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Review #1, by DougA Dance With Me

2nd January 2017:
Excellent. Especially nice is Ginny ticked at Ron on Harry's behalf, Harry immediately grabbing Ginny to dance with, and her aside that no one else would have dared tried to move on her, Harry's asking Ginny to the dance, and Ron's cluelessness. Ginny and Harry getting lost in each other at the dance, and Ginny's being there for Hermione were also nice.

I hope one (or both) of the Patils wound up with Neville. (I had a friend who took two dates to the Senior Prom. Neither girl had a date and they were fine with the arrangement). Ron stuck in those robes is priceless, as is Ginny's 'Please let them not be for me) I also can't imagine Harry ignoring a certain fiery, little redhead for long about finding out what that egg means.

This flowed much better, and read more like a story than a collection of scenes, and was a great improvement. I still would like some sort of flashback to show how Harry and Ginny got together ( After the Chamber ? After the trip to Egypt ? Knowing someone was out there to kill Harry ? Inquiring minds want to know.) and I hope you will continue this series through the other years.

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Review #2, by DougA Feelings and the First Task

18th December 2016:
Okay, this chapter flowed a little bit better, and the skips between scenes were much less obvious. What you need to focus on now is what is different with Harry and Ginny being together. At this point, harry and Ginny talk a little more, and Ginny replaces Hermione at the tent before and after the dragon. Otherwise, it plays the same. and if Harry is with Ginny, how did he learn "accio" to get his broom ? Did Hermione still teach him ? Did Ginny ? Did the girls work together ?

I guess the next chapter will involve the Yule ball, or at least the run up to it. Harry shouldn't have any problem finding a date (or else there may be bat bogies in his future), but what about Ron ? And Neville and the Patils, or who Hermione goes with ? Will Ginny have an influence on that decision ? If Harry is happily with Ginny at the ball, will he find out about Karkarov (sp, I'm sure) ? Will Harry take Ginny to the Prefect's bathroom with him ? ( That ought to tick off Myrtle)

And why is Malfoy in Ginny's class ? Much better and I continue to enjoy.

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Review #3, by sweetie88 Welcome to Hogwarts

14th October 2016:
I love it! i hope to see the next chapter up soon.

Author's Response: Sorry it took me a month. College. I posted another chapter. Just waiting for the validation.

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Review #4, by Aurorofthelight Welcome to Hogwarts

8th September 2016:
Interesting concept I'll be following with interest! I would suggest you start telling this as a story instead of a first-person narration of the action! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: I addeda new chapter. Just waiting for the validation. Let me know if you like it.

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Review #5, by DougA Welcome to Hogwarts

8th September 2016:
I notice that Ginny doesn't tell us if she or Hermione were watching Viktor walk.

Overall, this was well done, and continues to interest me. You might want to watch your pacing, as it seems to me like you are rushing things. It also seems a little disjointed, as you skip from one scene to the next. It needs to flow more as a story. Yes, I know the source material, but you have taken that and branched off into AU. This needs to flow as you tell your story, instead of seeming to skip several pages, have a moment, then skip ahead to the next moment.

I will continue to read with interest.

Author's Response: I added another chapter. Just waiting for the validation. I took your advice, I think. Let me know if it's good.

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Review #6, by DougA The World Cup

28th August 2016:
Interesting premise, so I'll be back to read me. What you did was well done, but I generally prefer an AU story to start with the point that it goes AU, not start sometime after it has and leave me to figure when it happened. When and how did Harry and Ginny get together before the World Cup. How did Arthur and Molly take it, or the brothers, for that matter. I can see Ron being especially tactless. But, like I said, I'll be back.Somehow, I don't think we have to worry over mooning over Cho, Pavarti at the Yule Ball, or Ron under the lake.

Author's Response: I'll try and answer those questions. Tlhank you for brringing that up!

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