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Review #1, by Dojh167 Break

16th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

So I think I considered reviewing this every round of Capture the Flag so far, since it is one of the first short stories on your AP that I havenít yet reviewed, but I kept deciding to pass it up as I have not yet Fracture (which I keep thinking I have?) But alas, now my jailbreaking duties bring me here, so I proceed blindly.

I want to commend you for writing about this topic, as I know it is very sensitive to you. You know it well, so you write it well, and it come across a very real to me, who has experienced some of the same things.

This breaks my heart. Iím glad that at least Victoire understands that things are not her fault, despite how Teddy may make it seem. I know that doesnít seem to make thing any better to her, but she is better off that she could be.

But also, the fact that she has grown strong in the face of this is upsetting in its own way. While it may seem good that she is no longer set off by some of the things that Teddy does, the fact that she now accepts them as normal is not necessarily too much better.

Iím curious about what war Teddy was involved in.

I think what is roughest about this scene is that it isnít anything super unique (and I donít mean that in a bad way!). It isnít about the last straw or the first event. It isnít about anything changing or any decisions for change to be made. This really highlights how common of an occurrence it is. It is like a slice of life story, for a life you definitely donít want to have. The fact that it was so short and simple really highlighted this well.

While I wish I didnít have to read it and that you didnít know how to write it well, you did a good job with this story.


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Review #2, by Ron 4 Hermione Break

16th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Wow, well this is a tragic fic. Poor Victoire, although I spent the whole fic wondering who it was. That could have been anyone from the battle of Hogwarts but I think this was an interesting choice as Teddy always get portrayed really sweetly. It was nice to see another side to him.

*hugs* for having known this topic so personally. If you hadn't wrote that I'd have thought youíd have done an insane amount of research as it's ported really realistically, especially showing how other people deal with someone having it and not just from the point of view of the person with PTSD which is an interesting read. I love the different feelings Victoria goes through, from realising that it's not actually her fault and she can't do anything good enough to having to laugh instead or cry. I think that was the saddest part, she's only young, they're only a young married couple by the sounds of things. They should be laughing more often then not, and that's the worst of it.

I really enjoyed this, it was an interesting insight into PTSD.

Shaza :)

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Review #3, by adluvshp Break

9th April 2017:
Oh dear this broke my heart, poor Teddy and Victoire. Secondary PTSD can be very difficult to deal with so I am sorry you had to go through with it *hugs* You wrote it in a perfect manner though - as someone who has no experience with it, I could still feel the pain and angst of it. For a moment (when she said Rose), i thought this was Ron and Hermione but then I realised it was Teddy/Victoire and it broke my heart even more, because those two deserve to be happy - they are the first kids born after the war and they deserve to be free of such pain and live their lives happily. *wipes tears* Nevertheless, this was so very beautiful and haunting, your writing is absolutely amazing. The descriptions were perfect and I almost got goosebumps when she was sitting upstairs, listening to his footsteps and the racket he was making. I felt so bad for her. And then when he came and she was laughing, I was afraid he would do something but they argued and he left so I sighed in relief. Of course it still is pretty heartbreaking and horrible. Little things like how she is now an expert in repair spells and earlier she used to be mad but not anymore show how long this has been going on now, and that really added to the narrative. All in all, loved it, beautiful! Sad but well-written.

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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm Break

8th April 2017:
Hey Kaitlin! CTF Review. (Plus, I haven't visited your AP in ages)

Ok, so wow. I'm left feeling so uneasy after reading this. I can't even imagine living a life like that. Constantly walking on eggshells, and being afraid of the person you love. I just wanted to reach into the screen and hug her, because I'm sure she'd need it. :(

Is this part of another story? Because I'm wondering what war Teddy and been in, since the second Wizarding War had been over for many years at this point.

I hate, hate, hate reading Teddy in this way. I want to imagine like a quiet, yet mischievous mixture of Tonks and Remus, but to see him so angry, bitter and broken was just heart wrenching. What happened to make him like this? Ugh my heart.

I can relate to Victoire when she laughed. I have a terrible habit of laughing at really inappropriate times, like viewings and stuff like that. I don't know why, it's like a defense mechanism or something , so that didn't seem odd to me at all. Although, I did fear for her when she did. A part of me felt like Teddy was going to hit her, or hex her or something.

It made me really sad that she'd become so adept at repare charms. It showed how many times she'd had to do it.

I hope she leaves him. No one deserves to live like that. It's just horrible.

Like I said, I am left feeling so uneasy after reading this. You did a great job making this intense and just feeling so raw and real. I kind of want to cry, to be honest. :'(

Great work as always!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #5, by ABlack Break

1st April 2017:
I have to admit, this story resonated strongly with me, almost too much so. I grew up in a similar household with a parent who suffered from PTSD from a war. The way Teddy destroys her possessions? I witnessed that played out far too often. Itís something no spouse or child should ever have to live through. At least Victoire could always repair the damage with magic and in that I almost envy her.

The backstory of Teddy and Victoire marrying young and how she was warned about how war can change a person is not only plausible, but absolutely spot-on. That Victoire would recall these warnings during his rage is exactly what Iíd expect.

You accurately portray the tense atmosphere, even down to how Victoireís body physical manifest it. Of course, she no choice but to laugh, otherwise sheíd crumple beneath the weight of the tears and sorrow. Then thereís franticness of coming up with a plausible answer when he confronts her. You can feel her trying to sooth him by calling him darling. Itís heart wrenching.†

I think perhaps the flat tone of her voice a few moments later, the question she asks herself once he leaves and how she tugged on her hair are perhaps the most poignant parts of the story.†

Honestly, I donít think thereís a need to continue the story Ė it really needs nothing else added or taken from it. Youíve struck the perfect balance.


Author's Response: Hi Alexis,

First, let me say that I'm so sorry you've had to experience anything like that. I've been through it personally as well and know how difficult it is.

I have to admit that the warnings were something that came from life experience. I was warned about how war changes people and ignored the warnings just as she did.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments! It means a lot to me that you understood it and that you thought it was portrayed well.

All the hugs,

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Review #6, by Marshal Break

1st April 2017:
Interesting story here. I am forced to wonder what war Teddy was part of as you mentioned a war. It kind of sparks the imagination of what could bring Teddy and Victorie to such a point and state.

Still with out these answers and just looking at the situation at hand there is a bit of power in the moment. A certain cold sadness to it all. It makes you feel for those who are in difficult situations like this one - so I think you have communicated that well.

Admittedly I also kind of wonder what will happen from here. Not saying your story is lacking in depth - it's a short snapshot and it works as that but still wondering minds and all - I wonder if help well be had for Teddy and Victorie or if in the end the relationship will be brought to an end the stress their lives have been through together being at a point beyond repair. I mean I see it going both ways though I hope for the former rather than the latter. I know PTSD is not easy to deal with and is not a quick cure by any means but I always like to hope for the best for those dealing with difficult situations.

Author's Response: Hi Marshall,

Most of your questions are actually covered in a short story of mine called Fracture. This is a short companion piece that I wrote for a challenge and is just a little snippet from that story. :)

Thank you for the lovely review! Best of luck with CTF!


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Review #7, by maraudertimes Break

29th August 2016:
Oh Kaitlin. Oh, oh, oh Kaitlin.

In three words: This. Was. Amazing.

The first part started off very scary, the descriptions you had making me think of perhaps an angry father, if only because of the mention of her mother's house. It was scary because of the fact that she knew already that he was in a bad mood. Personally, whenever I know someone is in a bad mood I tend to stay away from them, so the fact that she stayed meant that she really didn't see any other option which, after reading the entire thing, is absolutely terrifying.

It makes me sad that you wrote Teddy and Victoire like this because they are definitely one of my favourite ships, but then again, it's good to have doubts about 'perfection.' Not everything will be perfect, even if it looks like it on the outside, and I think you cleverly captured that here. The fact that you've taken an idealized couple and reduced them to something broken is very fascinating and to be commended - I don't know if I could have the heart to do so.

The fact that he breaks all of her stuff, that he throws things in her direction but never hits her is very indicative of what kind of relationship this is, and the fact that she seems to both realize it and not at the same time is very heartbreaking. It's also very apparent that everything that happens behind closed doors is kept quiet since her mother obviously would have questions about Victoire showing up to her door that late.

This entire thing is just heartbreakingly beautiful, in that there is this broken doll sticking herself back together with glue, and you want to help but you know that unless someone else notices that the glue isn't fully dry the next day, she will have to keep putting herself back together. I don't know if that metaphor made sense, it was all I could think of.

This is really beautifully sad and I'm going to read Fracture now since I think the backstory to this will be just as well-written and heartbreaking (but beautiful nonetheless because of the way you write).

This was amazing and I can tell this means a lot to you. It means a lot to me that you can write about such things with such prowess and conviction and be comfortable putting them out there in the world.
Lo (I forgot how to make hearts but assume there's a million here)

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Review #8, by Anonymous Muggle Break

17th August 2016:
Whoa, I didn't expect that.

I thought it was excellent, and I too know what PTSD can be like.

This is a new favourite. Excellently written and very powerful.

I hope you keep writing more.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you so much for stopping by to read this! I'm sorry to hear that you've had experience with PTSD, but I'm glad that you think this was well written.

I have lots more stories and quite a few that delve into PTSD on my Author's Page.

Thanks again!


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