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Reading Reviews for Hope
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Review #1, by Yoshi_Kitten Part One

27th April 2017:
RoxiMalfoy, here to free Tasha for CTF!! Go Slytherin!!! =P

OMGosh, I am actually crying right now. This was SO emotional. I actually have a friend who had a lot of complications with her first pregnancy. They had to do an emergency c-section on her, and because they were rushed, they messed something up to where now, it has been extremely difficult for her to conceive again. I've watched her over the past three years try MULTIPLE methods of contraception, and go through a few miscarriages. And it has been extremely difficult to maintain hope throughout the entire process, even just as a supportive friend. But even still, I can't even imagine what it must be like to be the mother.

I love how you explained all the different stages of hope throughout this piece. It really gave a clear picture of everything that they've been through so far, and set up what is to come so well. Your attention to detail was amazing, and the emotion all throughout was PERFECT!! Like I said, I was in tears. I wanted to be excited for her when she finally did conceive, but I know from experience that you should not get too excited until after the first trimester. And honestly, after everything they've been through, I feel as though Neville should have know that too. I get that he was excited, but I would think that a part of him would want to make sure that everything was okay before they started to celebrate, especially with all the complications they had been having. And it just made me sad that this created a distance between them at a time when they needed to be there for one another the most.

I think you nailed her feelings of fear perfectly at the end. Everything was just SO spot-on, I was stunned. Your writing style is really amazing, Jo. There were hardly any flaws in this at all. In fact, the only tiny little thing that I did see was this little mix-up in the wording of this sentence here: The pregnancy had been supposed to be their better, was supposed to be what they were working towards. - I think it would sound/flow better if you said “The pregnancy was supposed to have been their better, was supposed to be what they were working towards.

OMGosh, I just want this pregnancy to work out for her so badly!! But that ending didn't look too good… Please tell me that they get their happy ending!! Neville & Hannah deserve it, and they would totally make GREAT parents!! It stinks that the flag isn't here because I really would've liked to read on this one tonight, lol! But trust and believe that I will be coming straight back here to find out what happens as soon I can. And I am going to add this to my favorites. It's just so good, I really enjoyed it!! Thanks so much for the great read!


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Review #2, by MalfoysAngel Part One

27th April 2017:
Oh my gosh this is so sad! I can't imagine what Hannah and Neville are going through right now. I've never been in the position that they are in and I don't know that I could still have hope after struggling to conceive and a pregnancy loss. I don't even want to think about the fear that is gripping her and controlling her right now and go top it off, something is wrong.

The way you ended this on such a gripping cliffhanger is pure evil are you sure you're not a Slytherin? Really this was amazing and while I'm here for Capture the flag so I'm glad I waited, I really wish I would have reviewed this when I read it before. I really can't believe this has so few reviews. It really is good, sad yes, but good.( see what I did there?)

You captured the essence of what it's like to go through something like this so beautifully that I must make sure to finish reading the next chapter so I can see what happens next maybe for the next round if I don't get luck and find the flag story right out of the gate lol.

Anyway I know I've rambled a lot so Before I go, I want to reiterate that I really loved this chapter and the story. This is AMAZING!


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Review #3, by victoria_anne Part Two

23rd March 2017:
Hey Jo! I'm here for the Chalice Review Spree!

It's so sad that she remains doubtful even when good news comes, like she won't allow herself to be happy. And even the little details like not setting an alarm to a time with a zero show how much this fear and doubt can take over your mind.

I've never known anyone experiencing this, or have done myself, but I think you've taken it on really well, and my heart aches for Hannah.

Wonderful job, Jo!

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Review #4, by Your Obliviator Part One

14th August 2016:
Hello dear Jo!

It is I, Your Obliviator here to grace you with my presence, and then make you forget me.

First of all, I'm crying. This story is one of very few that has made me cry buckets, so you should be commended.

This story cuts to the core. It is deeply emotional, and definitely gives an insight into the thoughts and feelings of a woman who so desperately wants a child of her own, to hug and to hold, but can't.

I like the way that you explored her emotions deeply, not rubbishing them.

As you said in your A/N, you're concerned about the POV used, but you shouldn't be worrying at all! The way you've explored Hannah is perfect, and I just want to hug you!

And that cliffy ending! I need more! Soon!

Spelling off,

Your Obliviator

P.S. Look out for me, I'll be stopping by some other places soon to Obliviate you as I am leaving gifts for a challenge but you must not know my name yet.

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