lavish party (with a real dragon, to boot) made me laugh. The characterization is just too perfect in this.

And he would have a ton of autobiographies, too :p. I also love the continued characterization through the scene where he decided if he wasn't particularly talented at something, then it wasn't worth his time as well as his response to not being paid attention to.

As a standalone chapter, I really enjoyed this depiction of Gilderoy, and I thought you did an excellent job as far as characterization went. As a companion to the first piece, I thought it was a nice follow-up, keeping the theme of 'to glory' throughout. I especially liked that you achieved this with two very different characters in very different ways.

Looking forward to reading the final piece in this!


Author's Response: Thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin Tom Riddle

14th September 2017:
Hello! I'm finally here for the Companion Piece Challenge now that I'm back. If you prefer these reviews elsewhere, please feel free to message me on the Forums and I'll be happy to transfer them for you.

I enjoyed this small vignette, catching a glimpse into the making of Lord Voldemort when he was merely Tom Riddle. I also love his manic, borderline crazed personality. It's so fitting for who he is. I also am a huge fan of his opposition to the finality of death and why he knew he had to find another option for his mortality.

Overall, I think this piece stands extremely well on its own. Its plot is strong enough to carry its own weight, which is a huge part of this challenge. Of course, I'm looking to forward to seeing how the other two pieces fit together with this one!

Excellent job so far! I look forward to reading the next piece.


Author's Response: Thanks, Rumpels!

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Review #4, by nott theodore Tom Riddle

14th April 2017:
CTF Review

Hi Bianca! I'm so glad that this game gives me the chance to read more of your writing. I know that you write a lot of Tom Riddle, so I shouldn't be so surprised when I read another of your stories and see how well you capture his character and how powerfully you write him. But every time I read your stories I'm impressed by them, and this was no exception.

Even though this was only a short chapter, I thought you captured Tom Riddle so well in it, and he seems like the best possible character to use for a prompt like hubris, too. This was so powerful and yet at the same time so sinister - so in character, I suppose.

I don't think I've ever read a story about Tom Riddle at this point in his life, when he's just visited and dealt with (for want of a better word) his family. I loved the way you wrote his musings on them and the utter disgust that he had when he thought of the Muggle side of his family, especially. You really captured the way that he considers himself so superior to those around him, and it's his duty, in his eyes, to cut away the parts that aren't up to the right standard. It ties in so well with his whole ideology.

I also loved the way that you wrote about the little collection of animal skulls on his shelf, and the fact that he was considering mortality when he looked at them. Those constant reminders of death and his power lead so well to the idea of him making Horcruxes to try and defeat death and become superior to anyone who has lived before.

I really loved this - it was so powerfully written and the imagery and description were beautiful.

Sian :)

Author's Response: Ahh thank you so much for this amazing review, Sian!

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Review #5, by Your Secret Valentine Gilderoy Lockhart

28th February 2017:
Hello, my dears!
Here with one last little present for you! (But I'll be back anyway once Secret Valentine is over)

I loved this! Gilderoy's stories are always so... interesting? Funny? Surreal? Allora of that together, probably.

I loved the little episode of his childhood. Such a smart child, indeed... I also loved how everyone was just plainly ignoring him, and how he kept making excuses about it... he is just so full of himself and so convinced of being extraordinary. You really captured his personality perfectly.

One last thing I really loved was the eagle'se riddle. It's awesome that you managed to think such a clever one, and so poignant for Gilderoy's character, too.

To cut it short, this was another great work by you. Wonderful job, my love!
See you soon!
Your Secret Valentine

Author's Response: Thank you so much, not-so-secret Valentine ;) ♥

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Review #6, by Your Secret Valentine Tom Riddle

20th February 2017:
Hello, Bianca.
Here I am again, your Secret Valentine, with another little present for you.
Surely you've been told again and again, but the way you manage to write Tom Riddle has no equal. And in this piece you really outdid yourself.
Tom's thoughts, his coldness, his disdain for his family, his belief of being above everyone and everything... so perfect.
Also your writing is so powerful, every word seems to be so carefully chosen. I'm so very impressed.
Have to go, now. But I'll be back again for more.
See you soon, my love.
Your Secret Valentine.

Author's Response: Thank you with all my heart little Valentine!

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Review #7, by Ron 4 Hermione Gilderoy Lockhart

9th January 2017:
Hey there, so I thought Iíd finish off this story and leave a little holiday cheer! :D

Aha, oh dear, well I suppose itís nice to know that Gilderoyís, is arrogance the right word?, came from somewhere and he wasnít just born like that. I like how you show his writing skills coming through at a young age, even if they were discouraged.

I like the contrast youíve created, between Gilderoy thinking heís amazing and adored and the reality with no one paying him any extra attention and life going on as normal. Wow, his reaction to things like the students moving away and the gobstones team is actually rather sad. Despite what he thinks it must be quite lonely.

I love the way youíve wrote Gilderoy here, especially his reaction and thoughts on the various situation. Looking forward to seeing how you portray Percy Weasley!

Shaza :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #8, by Ron 4 Hermione Tom Riddle

14th December 2016:
Hey there, here for the review swap, Iím sorry itís so late!

But wow, this is such an intense piece but it works so well because of the tone of the story. I also love the lack of dialogue, itís so interesting to see inside Tomís mind and I think youíve managed to write it beautifully.

To see the moment after heís killed his family is so chilling, and how he thinks so methodically about it, no emotion at all. The whole chapter is just so well written and the little details like the collection of bones and what they stand for just add to the creepiness.

Itís such an intriguing chapter and Iím excited to see how youíve written the other two characters in comparison to him.

- Shaza :)

Author's Response: Thanks Shaza! ♥

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Review #9, by PaulaTheProkaryote Tom Riddle

3rd September 2016:
Hello again! :D

I really love this idea of the unifying word hubris and the fact that you chose Tom (and Gilderoy) because really could there be better characters? So brilliant.

I already knew I'd love your Tom anyway. Also what a spooky part of his life to pick. Yikes. The idea that he deserved that feeling that spiral out of control was just sort of nauseating.

I'm in love with this line: "as if they were water down the scales of a snake; trickling quietly away from him" the imagery there is completely sensational.

Also poor Tom sr. Like first he was 100% assaulted by some woman, coerced and tricked into a family he never wanted, and then, AND THEN his child murdered him and his entire family. He seriously can't catch a break.

The hubris was definitely present and well expressed in this story. In my mind it really makes him more like a silly teenager than someone to demand respect. Like the way that kids tend to think they are invincible? That's what it reminds me of.

Anyway, I absolutely loved the way you wrote this and I think you did an excellent job capturing the overall meaning of the word!

Author's Response: Gah Paula, THANK YOU! ♥

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Review #10, by IchigoPan Tom Riddle

29th August 2016:
Thank you for your submission, victoria_anne!

Your prompt was "hubris."

The story revolves around Tom Riddle on his way in becoming the darkest wizard of all time. Through his boasting and fact-checking accomplishments, you were able to harness the true meaning of your prompt even without using it. The dark and stormy atmosphere only added to this.

This was very well written and it leaves your readers wanting more. Excellent work. I look forward to seeing your future challenge submissions, should you choose to participate again :D

- ichigo

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And thank you for hosting such a great challenge, I had fun! :)

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