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Reading Reviews for Baby Steps
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Review #1, by Fely Umali (My Special Valentine writer) Six Years

11th March 2017:
What a great story!
Tears in my eyes every time I come across Ron's name.
But really, I am a fan of Dramione tandem. How I wish there's more romance in this story, perhaps in the early chapters.

Author's Response: Awe thank you! I'm glad that the bits about Ron made you feel emotional, I tried my best!

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Review #2, by ExpectoJoe1 Six Years

29th January 2017:
Gotta admit, I've never really been a fan of Dramione... but this was a very pleasant exception. I felt it was very believable, seemed to happen organically unlike most (I guess that's why I don't like them so much) I'm heading over to check out the one shots connected to this one. As always, you're wonderful!

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you liked this even though you don't usually like dramiones! I love them of course but I know what you mean about them not being believable when it happens all too quick. I hope you enjoy the one-shots and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on them. No, you are the wonderful one ! Xx

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Review #3, by Serpendor Six Years

21st December 2016:
I wasn't expecting replies to my reviews so fast! We really are just two HP obsessed people talking, aren't we? I'm probably going to go back and read Someone now that I've read this. You're such a talented writer and I wanna say thank you again for gracing HPFF with your lovely lovely stories! This story was amazing in every way! Thanks so much for being my favorite fanfiction author and reviewer! Can't wait to go read Someone and Dimly Lit now! :D

Author's Response: Haha I'm so fast as I am currently looking for a new story to read while I wait for your new ones! Everything the review thing pops up i die of happiness. You really are too kind, and the best reviewer ever! Also you really have turned into my favourite author as you 1. Make the best stories ever. 2. Update super fast! 3. Respond to everyone's review super kindly 4.leave amazing reviews for others as well!
Until next time, I can't wait to hear from you againxx
P.s: Don't forgot to read Potentially Problematic as well! It's also a sequel to this:)

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Review #4, by Serpendor Revelations

21st December 2016:

Aw Draco's learned to talk about emotions! So glad to see he's able to tell these things to Hermione! And he's agreed to try and be a father figure! This is fantastic! I am very conflicted because I'm happy they're all better but I'm sad that the end is just around the corner...

Author's Response: Haha finally Draco Malloy has some emotions! The next chapter is a fluff fest so I hope you don't die of sweetness;)

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Review #5, by Serpendor Glass Fragments

21st December 2016:
No! Don't wipe the mess from your mind! It's not a mess Hermione it was just a misunderstanding! If she only knew what he is going through! He's just throwing the letters in the fire? Why Draco? WHY?!

It is a very bad habit of mine to scream at fictional characters.

Author's Response: Bahahhah I am very entertained by your screaming reviews so this is great!
Of course they both have to be super stubborn about the whole thing and do the extact opposite of what we want them to do!
Only two chapters left ! sniff, sniff. I loved following along with you while you read this, it makes it feel as though we are just two Harry Potter obsessed people chatting in real life, its lovely.

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Review #6, by Serpendor Sweet Wines

21st December 2016:

Goshdarnit I'm a sucker for puns!

But... this chapter though... it's broken my heart. Poor Draco! Poor Hermione! It's just a missunderstanding Draco is just stressed it hurts my soul to see them fight! How dare you crush this lovely dramione moment! They were kissing and then next thing you know they're fighting! I...I wanna cry...

Author's Response: MUAHAHHA.
Glad you caught my pun! hehe.
Honestly while writing this I was so distraught, I did not like writing him screaming at her, but it had to be done! Sorry for crushing the whole Dramione moment on you;) but I have to keep the whole roller coaster of emotions moving along:D

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Review #7, by Serpendor Visiting Hours

21st December 2016:
If I had to compare this story to something it'd be a roller coaster. A very nice, very pretty roller coaster. One second I'm laughing my head off and the next second I'm crying... just like in real life there are sad bits to your story and happy bits. AND I LOVE IT! Although I kind of want to cry because the end is nigh...

I also don't have a beta so my story is littered with errors that probably annoy everyone, so I'm generally pretty understanding when I see errors in people's stories... although I gotta say that this doesn't apply to your story because I literally see no errors, punctuation or otherwise, anywhere in your story. How many times do you have to read through it to make it so errorless? I praise your dedication! 10/10 as always.

Author's Response: Oh trust me I was a mess coming to the end! I wanted to go on forever. I'm so happy that you don't see too many mistakes, I re read this recently and found a few so I will have to go back and fix it up, mostly I type the wrong word because it autocorrected or something of the like. I re read my chapters like six times before I post, honestly its ridiculous.
I can't believe you don't have someone to read yours over, they are so perfect. I have never found one, not one mistake in yours you are very impressive!
I did like throwing this chapter in to show what it was like in Draco's family now, especially the whole Lucius and Narcissa situation.

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Review #8, by Serpendor Bubbles

21st December 2016:
Hmm I submitted a review for "Diaper Bags" and it's showing up when I click on "Chapter Reviews" for it but it's not showing up when I go to the reviews I've submitted... I think my account is glitching or something so just let me know if there's a review on the last chapter or not :)

The new chapter for Hogwarts Reborn was unfortunately rejected because I changed my story summary and it totally slipped my mind that it had to be for 12+ audiences. I toned down the violence in the summary and resubmitted the chapter yesterday. I also submitted "Snowed In" which is a holiday dramione one-shot in case you wanted to read that.

It was so funny to read about Draco trying to dress less Malfoyish. All that effort and Hermione thought he looked the looked the same! His reaction to Rose's crying is absolutely priceless! "Your mother with be back shortly." I actually laughed. He did it right in the end though... well sort of! I congratulate him because Hermione was too distracted with the puke to notice his accomplishment. His reaction to bubbles was also priceless! It's so funny to think about! Slytherin Prince vs Bubbles. He cheated at swings! *dies laughing*

Author's Response: That review is there!I already responded so it must just be a little glitch on your side.
Oh no! I had done something similar many times with my summaries, try to be all dramatic and dark and then its like.oh yeah 12+. Ou I can't wait for "Snowed In", a holiday dramione sounds like just the thing I need.
Bahaha Draco does not do dressed down at all. I honestly laughed out loud writing that line, its like really? That's certainly not going to calm a baby right down. Hehe at least someone congratulated him.The swing scenario, can't let Hermione bet him at anything if he has his way. Thank you for leaving such a long review, I love it.
I also just submitted a new one-shot, although its not a dramione it's a James/Lily story, showing the events of the night they died. So if that sounds like anything you would read then look out for it, if not then the next chapter of Dimly Lit was finally validated!
I can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter, it's a little different them most of these as it doesn't have much of Hermione at all. xx

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Review #9, by Serpendor Diaper Bags

21st December 2016:
Poor Draco just wanted to study and Blaise comes in and forces him to talk about the hospital day! Of course Harry should walk in when they're laughing their heads off "did you put a laughing charm on her" haha! I love how he scrambled to get the letter before Blaise could see it. That's suspicious Draco!

The timing is just all off for him in this chapter isn't it?

I giggled when he admitted she was growing on him and when he ASKED her to show him the park!

Oh... and your little joke in your author's response...I got it... your joke was funny... Malfoy manner... HAHAHAHA!

Author's Response: Only slightly suspicious;)
Harry. Always jumping to the worst conclusions. Poor Draco, getting all of the strange feelings he did not intend to get.
Haha glad you enjoyed my pun, sad as it was! xx

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Review #10, by Serpendor Waiting Rooms

21st December 2016:
I was so worried that Rose wasn't going to make it! Yes, I know that she's in 19 years later so she has to live but Ron was also there and he's not exactly alive.

Malfoy was quite literally just yanked into this whole emotional scene and he responds to everything like his character would. So glad he's warming up a bit... and glad that Rose is okay! This was one crazy chapter!

Author's Response: I could never do anything to Rose, that would just break my poor heart to do that to Hermione. Hehe poor Malfoy, just studying away and then all of a sudden getting hugged left and right. I'm glad you think he reacted in a Malfoy manner ( get it? Malfoy manor? Dear god I'm horrible)
Eventually the cold Malfoy exterior will have to crack a bit, so we are slowly getting there! I'm so happy you have left me all these amazing kind reviews, I love them and you to pieces xx

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Review #11, by Serpendor Contractions

21st December 2016:

It's happening! Rose!

Draco is going to wait! First name basis!

*maniacal laughing*

Author's Response: BABY TIME!

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Review #12, by Serpendor Bulgarian Binds

21st December 2016:
It totally makes sense that Hermione would appreciate Malfoy's bluntness. I mean, she's widowed and pregnant and it's got to get a BIT annoying with everyone babying her all the time...especially since she seems to be moving on now.

I love how they've started studying together! Ending was clever and cute, by the way. Makes sense to, I mean, of COURSE Malfoy and Harry would want to have a go at each other with a potentially dangerous spell!

I dub you The Master of Imagery! As always I can see everything going on in my head as I read. This story is shaping out to be a masterpiece so far!

Author's Response: Yes, I thought she would feel that way. The constant babying would be irksome. I do really enjoy the way this chapter ends, Hermione in a huff and the two of them snickering away!
I'm so happy you like my descriptions! I love when I find fanfics that make me feel like I'm watching a movie play out as I read, I love details. Details. Details. Details. Perhaps I add in a bit too much at times but what can you do. So happy you like it so far! xxx

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Review #13, by Serpendor Cheers

21st December 2016:
So well written, as usual! I can feel my dramione-addicted heart dancing in my chest. Interaction! Ahahaha!

So glad that Hermione is starting to feel a bit better about Ron dying. And she looked at Draco on the New Year! Yesss!

I'm sorry, fan fictions like yours get me really excited and when I look back over my reviews I usually sound like a crazy person. But hey, what can I say? Your story gets me excited and I rant my excitement in the review, that's just how it goes :)

Author's Response: I'm happy that you think its well written, I know that I am not the best with using punctuation correctly but I don't have a beta or anyone who reads these over for me so I'm glad it doesn't bother you.
Haha do not be sorry! I love your reviews, they make me so happy. Besides I felt the same rereading my reviews on your story; I sound a crazy person as well so its all even:)

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Review #14, by Serpendor Confrontations

21st December 2016:
Haha I laughed when Malfoy banged the pots to wake them up. So Slytherin of him to mention an imaginary wife! Thought it was funny how Hermione knew that Draco would be stunned for a demonstration..

Ahh this is laying out quite nicely... quite nicely indeed...

Author's Response: I loved creating this scene, it was one of my favorites to write. And the little wife bit, heheh.
Yes, Harry as enlightened her all about the Auror program and Auror Thames wrath if you are late as Harry himself ended up being the guinea pig many times( perhaps I should make a one-shot about that now ahah).

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Review #15, by Serpendor Fuzzy Blankets

21st December 2016:
Aw that was so sweet of him! I was hoping Hermione wouldn't realize who'd sent her the gift until later because she wouldnt like the presents if she knew who sent them. That description of Harry telling Hermione about Ron absolutely tore my heart out! Hermione was just supposed to have her baby and be happy but she's just sad now!

Author's Response: Hehe, but this is Hermione of course and her brain works overtime!
Oh my god writing the little Harry/Hermione scene about Ron dying was actually really hard for me! All of the feelings. xx

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Review #16, by Serpendor Christmas Lights

21st December 2016:
Okay... so I despise Ronald and I'm usually more than elated when he and Hermione break up in any fanfiction (just because her and Draco are simply MADE for eachother) but this was just SO heartbreaking! Your description of Hermione's sadness is actually making me feel sad that Weaslby is dead?!? How!?!

This is such a touching beginning! Poor Hermione! Good thing Draco was there to show her a bit of kindness, even if it is as small as warming up her beveridge.

Author's Response: Hehe I'm glad I made your Ron despising heart feel a bit sad! I'm glad you liked the start, this was actually supposed to only be a one-shot with this chapter but then I got like a million ideas and here we are!
I woke up and checked my account and nearly died when I saw how many reviews there were, day is already made. Can't wait to read the rest of your thoughts xx

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Review #17, by ArtyGirl Six Years

7th December 2016:
Loved it! Short and sweet!

Author's Response: Yay thank you! :)

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Review #18, by Monique Six Years

12th October 2016:
This was incredible!! I absolutely loved how you had them fall in love slowly and without knowing it. Also, the fact that Draco 100% cared about Rose and wanted to be a father to her warmed my heart. One other thing I liked was how they didn't get married right away. It makes more sense for them to wait.

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you loved my story! I figured that taking it slow was the most realistic approach to their relationship. Hope you give my one-shot, Potentially Problematic, a read, its a little spin off to this story! Shameless plug I know but hehe. Happy that you enjoyed:) xx

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Review #19, by Mattias Six Years

29th September 2016:
After having read all the chapters I have to say Im impressed. This really is good quality writing. While reading I came to remember the feeling i havent felt for almost 10 years, of holding a new, unread HP book in my hands, reading wotihout knwing how it was going to end. (Altough it was rather qbvious this time)
If your write anytihg else, i will eagerly read it.

Author's Response: This review has made me very happy, biggest compliment I could have received. Thank you so so much for leaving such kind words and I am so happy that you enjoyed my story. I have two one-shots (Someone/Potentially Problematic) posted that are kind of mini sequels to this story, so I hope that you will give them a read. I can't wait to hear from you again if you do. Once again, thank you xx

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Review #20, by Ashley Six Years

26th September 2016:
I read this all in one day and oh my goodness I'm so happy I did! It's so sweet and has just enough twists and turns to make you frustratingly happy! (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm happy that you liked it so much. Check out my one-shot Potentially Problematic if you want to read more, its based off of this story a few years later. There is also another one-shot set directly after the second last chapter in the queue currently! I hope to hear from you again.

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Review #21, by because i write Six Years

23rd September 2016:
I freaking adore this story! I laughed, I cried, I smiled . . . it was pure perfection!

Author's Response: I am so happy you adored it! This review just made my night. I hope you check out my one-shot based off of this, Potentially Problematic. It's set after this epilogue so I think you would like it :) thank you for being so sweet xx

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Review #22, by Muggle Born Christmas Lights

30th August 2016:
Very nice start to a story I am interested in reading, I've enjoyed the way you've described several things through out the chapter. Good job. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I do try to describe things well, whenever I read a story I like to be able to picture things clearly. I hope that you continue to read this story, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts if you do:)

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Review #23, by BeeSilver Revelations

19th August 2016:
Great story! I love seeing this new side of Draco. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Author's Response: Yay! Happy you liked it. There will be more to come I promise. Thanks for taking the time to review.

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Review #24, by Jacqueline Noir Six Years

12th August 2016:
Dearest Always Addicted,

This was so fluffy that, for a moment, I thought world peace had been achieved. :)

Regardless, it was a pretty ending, some sort of wish fulfillment and it has been a good journey. I hope you are happy with the way things have turned out (I am, for one) and that you will continue to write. Don't be sad that it's over: think about what will be coming next.

I hope to read more stories from you and I always imagined how a full house at the Malfoys might look like. I am a sucker for happy endings, at times. Also, I think you write mischievous children quite well! :)

It has been a pleasure. Now I am waiting for your next story!

Author's Response: Here is the review that I have been waiting for:) I just want to say thank you to you for giving my story a chance and always leaving reviews that made me smile.
As you can tell I am a sucker for very happy endings and I'm glad that you enjoyed this fluff fest of an ending as well. I already have the ideas for one-shots for this swirling in my mind, most including mischievous children so I'm glad to hear you think I write them well, i actually had quite a hard time with them.
A new story is already in the queue, although it is very different from this one in pairing. I hope you give it a read if it suites your tastes. To steal your words this little adventure and conversation has been a pleasure, surely you will see some reviews from me soon as I plan to begin All Our Future Sins.
Thank you for always being lovely!

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Review #25, by Rowaelin24 Six Years

11th August 2016:
Love love love this story!!It's one of my favourites..it was beautiful..I would love to read one-shots from this story!!..please do write..this story is one of my all time favourites:)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm flattered that you loved it so much:) I will work on them soon I promise I can't wait to hear what you think of them. Xx

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