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Review #1, by ImaRavenclaw A Little Like This

22nd August 2016:
Julie, why? This was perfection, I have goosebumps. Literally, Iím not in any way joking.

Youíve conveyed the perfect feeling of love that takes time to be followed through with. It was enticing and vivid, I could almost hear and see and feel what was running through both of the boys heads.

I definitely love stories that take place over a few years, as yours does. At first I was confused on which year I was in, but you quickly explained it and I was back in with the story. I also said this to Jill (Dreamgazer220), but your story was very intricately crafted. The details, description, and dialogue were all very much there.

I love where you start your story, before the quidditch cup, with all the tension about Voldemort and wanting to focus on the upcoming school year rather then him and all the evil.

You can get that they want to snog girls. Theyíre 13/14 years old, and boys tend to be really insecure about not having kissed anyone at that age. But I love how you played out them wanting to be good at it so that they donít scare off the girls. And of course, they want to have a first kiss, but they donít want it to be their first Ďreal kissí.

They donít talk about itÖ

I loved how Seamus was surprised when Lavender kissed him quickly, because he thought that girls like snogging slowly, and thatís how he and Dean practiced. So, he kind of just sits there like a dead fish, and Lavender runs off horrified at Ďrejectioní.

I definitely loved their fourth year dorm room kiss, after the Yule Ball, and how they quickly pull apart and Dean pretends to sleep when Harry and Ron get back.

Again, they donít talk about it. However, it would be interesting to have a few thoughts from each of the boys on how they each feel about not voicing any concerns or feelings.

Again with this, now that Iím thinking about it, Iíd definitely love to see what Seamus is thinking and feeling. We get a lot of insight with Dean, but not much from Seamus.

The kiss in sixth year! Scandalous *gasps*. You definitely did a good job with portraying that moment. I mean, not only do you have to practice making out with your best mate, but you also need to practice making out in the missionary position. Iím just kidding about all that. But you definitely did portray a more heated moment, where the two very much seemed way more in love. However I do think you mean Ďwaistbandí instead of Ďwaistí, but if thatís wrong then ignore me!

Oooh the war. You can definitely see that Seamus is pining, awww. And then they see each other again and Dean declares his love for him, awww. And they kiss despite all of the people around them, awww. That was a really sweet ending. I love it so much.

Julie youíve done a fantastic job, especially juggling angst and fluff like that. Your story is amazing, in so many ways. And clearly youíre psychic, because though I donít let onto it (at least not as much as Scorbus), Iím always trash for some good Deamus.

Best of luck to you in my challenge (not that you need itÖ), and have a wonderful day!

Yours sincerely,

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