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Review #1, by flourishandblottslover And in the Distance, Church Bells

4th September 2016:
This story captures Hermione's indecision very well. It's really good! I actually have read "The Lady, or the Tiger" before, and I like how you connect your story to that one.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the kind review! I'm so pleased to hear that you like my one-shot. :)

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Review #2, by TreacleTart And in the Distance, Church Bells

1st September 2016:
Hi again!

Back for more gift tag reviews!

Let me just start by saying that this properly shattered my heart. I'm a Romione shipper, so I have a hard time imagining them not ending up together. It was particularly painful because Ron doesn't really do anything wrong. In fact, he grows up to be a good, respectable man and everything that Hermione should want. It's just one of those things that happens where people fall out of love or realize they weren't really in love so much as in love with the idea of love. I feel like endings like that are so much more painful because there isn't really logic behind it.

You wrote Hermione's conflict so well. Her feelings were all over the place and I can sympathize with her sitting there wondering if she should just compromise and marry Ron or if it's better to tell him the truth even if it will be painful. It's a horrible choice to have to make any day, but particularly on a wedding day.

I think Harry is right though. She's not one to back down from a conflict...and the rest of your life is a long time to compromise. Sure, she could marry him with the intent of making the best of what she has, but that isn't happiness and that's bound to catch up with her eventually. It also isn't fair to Ron to be married to someone who doesn't love him as much as he loves her.

Gah. Why did you do this to me? Just take my feelings, throw them on the ground, and stomp on them a few times, why don't you?

As with the other stories of yours that I've read, your writing is again flawless. You have beautiful descriptive prose and your vocabulary is very varied, but without the awkwardness that comes from using overly complex words.

Good work!

I'm off to go check out some more of your lovely work!


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Review #3, by writeyourheartout And in the Distance, Church Bells

27th August 2016:
Hello celticbard!

I'm here from the Gift Tag Competition to bring you a review! ^.^

First off, I just absolutely have to mention how in love with your descriptions I am. You write beautifully. And you handled being inside Hermione's quick-fire brain as it fires off all these combative thoughts impeccably. You really hit on all the angles and sides of her predicament and pending decision, and it was absolutely fascinating. Not to mention perfectly in character. She felt truly authentic.

As did Harry, for that matter. You really captured his discomfort at being stuck once again between his two best friends, both of whom he loves and wants to see happy, but neither of who he really knows how to help other than to try to be supportive of whatever choices get made. And I loved the subtle changes to him since the books ended; the influence auror training has had on him.

All of that said, I'm actually almost surprised at how much I liked this, to be honest, because it has always bothered me in movies when either a.) the bride or groom realizes the day of the wedding that this isn't what they actually want and they end it before it begins, or b.) some third-party person announces their feelings for the bride or groom on the wedding day. Just... why, people? Why today? hahaha Drama llamas. Anyway. Despite my personal feelings that preceded this one-shot, I actually felt you justified Hermione's unsureness incredibly well, so that I could honestly sympathize with her (instead of just roll my eyes at the dramatic timing like I usually do :-p). The thing is, she really is the type of person who dives so far into the details of things like a wedding, that I can see her losing sight of what it actually means for herself in her quest to make things picture perfect for her guests. I can see her losing sight of her part in the ceremony, and what it means for her, until she's finally forced to slow down and consider that maybe this isn't actually what she wants, but just what is expected.

Just a stray thought here: I wonder what went through her head when Ron proposed... What made her say yes in the first place? Did she truly believe she loved him then? Or does the weight of marriage not truly strike a fiance until the wedding day actually arrives? (I've never been engaged, so I'm just making guesses here.)

Ah, I'm so mad - but also kind of relieved - that you left this open-ended. To be honest, I went back and forth the whole story about which path I was hoping she'd choose in the end. For me, the way I see it... she stays. She goes through with it. She tries. It just all came too far, too many people would get hurt, and it's just... I don't know. I think she'd stay. I think she'd try. I think she'd hope that marriage would make her love him the way she maybe once thought she did, or the way she always hoped she would.

It's funny that I want her to go through with it, too, because I never cared much for Ron/Hermione in the books or elsewhere. But when you described Ron and how he had grown after the war and after Fred's death into this balanced, open man... I really sort of fell in love with this version of him and thought, for the first time with honest sincerity, how great they would be for each other. I don't suppose you'll ever let us know what truly happens, will you?

Anyway, this was really just fantastic. Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It reads so well and really makes the reader understand her position. Just really well done, all of it.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I thought you handled your prompt excellently.


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Review #4, by IchigoPan And in the Distance, Church Bells

22nd August 2016:
Thank you for your submission, celticbard!

Your prompt was "awaken."

The story revolves around Ron and Hermione's wedding day, with Hermione having sudden second thoughts and cold feet moments before she walks down that aisle to marry Ron. Harry being Harry, tries his best to coax her otherwise. The tone of hesitancy in her thought process emulated "The Lady or the Tiger" well.

What I find interesting about your story is that not only have you used the word in the story, but the story itself was the theme of awakening. How clever of you.

My only criticism for this one-shot is that the intro scenery description went in a bit of a circle. But I understand why you did to emphasize Hermione's red button full panic mode.

I give brownie points for the bearded yoga hipster though xD They're *everywhere*

Author's Response: Hi IchigoPan,
Thank you so much for the review and for creating the challenge that inspired this story. I didn't want to make a big deal of it or anything, but I just wanted you to know that your challenge helped me write the first piece of fanfic (or really, the first piece of anything) that I have been able to write in years. Somehow, it helped me get my muse back, so I don't know how I can ever thank you enough for that. I'm really so glad to get back to the fandom and it's all due to your challenge. Again, I know I cannot possibly thank you enough, but I truly am grateful for the inspiration. :)

Lee Anne

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Review #5, by Al And in the Distance, Church Bells

22nd August 2016:
I really like this!! Spot on characterisation and really lovely writing! Good job :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You're very kind. I'm so glad you liked this little one-shot. :)


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