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Review #1, by Dirigible_Plums James Should Be the Main Character of This Story

22nd January 2017:
Well, hello, there 😏

Tis I, Plums, here with the first of your reviews as a reward for placing 2nd in my challenge on HPFT. I just had to read this again because those Worst Stories Ever were all brilliant and this was no different.

First of all, Sirius and the hot blonde! I actually burst out laughing when he went on about how she jiggled like jelly. Too often have there been blondes like this in fanfiction but I have to say they've never been introduced quite like this 😜 Squealing with delight and hormones indeed.

PRONGS. THE BAD BOY OF GRYFFINDOR. Maybe he should be the main character of this story... That doesn't explain he's fantasising about being drowned by a mermaid, though.

Strange child.

I actually don't understand what's going on with this story anymore 😂 Narnia? The Shire (and James' fear of Hobbits)? Dinotopia? Seriously, what were you drinking when you wrote this?


And Sirius nudges girls with his feet.


Also, Uptown Funk is the soundtrack of Sirius Black's life and nothing can convince me otherwise.

OH MY GOD, IS THAT ELEVEN?? This fic is actually brilliant! I love Eleven. I love his sarcasm and his fez and I just love Eleven.

*heartbroken sigh*


Okay, so I just read the rest of the one shot and I feel like my head is about to explode from all the ridiculousness. I am also a lil bit disturbed from James' determination to sleep with Ginny (you little creeper, Jamie boy, get outta 'ere) but mostly in shock.

Plums xo

(Most of this was a running commentary so I don't know how coherent this review was but I would just like to say I really liked how Sirius argued with the author throughout the entire thing. Twas brill.)

Author's Response: I... Well... Just look at all of that... Hang on, I'm going to answer as you reviewed- as I read along. XD

We should totally have another Worst Story Ever challenge... I may host one after my current challenge ends. They're so freaking hilarious...

Delight and hormones are a very big part of every teenage girl's life.

I just had the strangest idea that I had already replied to this review and went looking for it on other sites and then remembered that I HAD replied, and then hit preview and forgot to hit post and then just gave up...

The hot blonde (Nattie) was actually based on a character my friend and I made up for a manga we tried to write and we wanted to have all the stereotypes we could. She was the perfect girl. 5 total names in her name, each representing one of the 5 countries in her blood, exchange student, blah, blah, blah... It was too good not to put her in here.

I... Well... I don't know what I was going for there. I don't know what I was going for for most of this story, to be honest. Drowned by mermaids... I mean, some people like to be strangled, so... Why not?

I explained about the map, right? I think so. Tweeted you. Yup, yup, yup.


Bwahahahaha, I knew that Uptown Funk reference would change someone's head canon.

THAT IS ELEVEN! If you notice, toward the end, he turns into Ten. I don't know why. Blame Epic Rap Battles of History for giving me that idea...

James has a thing for redheads. At least he wasn't actually related to her (directly) unlike his granddaughter, whom he also made eyes at.

Thanks for reading!!! Sorry this reply took so long!


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Review #2, by AbraxanUnicorn James Should Be the Main Character of This Story

26th October 2016:

I love the part about not informing the reader of details due to laziness, and the way that Sirius argues with the narrator. It's painful reading but it's also quite fun :) Thanks for sharing it!

Author's Response: You're welcome! It was fun to write!


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Review #3, by IchigoPan James Should Be the Main Character of This Story

17th August 2016:
Epic crackfic is epic xD This is amazing. The fact you somehow tied the Doctor to the Marauders (as Sirius screams in the background, "The writer is lazy!!!") is a feat of its own. And breaking walls are fun, especially when they're in the fourth!

Because magic, right? xD

Author's Response: Because effing magic! I'm glad you enjoyed and I'm sorry you had to read this horror of a story. XD

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Review #4, by SeekerIce20571 James Should Be the Main Character of This Story

9th August 2016:
Hey Liz, it's @HpDobbyfan258 again(wow I need a more formal name like, Katelyn. Yeah, I'll go with that),
So... That was an interesting story. I enjoyed it but I also feel like I am slightly scarred for life.
Natalia Romona Helga Anastacia Jones, nice name.
I thought you saying "roll credits" was hilarious. I really liked the whole "narrator talking" thing. That was really funny.
I also loved the mention of Narnia(and the other fandoms but, I don't like them as much). Also adding the uptown funk thing was funny.
(I'm not as good at reviews as you, sorry if this sounds odd and rushed.) I don't like Peter either and thanks for leaving him out.
When I first heard him say 1996, I got very excited. I also got very excited when Luna showed up.I was kinda grossed out by Sirius liking her though... I also do not ship Harry and Luna so that was weird too.
When they said "son of Dobby's sock" I got confused because they shouldn't know Dobby, right?
I wasn't the biggest fan of James not liking the name "Harry" but, that's okay.
Just so you know,, I got very confused towards the end when everyone goes to the quidditch pitch. I think it was supposed to be James II, Albus and Lily II.
This story was very funny and I enjoyed it. I like the last statement by the way.

-whatever my "formal" name is now.

Author's Response: Katelyn works, hahaha!

This was a crack!fic (funny fanfic not meant to be taken seriously, or a parody) that had been for a challenge before the forums closed (the worst story ever challenge, haha!)

Everything is random so that's why a lot of it doesn't make sense. I apologize! You shouldn't have to read this drivel! But I hope you got a few laughs out of it (and yes the unknowns were Harry and Ginny's kids from the future).

Thanks for reading!

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