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Reading Reviews for In Noctem
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Review #1, by Emcnary A Matter of Defence

12th October 2016:
Yay, new chapter!! I like where this is going:). You have so far done a good job capturing Severus Snape in character, which not everyone does well! I will point out that in chapter two Hermione states her name will be "Hannah" and later you have it as "Helena".

Author's Response: thank you for the compliments, and for telling me about the name mix up. At first I was all for Hannah but decided Helena (bc Helen of Troy etc) - I changed it on one site but not the other >.<

When I edit in the CI, I'll make the modifications - thank you for telling me!


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Review #2, by Emcnary Helena Groves

17th September 2016:
Excited for more!!! I'm curious about the black book Hermione found...was it meant to be found? Was Snape supposed to use it? Great story so far:)

Author's Response: the black book will probably take a little bit of a backseat for now, it'll get answered later on (how it came about etc) but i'm glad you're intrigued!

Thank you so much,


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Review #3, by Emcnary Darkness Takes the Day

17th September 2016:
Oh so good!! I love Hermione and I love Snape, so this is a perfect new story for me.
I love the tone you set with Hermione in the first chapter with her going through Snape's belongings. Can't wait to read chapter two and beyond.

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you like it! I thought it might be a more solemn way to start the fic, and it reminds people that I kind of want to keep things canon...but hey - we'll see where it goes!

tysm for the lovely review!


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Review #4, by ABlack Helena Groves

17th September 2016:
Hello Bex, Iím back!

With the first chapter you set about snaring your readers (which you did quite well). Here you give some much needed backstory between Hermione and Ron, and address that kiss of theirs during the final battle. I love how you present it as a reaction to everything that was happening at that moment, but not necessarily the beginning of a romance.

You also did a great job presenting some strong imagery of how it must have been directly after the battle, taking care of the wounded, discovering who didnít make it. The damage to the school is reflected in the students.

The next part is just as interesting. Almost immediately there is a sense of Dumbledore quietly assessing not only this strange girl who appeared out of nowhere, but the knowledge she has and how it can be best used. Compartmentalization of information - thatís the phrase that leapt to mind when I read the interaction between Severus and Dumbledore.

Iím curious to see where you take this tale and canít wait to read the next installment.


Author's Response: Alexis!!

I've never been happy with that kiss...but i didn't want it to be a one sided thing, and Ron be really beat up about it. He has his family to put first, and whether he loved Hermione or not imo grieving would come first.

I wanted Dumbledore to be portrayed how I saw him through the books, a charming, funny, unique old man but despite how nice he is he can also have this ulterior motive of wanting to put the war first. Like he wants Hermione to get better ofc, but he's asking if she was of 'importance' bc if she was he might find out other information to have the upper hand etc...

Hopefully it didn't come across as Dumble-bashing, because I think he's a great character!

Thanks again


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Review #5, by Marshal Darkness Takes the Day

25th August 2016:
Hello my love, I'm here with a hot seat review for you. You certainly have an interesting start to the story here. I was expecting the classic Snamione tropes. Time travel to Marauders era where Hermione will fall for the potions master, which there is nothing really wrong with that but here you have crafted something different, unique and new! I like that having a younger Snape who is a professor shortly before Harry arrives at school if I'm not mistaking.

It is certainly an interesting take and my curiosity is piqued to see where you take the story! Good job at doing something new!

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Review #6, by ABlack Darkness Takes the Day

24th August 2016:
Hello Bex!

Iím here for a Slytherin Hot Seat review. When you announced you were writing a Hermione/Snape fic, I knew I had to read it - this ship has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.

You certainly know how to start a tale so that it grabs the reader. No idea what exactly is going on, but the fact that thereís blood and pain, and someone whoís supposed to be dead is quite intriguing.

Itís been nearly a year since the battle and itís interesting that Hermione is the one to go through Severusí old things. Oh, I agree that Harry and Ron wouldnít be able to without being disrespectful. Iím just curious that McGonagall didnít since it appears to be the Headmaster office. But perhaps school wasnít held the academic year following the war.

Severus smoked? Thatís a new twist. I guess it makes sense - developing a habit of indulging in alcohol could cloud his judgement or lower inhibitions, neither of which the Potions Master would likely allow, not with what was at stake. So yes, smoking, or even a draught to help with sleep.

The picture of Severus as a child, though? Priceless! At some point Severus must have been an innocent child. And that book - of course Hermione canít resist a book, even as she acknowledges there could be something more to it.

I do wonder whether those blank pages held hidden information along with whatever spell it was that hurled Hermione back in time. Did Severus leave notes, perhaps to his younger self? Was the spell intentional set for that timeframe - 12 years - as a sort of hedge bet in case he died?

Ugh! You leave me with so many unanswered questions! I canít wait to see where you take this, Bex, and how you develop the relationship between Hermione and Severus.


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