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Reading Reviews for This Melancholy Soundtrack
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Review #1, by peaches_369 This Melancholy Soundtrack

17th April 2017:
Ok, reviewing. Not my best talent, but here we go anyway. I hope you donít mind I work in points, itís the only way I make sense in my head.

1. I always like to see what people do with my OTP, and I love this story! Even if they arenít together. But they were so I guess that counts right?
2. haha Bar music. I always have bad experiences with music at bars, sounds like Scorp has the same issue.
3. I like that you acknowledged that Scorp felt like he belonged with the Weasleys, there are far too many stories where the exclude/belittle him.
4. How big are these Firewhiskeys? Someone sure has a strong stomach. I always imagined them in a bottle for some reason. I guess glasses make more sense now I think about it.
5. Pre-exam break-upÖ ouch. Will we get to find out why they broke up? Itís not a silly reason is it?
6. Teddy/RoseÖ interesting. Not a pairing I usually see, again, would be interesting to find out how they got together.
7. just curious, what does Scorp do for a job?
8. France for a Month. Newlyweds? Honeymoon? Work?
9. I like the song that itís inspired by. The story fits it perfectly.
The length of the story is good, a little on the short side from what I usually read, but it was refreshing for a shorter one. Perfect way to get back into FanFics.

I am looking forward to future stories! :D

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Review #2, by rosehedwig243 This Melancholy Soundtrack

17th April 2017:
Hey hey hey Olivia.

Here to jailbreak Angie for CTF!

I must say, I like how you have me very much intrigued already with the summary, as I can easily relate to it at times, though I admit that i have never heard of the song "Sometime Around Midnight" or the artist The Airborne Toxic Event.

ďNot the sort of place Scorpius would normally go toĒ how old is he?? How many bars has he been to in his life??

Again, what did he normally drink, Butterbeer like a Hogwarts age student? I always thought that once you were legally old enough most magicals did drink Firewhiskey. Oh no, whatís stressing him???! My poor Scorpius.

ďHe just went to work, earned his Galleons, and went home every day, like an automaton. Like a robot.Ē Wouldnít a real robot in the Wizarding World be hilarious? Just imagine the stares it would receive if it tried to wheel/make its way down Diagon Alley? Itíd probably be hexed and cursed within minutes!

Ok, humour aside im tearing up. This is so sad!

WHOA. Red hair? Must be dreaming of a Weasley!

Woot Rose! I have to confess, I didnít really look at the pairing before i jumped right into here, so Iím massively glad its a Scorose, theyíre one of my fave next gen ships, besides Roseís Branbus ofc. Who doesnít love Scorose and Branbus in two different universes?

Wait I was hella wrong wasnít I? I imagine youíll be laughing at me as you read this.

Did Teddy have to exist in this universe? I mean, Iím happy Rose found love, but wave goodbye with me as my dream of a sailing Scorose ship fades into the distance.

Hope Scorpius felt better the next day. That puke would have left a bad taste in his mouth.

This was such a good story! Thank you so much.


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Review #3, by adluvshp This Melancholy Soundtrack

17th April 2017:
Oh dear this broke my poor heart. Can I give Scorpius a big hug? He seems to be really, really miserable and it is so sad that his life is at such a standstill when Rose has moved on and is happy. Though Teddy? Wow, I did not see that coming! At least she is happy, and well, she is genuinely nice to Scorpius - she still does care for him, even as a friend. I think how you wrote Scorpius is amazing - his grief, his frustration, it was very much on point. How he was drowning in his sorrow, how the music was too painful and reminded him of his past, it was surreal and tragic and beautiful. I wonder why they broke up though - you mentioned it was a messy break up but it would have perhaps been nice to also know why? A line or two as Scorpius reflects on what happened? That little detail would have definitely added more to the intensity of the pain, at least for me. Besides that, I think this was absolutely beautifully written with wonderful imagery. How you manifested his pain physically also worked very well, I love such things, so him throwing up in the end made perfect sense. And of course, the descriptions were magnificent - simple lines such as "he was drawn" really struck a chord with me. I loved this overall!

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