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Review #1, by Jason The Water Comes Ashore

22nd January 2018:
Please continue this! I just read through the whole series, and it was fantastic! Plotting, prose, characterization, the little spurts of alliteration, all of it. I would have been content with how things ended in Oblivion with or without the epilogue, but if you've started another story, I want to see it finished.

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Review #2, by Spaz B Orchid The Water Comes Ashore

18th December 2017:
I just finished reading the thorn wars for the third (yes, third) time and I still love them! Seriously, they make me laugh and cry and just can't put them down when I start reading. Please update soon! I need more!

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Review #3, by Diana Hanson The Water Comes Ashore

24th August 2017:
I am so disappointed that you are not updating this regularly. I truly love these characters! Please update.

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Review #4, by Art The Water Comes Ashore

21st August 2017:
Thanks for continuing this brilliant storyline.Can't wait for the next update!

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Review #5, by Whimsical Diva The Water Comes Ashore

6th August 2017:
Please update. can't wait forbthe next!

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Review #6, by Whimsical Diva Is the Deed Ever Really Done

6th August 2017:
ZOMG!! Catching up after what feels like months, but holy cow, this is good.

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Review #7, by deepdesire23 The Water Comes Ashore

29th July 2017:
Thank you for another great chapter! I will always be rooting for Eva, so I'm definitely biased when I say I'm not a big fan of Castillo right now! However her point of view on Eva is a fair one, and I'm intrigued to see if she will eventually go through an internal struggle on what she perceives as right and wrong in regards to Eva. Poor Lily, being stuck in the middle of it. Maybe she can try and stay neutral for now but if she and Castillo grow closer and Castillo continues her vendetta being neutral will become increasingly difficult. I guess I will just have to wait and see hmm!
And just everything about Eva and Scorpius' feelings about Thane and Thane's people... nothing is ever just black and white and thats why I love your stories so much. The characters are so complex with very real flaws and yet after following them for so long.. they are just so enduring. Poor Doyle, getting into more trouble!
Looking forward to another one!


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Review #8, by Missdagane The Water Comes Ashore

26th July 2017:
The tension between Al and the auror was really well described. The question about the good actions redeeming or not what one did in the past is So difficult. Hope Sada'will have a second chance.

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Review #9, by Diana Hanson The Water Comes Ashore

18th July 2017:
As always, Slide's story draw you in with all sorts of twists and spins. I was a little surprised how the guilt of past deeds is coming back to haunt all! And.poor Doyle! I am eagerly looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #10, by deepdesire23 Dawn Goes Down Today

5th July 2017:
Another great chapter! I'm so so happy you've decided to keep going forward with this story, I've gotten too attached to say goodbye to these characters yet. Looking forward to reading more :)


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Review #11, by missdagane Dawn Goes Down Today

2nd July 2017:
Oh god. Is it really Thane? Can't wait the next part.

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Review #12, by Diana Hanson Dawn Goes Down Today

30th June 2017:
Oh my, the band is back together! I love this story. I am truly perplexed over Thane being alive. I love that Scorpius is slowly coming around to becoming a father. Was very surprised at Eva's reaction to Thane's re-appearance. Still love Albus! Thanks for the update!

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Review #13, by Diana Hanson Is the Deed Ever Really Done

27th June 2017:
How is this possible? They found Thane's body in Oblivion. i love this story. What the heck is going on with Scorpius? I know parenthood changes everything, but this is bizarre. Cannot wait for more chapters!! THANK YOU for coming back to this beautiful story.

Author's Response: I figure if I'm to write anything else... I should finish this. ;) And you're quite right, it should be impossible for Thane to be cavorting around, Oblivion's text explicitly states Albus found his body when he went looking for Eva after the Battle of Niemandhorn. Scorpius is finding a lot of issues he's long-ignored rising back to the surface. Stuff he never bothered to deal with before now.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Missdagane Is the Deed Ever Really Done

26th June 2017:
I'm so glad to read a New chapter. This serie is my favourite fanfiction and I'm thrilled to read more and see where you lead us.

Author's Response: Got a few more written, hoping to get this story done or at least dented over summer (though may take longer to post!). Thanks for coming back and reviewing!

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Review #15, by Sisyphus Is the Deed Ever Really Done

25th June 2017:
So glad to see this chapter and can't wait to see how Thane is back.

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Review #16, by Solana14 The Secret Sits

14th February 2017:
Love the story but when are you going to update this? It's been forever! I'd love love love to know what happens now.

What are Scorpius and Rose going to do about the baby? Seems he doesn't want to be a dad, but maybe he'll change his mind. And new dangers?

Author's Response: I can't guarantee how much I'll be pushing on with this story right now (it's lower on the priority list), but glad you're enjoying. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by whykay There Are Only Middles

3rd December 2016:
All okay? No update for two months and I begin to worry. :)

Author's Response: Unfortunately this story is so much not my priority right now; I have to work hard to keep up with Not Fade Away's update schedule. Hopefully I can get this under control in time!

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Review #18, by Overexcited Julie Whose Woods These Are

2nd November 2016:
So I was re-reading Ignite again (must be my fourth time hahaha), and leaving the story heartbroken as Methuselah dies again (still not over it) and then I saw it. And let me tell you, I've never been happier to see someone going against their promises. God, I've missed Stygian (the series will always be my favourite fanfic I think, none other can even compare) and seeing that there is a sequel up... you've made my day. And probably my month too! Only regret is that now, I discovered the story at its very beginning, so the wait is going to be hard to bear, but I am so glad there is something to wait for.
Thank you ♡

Author's Response: Yeah, I promised I wouldn't continue, then had an idea - and, frankly, I don't feel Eva's story is finished. Then I ran out of time so we'll see where I'm at in pushing on with the tale! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #19, by whykay Whose Woods These Are

26th October 2016:

I was waiting over there. Sigh. For a whole month. Only to find out this was here. I am so glad I can still read about the best Scorpius ever written. Best move ever. :) :)

Author's Response: Sorry! And sorry I've started this to then be very sluggish with it; it's unfortunately not my creative priority right now. I do hope I'll pull through with it, I rather like my plot conceit and I couldn't use it elsewhere. But we'll see. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #20, by Anie The Secret Sits

20th October 2016:
Alright. I have spent the past week of my life reading the ENTIRE trilogy for the first time. You absolutely consumed my mind. I am in lecture learning about the genes responsible for narcolepsy in dogs and all I can think about is your story. I didn't comment along the way because I was so so so desperate to know what was coming next. You should give yourself a massive pat on the back. You are a heck of a writer and I was so engrossed I truly felt like I was reading a novel.
A note on this chapter since it is the freshest (and truthfully I've just read 100+ of your chapters in a very short amount of time and am too delirious to remember more details). I am thrilled that Rose is pregnant. Mostly because I selfishly love stories that include her and Scorpious procreating. I imagine this fact will be used to torment us readers as she gets into all sorts of threatening trouble (please don't kill this baby or make it some weird half evil death magic spawn from Scorpius' tainted once dead sperm or something of the like)...I fear I may have just given you a horrendous idea...
Anyway, I adore your characterization, your style, your imagination and so appreciate all the work that must go into writing a story like this. I so look forward to your next update and hope all is well in your world. It's odd reading all of your little chapter notes over years of time in such quick succession.
Wishing you all the best,

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed the trilogy, and really glad you found it so engrossing. Rose and Scorpius starting a family won't be easy; the baby doesn't need to be evil or weird or dead to cause chaos. Scorpius has his own issues about family and parenthood which make his happily ever after difficult.

Not necessarily impossible, but we'll see.

Thank you for sticking with the story!

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Review #21, by Hazel Bludger Whose Woods These Are

18th October 2016:
I'M HYPE I'M HYPE (if scorpius dies again i'm gonna have a fit) I'M HYPE I'M HYPE

Author's Response: I promise Scorpius will not die again. :) When one character is resurrected it's hard to threaten death, dramatically.

Not impossible, but hard.

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Review #22, by scorprose The Secret Sits

3rd October 2016:
Thank you so much for giving us another glimpse into the world of these wonderful characters. We were not yet ready to bid the final adieu. I do see something brewing up between Lily and Albus on the case of Eva's old time Auror friend. Eagerly awaiting to see how that ends up. I just keep on hoping that Scorp and Eva finally find enough love to overcome the haunting of their past and step towards a secured and loved future.

Author's Response: I don't know how much I'll be pushing on with this. The idea of it is very much old, unresolved issues coming up to fight with the future, so this is absolutely going to mess with Scorp and Eva above anything else.

And yeah, we'll see how Lily and Al cope with Castillo between them.

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Review #23, by Ronald8472 There Are Only Middles

17th September 2016:
Please continue. I just binge read the trilogy and now have started this. I'm liking the characters and am seriously rooting for eva/al. the lilly/castillo thing could be amusing.

Author's Response: I can't guarantee how much I'll be pushing on with this story right now (it's lower on the priority list), but glad you're enjoying. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by Dianainga There Are Only Middles

15th September 2016:
You have not updated in over a month...I am dying to find out where this story is going! Loved, loved, loved the trilogy and am intrigued to see where these characters end up! So prefer your portrayal of Albus, Rose and Scorpius over Cursed Child. Still am not convinced that Al has found his true love, and am curious about this steely side of Scorp. Thanks again for revisiting and please release some chapters!

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm sorry, this story is of a lesser priority than, like, Not Fade Away or other things. I had thought I had more time when I started out on it. But we'll see what happens! And yeah, the Cursed Child was not exactly enthusing...

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Review #25, by Thomas There Are Only Middles

28th August 2016:
Amazing! I just finished reading the trilogy and grateful that you have continued with this!

Author's Response: I can't guarantee how much I'll be pushing on with this story right now (it's lower on the priority list), but glad you're enjoying. Thanks for reviewing!

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