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Review #1, by Crumple-HornedSnorka, Graduating Interest

7th September 2016:
Greetings, I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack! (Despite what my review name says there - I do not understand these human inventions such as the internet, perhaps I have too many letters in my name.) I have momentarily left my hibernation in the boreal forest of Sweden and came upon this fantastic fanfiction!

And what a sweet story. I particularly liked all Teddy said about his parents, and why he lives so in the moment because his parents didn't get to live that long, and how what he loves the most is making people happy. That's such a wonderful philosophy. And it seems like the other students of Hogwarts really love him as a result of his noticing and including everyone. He seems like he's good at noticing. A noticer. In fact, it makes me wonder if he would notice the population of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks if he ever went to Sweden. I'll have to improve my stealth and hiding skills if there are any noticers like him around, because otherwise he might come back with photographic evidence of us.

Funny thing, then, that it took him that long to notice his own feelings for Freddie(/Freddy/Fred), and to notice that Freddie had feelings for him as well! It's wonderful that he figured it out. But it's so realistic of humans, that he would be so good at noticing the whole of the Hogwarts population and make them feel important, only to unintentionally miss that a person very important to him didn't feel noticed.

I liked that the 'never just hello' theme repeated back at the end - a great way to bring it back full circle, and such a sweet end to the story. It's lovely to know that these two adorable humans found each other and that everything turned out all right for them.

This was a lovely read, but now I'm off to meet the Yeti for our customary Thursday brunch. Cheerio!

Author's Response: I am honestly not sure how to respond to a review like this. I feel like I should be reviewing you. Wonderfully put together and rather entertaining and I would like to go to Sweden to see if I might notice you. But, I shall give you fair warning if Teddy happens to venture out that way. Mayhap I'll write a fic about it.

I'm glad you enjoyed my story. Come back for something else if you should fancy to do so! I hope you had a lovely brunch.

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Review #2, by ImaRavenclaw Graduating Interest

21st August 2016:
Hey Liz, just Lily popping in from review tag!

I've actually been eyeing this story for a while, but for some reason i never really read it until now. If I had know it was THIS GOOD I would have read it the second I heard about. Shame on me, we're all so good at writing that it's uncanny!

They are really so very cute together, even if it doesn't really come up until the end. Honestly the whole story made me go 'aw'.

I definitely have to read The House of Stone to get the AU, because I have no idea what the 'AU' part is about, but of course I'll find the time to read it sooner or later because you're a phenomenal writer, and we're buds now, so all that support is what buddies do!

I'd love to see a little tiny bit more description, but your dialogue was flawless and your story was wonderfully sweet!

Keep writing!

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: Hey, Lily! (I want to call you Lils. Please forgive the urge.)

I'm glad you stopped by and decided to check it out! It needs some work, and I'm going to edit it, I just have... So many... Other projects... T_T But Teddy and Freddie will probably pop up again in the future or another project!

HoS is just the beginning of the AU and my main vein story, so that's why the AU is named after it.

Yeah, I was not very concerned about description here, trying to focus more on the fluff, but I'm so glad you approve of my dialogue! I try to keep it very strong and I love that other people like it! Will keep the more description part in mind when (if) I go to edit. T_T

Thanks, Lily!

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Review #3, by MuggleMaybe Graduating Interest

13th August 2016:
copied from AO3

Hello! I'm here at long last to review your entry for the Happy and Gay Challenge.

Teddy/Fred isn't a pairing I've seen often. Actually, I'm not sure I've ever seen it before. I really dig it!

I have to admit, I was distracted reading this by confusion over the context, and why they would throw a grad party at Hogwarts for one specific student. But, putting that aside it was very sweet how Teddy was so oblivious to Fred's feelings. And the stuff about Fred/Freddy/Freddie and the different spellings made me laugh!

His speech about his parents got me all teary :') Poor Remus and Tonks! It's nice that he likes to make people feel good. His parents would appreciate that quality. *hugs Teddy*
And then the kiss at the end - so cute!

I really like how you used the phrase "it's never just hello" and had the meaning shift. That is one of my favorite things to see in a story!

Very nice job and thank you so much for entering!

xoxo Renee

Author's Response: I honestly have no idea where the party came from- they're just all family so they orchestrated it and it was an excuse for a speech. Plus, at this point, Teddy's one of the most beloved students in the graduating class. (The Black twins are part of my AU and part of the Weasley-Potter clan and that was just an excuse to tease my normal readers. Sorry!)
It was a great challenge and I'm glad you enjoyed my story! It's one of my favorites at the moment. ^_^ So thank you!

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Review #4, by SeekerIce20571 Graduating Interest

31st July 2016:
Well, Lizzie, I have to admit, I was not expecting that ending. It was cute though. You had me very confused until Teddy explained in the end on the flirting thing. You make it sound as though Teddy is the only 7th year graduating and it might have helped if you had Teddy mention his 7th year classmates. This was a really good one-shot. Also, this is @HpDobbyfan258 if you were confused. Thanks for the help on my story, I like the next gen. themes!

Author's Response: Well, it was a one-shot and if I add too much detail, my one-shots become short stories, so since Teddy is the oldest of the Next Gens and he's practically a Potter, he only interacted with 'family' to make the story more succinct. And they don't care about the other 7th years because they are Teddy's family, haha!

I recognized you! (You're on my favorites list!) I was actually going to start your time travel story yesterday, but things just did not go my way, so I'm hoping to get to it today.

Thank you for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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